A Few Words About My Blog

It’s hard to imagine a world without coffee.

It’s come a long way from when humans first started drinking it and today coffee production is a gigantic industry, employing more than 20 million people worldwide. It is a valuable commodity, ranking second after oil in the international market trading.

Coffee lovers are all around the world with many famous people being known lovers of coffee. The first to be mentioned is Balzac, the 19th century French novelist and playwright. He was not just an amateur, but a real coffee lover, as he drank it very frequently and was known for preferring it strong.

Voltaire, another famous French writer, was also considered a coffee lover. He is known to have sometimes drank 50 cups a day! However, he lived to be 84 years old and so this coffee consumption clearly didn’t hurt him. Many told him that drinking coffee in such quantities is harmful, but he merely joked that if coffee is poison, then it is a slow and pleasant action.

Salvador Dali, Victor Hugo, Beethoven and many others loved the drink too. The list is endless. All of these different people are united by their enjoyment of coffee.

I myself used to not attach much importance to it. But I began to try better varieties and my life changed. Now I work as a barista and so coffee is my life. I have learned so much about coffee and I realized that I wanted to share it through a blog.

So, what is my blog really about?

Let’s take a look.

Coffee beans

Around the 9th century, in what is today the country of Ethiopia, the young shepherd Kaldi saw his goats eating reddish berries from small bushes. Afterwards, they began to frolic with extraordinary energy.

The curious shepherd also decided to try the berries and leaves. He did not like the taste, but soon the young man noticed that fatigue had left him, and his mood improved considerably.

From the shepherd, missionary monks learned about the miraculous properties of unusual leaves and berries. They were able to make a recipe for decoction of the coffee helping return people to vigour and strength, banishing their blues and helping them not to fall asleep during long prayers.

Nowadays everyone is able to recognise a coffee bean and is familiar with the effects of coffee. However, not everyone will be able to distinguish Arabica beans from Robusta.

Relying on my own experience, I described the coffee beans types in my blog. Here you will find information on the different types of beans, how they vary in taste, as well as the ways to prepare the particular type of bean. It won’t be difficult for you with the help of my article!

Brewing methods

Which brewing method makes the best coffee?

If you have such a question, then I have already prepared a guide on how to brew coffee. All possible methods are described here, starting from a French press and ending with cold brew coffee. You will be able to choose which coffee to make based on your abilities, cooking time and taste preferences.
Each method is described in a lot detail with the steps described simply.

Brewing coffee is easy, the main thing – to love the taste!

Brewing equipment

There have been significant improvements in the technological methods of making coffee. Now, to make your favorite drink, you only need to insert the coffee capsule and press the button on your machine. There are of course a variety of coffee machines available.

This is where problems arise when choosing equipment.

Which coffee brewing equipment is better for the home? And what about the office? How often should it be cleaned? What types of coffee does it make? How well will the coffee be made?

But calm down! I have already given you the answers to all these questions and you can make a choice without difficulty.


Coffee is a drink that can be prepared in different ways and so there are endless flavors.
For an interesting taste effect there is simple coffee recipe , as well as unique coffee drink recipes. The first ones includes the well-known cappuccino and espresso whilst the second one is a cold coffee recipe, with the addition of various ingredients.

There are of course so many ways to make your coffee and so I dedicated a whole article to this issue on my blog.

It is important to remember that the taste of the drink depends not only on the method of preparation, but also on the type of coffee bean and how it has been roasted and/or grinded, so take this into account when purchasing.

Coffee Review

Looking for the best coffee brand?

In my review there are comparisons of many coffee companies in the world ranking. Here you will find reviews on the best decaf coffee, find out which coffee beans are the best for a cold brew and so much more.

Do I have a preference?

Frankly, yes. But this does not prevent me from doing objective reviews. I do not promote any particular brand. I just share my opinions on different types.

A few words about me?

My name is John Beans and I have been working as a barista for 7 years. On my blog, I will definitely share with you all the knowledge about this wonderful drink. If you come to visit me at my coffee shop, I will definitely treat you to a cup of the best coffee!

I will try to help you with any issues surrounding coffee. As for you, you can always contact me via the information on the contact page.