About Us

I had never previously thought about the different types of coffee, the various tastes, and how it can affect the body. I merely just drank coffee from vending machines or ordered it in a cafe. However, all this stopped after I was given a coffee machine.

It became convenient for me to make it at home and I realized that the world of coffee includes much more than just a simple latte in the morning. Plunging into this world, I wanted to share my experience with other people. So I created ‘My Friends Coffee’.

For 5 years I have tried a large amount of coffee from different brands, singled out favorites for myself and I am well-versed in taste. I tried more than 6 methods of brewing coffee and I am not going to stop there.

My blog is focused primarily on helping newcomers in their discovery of the coffee world. In my guides, I try to always describe the most complex things about products (such as cooking methods or coffee makers) in an understandable manner.

At the same time, I am always open to communication and will be happy for myself to also gain knowledge from more experienced coffee lovers.

I hope together we can heighten the popularity of quality coffee and improve our understanding.

Best regards, John Beans

Our Team

John Beans

John Beans is a 30-year-old barista from Alaska. His life changed after his friends gave him a coffee machine. When he came up with the idea of creating a blog, then, without a thought, he called it My Friends Coffee as a sign of gratitude. He now has 7 years of coffee making experience and dreams of opening his own coffee shop. He spends his free time with his children or playing volleyball.