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Do you want to drink only the best coffee?

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We help people find their favorite flavors and make coffee at home that is better than what you can find in coffee shops.

By John Beans – Founder & Resident Editor-in-Chief Of MyFriendsCoffee

Meet Our Team

Tessa Dixon – Beginner Barista & Content Creator

Tessa Dixon – Beginner Barista & Content Creator

She began her career as a barista in Starbucks on Pine Street in Seattle. Now she writes articles on types of coffee and on brewing methods. She is constantly developing in this direction and wants to open her own coffee shop in the future.

Jasper Mckinney – Coffee Geek

Jasper Mckinney – Coffee Equipment Geek

From an early age, he showed interest in technology and therefore is well versed in it. He has been writing articles on this topic for 3 years. He knows which espresso machines are reliable and what to do if parts of the machine stop working.

John Beans Editor & Founder

John Beans – Resident Editor-in-Chief & Founder of MyFriendsCoffee

I’m the founder & resident Editor-in-Chief of MyFriendsCoffee. My life changed after friends gave me a coffee machine. When the idea of creating a blog came to my mind, I did not hesitate to call it “MyFriendsCoffee” out of gratitude. Now I have 5 years of experience making coffee and sharing it. I spend my free time with my children or playing hockey.


Patty Cramer – Editor & Coffee Consultant

Patty Cramer is the editor & coffee consultant at MyFriendsCoffee. She has been in the coffee business for over 21 years and still has a passion for coffee. “It has been a dream of mine to start an office coffee service in my home town, where my customers could count on me to deliver the best tasting and highest quality coffee. Customer Service is not just words to MyFriendsCoffee — we guarantee it!

Our content is designed to help you increase your coffee awareness and change your view of your morning cup of joe.

You can learn to make good coffee yourself. We help you select the best beans, espresso machines, and coffee makers.

Don’t understand coffee? We write in simple language so that anyone can understand us, from a novice to a professional barista.

To help you avoid mistakes, we create product manuals for customers. Our reviews are based on a deep review.

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If you want to immerse yourself in the world of coffee, welcome! Here, you will find a wealth of information to enhance your coffee experience.

If you are new to the blog, you should start by choosing the best coffee subscription services for you. This checklist is the perfect place to start your coffee journey from a new perspective. You will be surprised at how different types of coffee can be!


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