Good Things Happen Over Coffee
We guarantee our
commitment to
House Blend: An easy blend to drink, with a light to medium-body
and a faint hint of toasted nut flavor.  This is our timeless signature blend.
House Blend DeCaf:  The house blend decaf is decaffeinated by
the chemical-free indirect solvent method.  No chemical ever touches
the coffee beans allowing the most flavorful taste to come through.
100% Columbian:  Our #1 selling blend, this coffee is the richest,
smoothest cup of coffee you will ever taste balanced to perfection.
medium-brown for a "full-bodied" flavor and smooth, clean finish. This
classic blend is appropriate any time of day.
French Roast:  A dark roast were the green bean is roasted high
enough to bring the natural oil of the coffee to the surface for a full
bodied cup of coffee.  
We proudly serve Louisiana Roasting Company Coffees