10 Best Coffee Beans For Espresso (Review) In 2019

The best coffee beans for espresso listed below has been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of its exceptional taste, variety, and experience of customers.

And this coffee for several decades remains very popular.

Americans love coffee. Last year, they drank more than 50 million cups of espresso a day.

Low cooking temperature and a short period of contact with water do not allow most of the caffeine to stand out. A good espresso is obtained with a moderate level of saturation, with a bright aroma and taste. In this case, it is easiest to prepare espresso, and with the addition of other ingredients, you can get almost any kind of drink.

But nowadays there are so many types of espresso on the modern market that making a good choice is a very difficult task.

Since I make sure that you get the good coffee, I made a list of the best espresso beans.

Let’s get a look.

The Best Coffee Beans For Espresso


Kicking Horse Coffee

  • Strong espresso with hints of brown sugar, black currant and milk chocolate
  • Medium roasted beans
  • Ideal for grinding and for the French press.
  • Organic coffee beans

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For Crema Lovers

Lavazza Super Crema

  • The blend of arabica and robusta in perfect proportion gives a mild creamy taste
  • Best for an espresso machine

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Best Coffee Blend

Verena Street

  • Aroma of toffee and rum
  • A mixture of beans from different countries and roast level for a unique taste

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For Strong Espresso

Koffee Kult

  • Coffee making traditions for 125 years
  • The aroma of honey, almond and dried fruit

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Real Italian Espresso

Cafe Don Pablo

  • Suitable for any coffee maker
  • Blend of beans from Central and South America arabica

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Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best espresso beans from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying espresso beans. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best espresso coffee beans by value for money. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best coffee beans for espresso 2019:

1. Kicking Horse Best Coffee Beans For Espresso

Strong espresso with hints of brown sugar, black currant, and milk chocolate. For this unique taste, Horse Coffee received first place on our list.

Selected grains for this best coffee beans for espresso come from a wide variety of locations — from Indonesia, South and Central America, and also from Africa. As a result of the special technology of preparation, which has been developed for many years, this coffee includes only the best properties that can only be included.

This best espresso beans, which produces beans, seeks, above all, to make the highest quality and useful product. They ensure that the most useful and selective substances for the consumer are carefully collected in coffee. Therefore, we can safely recommend this product to anyone who seeks to get a full range of taste sensations, and at the same time receive health benefits.

These grains are medium roasted; They are perfect for fine grind.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Best Overall Espresso Beans

I must say that the company Lavazza is currently the best espresso coffee brand in the coffee market. There are several reasons for this.

First, the experience of making the best coffee for espresso in the market for this company – more than 120 years. The tradition of making a drink is passed down from generation to generation. I think this is a very important indicator. You will receive the most professional product that is made of really high quality.

Secondly, the technology of combining grains of different varieties is the main one in the production of this drink. But that is not all. Before the product is packaged, it will go through many stages of selection and sorting.

Thirdly, the technologies that are used in the preparation of this stuff, retain the starting quality in the best way.

Summing up these 3 factors, you get a real miracle.

Let’s talk about the details. Lavazza espresso beans for crema are harvested from 2 varieties: Arabica (India, Colombia, Brazil) and Robusta (Vietnam, Indonesia).

The taste of this best espresso beans has already become a favorite of most people: it has a soft character with a taste of almonds, dried fruit and honey.

Roasting this coffee is average. Therefore, the grain is suitable for most drinks.

3. Verena Street Best Fresh Espresso Coffee

There are many different manufacturers of best espresso beans. Many trust the eminent espresso brands that everyone knows. However, I want to introduce you to a young company that produces a really good product.

The manufacturer has existed since 2010, but its beans have already gained prestige in the market, thanks to its delicious taste. The key feature of the product in its manufacturing technology. Beans are roasted in small batches, and the composition of best espresso beans is selected from various countries. Add to this a great creamy aftertaste, and you get an unbelievably cool product. Due to the special recipe, you get a unique taste and aroma.

These best coffee beans are ideal not only as an espresso but also for fine grinding.

4. Koffee Kult Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans For Espresso

Do you need the best strong espresso beans in the world that will give you vigor for a whole day? In this case, I can recommend you Koffee Kult Dark Roast coffee beans. Because of its unique recipe, it can be safely called one of the best products among all.

Please note that the location of this company in Hollywood. Sounds good, isn’t it? As you need a good product, the recipe of the drink is kept secret and is not disclosed. But the most important thing is not this fact. The factory has grown from scratch, and the masters in it work only on 3 machines. The whole product is harvested by hand, and also prepared by hand – the finished drink has minimal loss of smell, valuable properties, and taste.

These best coffee beans for espresso are sampled in Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra. These countries have a humid and hot climate. With this growth, the most useful substances and elements are absorbed into the finished grain. Only the largest copies get to the factory – the whole product is very carefully selected. With a fairly low intensity of the coffee is roasted, while the loss of valuable substances is reduced to zero. Grains are fried in small groups – this is the most effective method for preserving antioxidants and taste properties. All the useful qualities of the best espresso beans are saved precisely because of the minimum volume.

I also want to tell you that the Robusta variety is not included at all in the finished product. All beans are entirely made of Arabica. This coffee, with good taste, will be the strongest that you can make.

Separately, about the taste properties of this product. The drink contains notes of cinnamon, fruit and cocoa. Saturation and roasting, combined with the length of the finish, make this variety just perfect for consumption. Therefore, this product successfully consumes and buys so many people around the world.

These grains are suitable as a complementary ingredient for many drinks such as latte or cappuccino, as well as pure espresso.

5. Lavazza Best Classic Espresso Beans

I think everyone has heard about a brand like Lavazza coffee beans. This coffee is a favorite not only in Italy, but throughout the world. And you must understand that it is not just that.

The company’s experience in the manufacture of coffee drinks – for decades. The technology is constantly being improved, which allows producing a truly high-quality product. A special method of cooking allows you to reveal the taste to the maximum, and the grains are carefully selected from South and Central American beans, as well as from Africa. Fruit and flower notes in the drink will not leave anyone indifferent.

And what is especially worth noting, there are almost no Robusta kernels. As we know, only Arabica can give a good effect of drinking coffee, including taste. Robusta is added to save money, but the manufacturer cares about quality using a lot of arabica.

This type of Lavazza is made just for espresso, but this best coffee beans for espresso can be suitable for any coffee maker.

6. Coffee Bean Direct Best Italian Espresso Beans

In Italy, there are other, less well-known manufacturers. One of them is Coffee Espresso Bean.

The best coffee beans for espresso, which is available on the market, has a unique taste, as well as a high content of antioxidants. This he received a high rating from many buyers. We can say that you get a really balanced and thoughtful italian coffee beans.

Grains for the future of the drink are collected from 4 continents and mixed in special proportions. Roasting is done by hand, and flavor ingredients are added using a special formula. As a result, you get a drink with a pleasant shade of honey, while you can trace the aroma, reminiscent of a mixture of smoky molasses and cocoa powder. And I think that this combination is remembered for a long time. Such taste really stands out among competitors, it is very non-standard. The manufacturer tried very hard.

The grain itself is packed in special foil bags with flaps. This is done to ensure that nutrients are kept as cool as possible, and the taste is well revealed when used. For this, you can put a separate plus to the manufacturer.

7. Cafe Don Pablo Best Unique Coffee Beans For Espresso

This company has its own family recipe for the preparation of the best espresso coffee beans. The product is prepared much longer than usual, while a special method makes the taste more concentrated, thanks to the caramelization of sugar.

In this best coffee beans for espresso, you can note the fact that all grains are grown in volcanic soil, and at high altitude. The combination of these two factors makes the drink special – the taste has a very rich shade. If we talk about the flavor, it resembles dark chocolate with a salty flavor. If this seems repulsive to you, then, in fact, everything is very good. The hue of volcanic land gives just unreal sensations. This, perhaps, the main feature of this product.

These best espresso beans are not only suitable for espresso, but it can also be used for a variety of methods of preparation, for example, Traditional Drip Espresso Machines or Hand Drip Method. It all depends on what kind of drink you want to get in the end.

8. Lavazza Gran Crema Best Tasting Espresso Beans

The Italian company Lavazza produces several types of best espresso coffee. One of them is the Gran Crema Espresso. A characteristic feature of this coffee is the taste of fruit with notes of long cookies. Otherwise, it is not very different from other types of Lavazza Espresso.

The company has many years of experience, special manufacturing techniques, as well as a well-balanced palette of additives. Before getting into the bags, all the grains are picked manually. These features make the product so popular in the market.

It is worth noting that the grain for Gran Crema Espresso is collected only in the countries of Southeast Asia. Since the flavor of a product depends on the country in which it is grown, this coffee has a unique flavor. As they say, there will be a buyer for each coffee. And I think that these beans will appeal to lovers of exquisite combinations.

9. Peet’s Coffee Best Mixed Espresso Coffee Beans

The best coffee beans for espresso from the best regions are selected for this drink. It is worth saying that beans are roasted by a team of 9 professionals, manually – while the grains retain their taste qualities most effectively due to a special technology. This is due to the fact that over the 50 years of the brand’s existence, unique techniques and recipes have been developed that make this product very interesting.

This best espresso coffee is mixed in a special way during preparation, giving a salty, and at the same time spicy aroma at the exit. This combination will really like gourmets. Saturated, with a balanced taste hook many lovers of quality drink for every day.

Also, this coffee has a pronounced creamy shade, and roasting is done by a method that gives greater oiliness to the prepared beans. All this allows you to get a good foam – cappuccino, made from this grain, will have a special, cool flavor.

10. Direct CO2 Best Decaf Espresso Coffee Beans

A characteristic feature of this best espresso coffee is the almost complete absence of caffeine. You can get the same cool aroma, while you will not much invigorate the whole day. Not everyone likes the effect of caffeine in their lives, but many people like coffee for its taste sensations. Therefore, this option is ideal for such people.

If we talk about the taste itself, then it includes a lot of different factors. This and dried figs, and sugar cane, and even semi-dark chocolate. Cool, is not it?

It is worth adding the fact that the manufacturing technology makes the taste palette even more saturated than it is in other best coffee beans espresso. It seems to me that this stuff fully justifies its rather big price – everything is done really at the highest level. Using only the most select grains that go through many stages of selection, as well as unique roasting methods make this best espresso beans a premium choice, you will not waste a dime.

Best Espresso Beans Buying Guide

Best Espresso Beans Buying Guide

Type of beans

So, you’re probably wondering:

What are espresso beans?

Let’s figure it out.


What is most important in coffee? I think the aroma and taste. It is no secret that it is for these two indicators, which are considered the most important, the answer is precisely Arabica. Because of the taste, as well as due to the complex process of growing Arabica is more expensive than other types of grains. However, only this type of beans is able to truly convey the taste that everyone needs. Pay attention to Arabica, if you need an exactly good taste.


This type of grain contains several times more caffeine than arabica. A drink with a high content of Robusta has great strength, but from this adds tangible bitterness. Taste Robusta does not give any. True, it still has a taste of earth, albeit a small one. Coffee with 100% robust you will not find on the market. But if you need vivacity all day, and the taste qualities are secondary, then we recommend looking at that coffee, where the content of this type of grain will be higher than that of other competitors.

If we talk about the general situation, it is usually 80% of arabica and 20% of robusta. If the content of the second type of beans is more than 35%, then it is better not to take such coffee – this is a strong economy, since Robusta costs much less. You need to pay special attention to this when purchasing.

Type of roast

Espresso Beans Type of roast

Generally, roasting grains is one of the most important processes on the long haul to a cup of coffee. Roasting is a skill that is responsible for the full manifestation of the taste and aroma of the drink.

One of the most important stages on the way to the cup of coffee is roasting the best espresso beans. This process is responsible for the full manifestation of aromatic and taste qualities.

First, when making beans, moisture evaporates, and then the size of the product becomes larger. The brown color of coffee gives a substance called “caramelin“. It is obtained by heating sucrose. For the best espresso beans aroma meets the substance “Caffeol”, it is obtained in the process of roasting. In the process of making drinks, essential oils rise to the surface, as the structure of the grain changes with high temperature. Because of this, each time the taste of the finished product will be special.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of roasts.

It is impossible to make a single scale on which it will be possible to measure the degree of preparation of beans. If the roasting method was the same, but the grains were taken different, the final taste would still not be the same. In addition, the product can be fried in different ways, the taste will not be the same. In addition, you should understand that the “weak taste” and “strong taste” of each one are very different terms. Tasters are also people, and everyone does not have the same picture of coffee perception.

Italian, Spanish, Cuban and French roasts are dark roasts and amber, matte brown or chocolate shades of the product – to the weak and medium roast.

We turn to the classification.

Light roast

Coffee with this roasting goes well with milk, and its taste has a sour shade. The finished espresso bean is light brown. This roasting technology allows you to fully enjoy the multifaceted taste and delicate aroma. Light roast is suitable for soft raw materials.

Examples of lightly roasted beans: New England, Urban, American and Scandinavian.

Medium roast

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular and traditional type of roasting. The output is a dark grain, the surface of which is oily, but dry. Sweet and sour taste and aroma is typical for this type of roasting. And the taste is more saturated than in the previous type.

Examples of coffee with medium roast: Viennese, full city roast.

Note that this type of drink is used for espresso machines.

Dark roast coffee beans

Strongly roasted coffee – dark brown grains with weak traces of oiliness. The taste is less sour than the previous versions. With this method, essential oils are actively released, which contributes to the appearance of a brighter and more saturated aroma, which is most fully revealed. Brewed drink turns dark.

Low oiliness and brown beans are what characterizes this type of roasting. Here you should pay attention to the fact that the taste of coffee is less sour than usual. I will also note that the aroma is brighter and more saturated than in the previous two types – grains emit more essential oils more actively. If we talk about the color of coffee. then it will be dark.

Example of coffee with strong roasting: French.

Highest roast

For most European coffee styles, the highest degree of roasting is suitable. The color of the grains is dark, almost black. The grains are oily, and the taste shade is “singed” and bitter. This coffee is popular in its pure form, it also goes well with cream.

Examples of coffee with the highest degree of roasting: Spanish, dark French.

Brewing Method

Espresso Beans Brewing Method

To be honest, there are so many ways to make coffee in the world right now, which is surprising. But let’s look at some of them in more detail.

1) In a cup

Put ground coffee in a cup, then add hot water. After that, all you need to cover with a lid / saucer and wait for 3 minutes.

Since this method fully reveals the basic flavors of best espresso coffee beans, as well as the richness of the aroma, it is used by a professional barista at the tasting.

2) French Press

French press with hot water. After that, you pour the coffee, add water to it, mix it up, cover with a lid and let it stand for 5 minutes.

I want to say that the drink turns out saturated and fragrant. This cooking method is very convenient and fast.

3) Oriental

Here it will be more difficult. First, you have to pour coffee in the Turk and add sugar if you wish. After that, cold water is heated, mixed with best espresso beans to a uniform consistency, and put either on the fire or on the heated sand. After a certain period of time, when the foam rises, you will need to remove the Turk from the fire and let the foam fall. And then the Turk is put on the fire again before raising the foam. This must be repeated 3 times.

It may be noted that this drink has a thick texture and bright unique taste, compared with other types of drink. And the coffee grounds will be almost absent.

4) Espresso coffee maker

Put the coffee in the holder, while it must be ground. After that, the product is compressed with a special tempera, and as a result, a “coffee pill” is obtained in the horn, which has a tight character and does not contain any irregularities or holes. After the button is pressed, some water is spilled from the coffee maker, the holder is quickly inserted, and the strait is turned on again. This procedure produces a dense and thin jet.

If you picked up the holder correctly, then in 25 seconds of spilling in the cup there should be about 30 ml of espresso.

5) Automatic espresso machines

First you need to fill the beans in the bunker, then the lid closes. After that, water is poured into the bunker. The final stage – pressing a button to select a drink. Your espresso will be prepared automatically.

If the grinding is selected successfully, then 30 ml of your drink will be ready within 20 seconds.

Country of Origin

There are quite a few countries where the best espresso coffee beans are grown. However, not all of them are used by most global manufacturers for exporting their products – mainly about 50 states from 4 continents. Consider some of them in more detail.

In the countries of South America at the moment make half of the entire world coffee market. Brazilian Arabica is the most popular and cheap, so countries are focused on the production of this particular type of coffee.

If we consider Asia, then Indonesia and Vientam now account for about 23% of the world market. Robusta, which is much cheaper than Arabica, and therefore more popular among exporters, makes up the majority of the cultivated coffee beans in these places.

African countries do not occupy a leading position in the export of coffee beans, although, in fact, Africa is the birthplace of this drink. All because of the poverty of the continent. Here you can select only one country – Ethiopia. It accounts for 4% of all beans in the world. If we talk about varieties that are grown in Africa, we can note a huge percentage of Arabica. Robusta on this continent is almost not made.

To be honest, the real leaders in the production of coffee are no more than 7 countries. This can be explained by the fact that their share in the world market is the largest, it is significantly more than other countries. Examples: Colombia, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, Brazil, Vietnam.

We advise you to focus on these countries when choosing your drink.

Decaf or Non-Decaf

Questions that may arise immediately: why get such a coffee, what does it look like, for whom such coffee is suitable, and is there any difference compared to ordinary coffee? Let’s get a look.

Decaffeinated coffee, in other words, a decaffeinated drink, is ordinary coffee, which takes on an additional processing process to remove caffeine. However, none of the modern technologies that are used today, will give you to get rid of caffeine by 100%. All the same, often the caffeine substance will remain. If you want to preserve the coffee taste, then you should not be afraid of anything at all. The minimum caffeine concentration can usually be 0.1% (in most European countries it is the standard). The amount of caffeine in a normal serving of a drink will not be 100 milligrams, but only 4. In this case, coffee can be called “decaf.”

Is such a drink interesting to most? I think not. Who can he come up with?

  • Those people who, because of diets or for health reasons, cannot use a regular coffee drink.
  • Those who fall asleep after the usual coffee, but like to drink a cup of drink at night.

Ground Beans Or Whole Beans

It is believed that coffee lives 15 minutes after grinding. After that, the interaction of ground coffee with oxygen destroys the taste and aroma of coffee.

After a couple of days, the ground coffee is dead.

This is reflected in the fact that you can not determine the coffee or the smell or taste. It becomes dull, earthy and frankly rancid. No pack, even vacuum will not save the ground beans. You do not drink the whole pack in 15 minutes?

If you have the opportunity, buy beans only and grind it at home. Buy a coffee grinder. Even the worst $ 10 coffee grinder will give a much better result than buying ground coffee.


Let’s talk about this factor. Although they say that acidity is bad, it is a normal characteristic of taste. The factors affecting it are the method of processing, the degree of roasting and the height of the plantation above sea level.

Try to start a few times to try the drink, finding new and new shades of taste and aroma. If the acid content of the product is small, then this is ideal. However, do not be afraid if everything is different. If you constantly try coffee several times, you can improve the taste understanding of the drink. And this is a very important moment.

The main thing – the espresso should be without bright bitterness, that is, just sweet enough.

Organic or Non-Organic

Trees for organic coffee differ from others in that they are grown without the addition of chemical additives. Also, the areas for trees themselves are not treated with pesticides. As a result, you get in your packets of grain, which were grown and produced in the most natural way, without the intervention of synthetic chemistry.

Now the majority of espresso coffee brands care, above all, about the health of their customers. Therefore, it should be understood that in modern society at the moment there is a trend according to which every gourmet wants to have a cup with a healthy product on the table. You simply develop a habit of caffeine, which does not harm the body. Also in favor of a healthy product, you can add the fact that good organic espresso beans have a more pronounced invigorating effect. And I think that’s cool.

If it is simpler to say, then you will need one spoon of such coffee for three days, while one spoon of inorganic coffee would be enough for a day.

But here it is necessary to note that there is a restriction: you can drink no more than 2 cups a day.

Caffeine level

Simply put, this criterion is the total amount of caffeine that is contained in the grains. Robusta has a higher level of caffeine, but in practice this value is almost the same for everyone.

Let’s see in what drinks what content of this substance.

  • Espresso contains 50-68 mg of caffeine, while the volume of the drink is 25-35 ml.
  • Americano contains 50-68 mg of caffeine, while the volume of the drink is 50-70 ml (a portion of espresso + 25-35 ml of water).
  • Cappuccino contains 50-68 mg of caffeine, while the volume of the drink is 140-180 ml (a portion of espresso + 30 ml of milk + 30 ml of milk foam).
  • Black coffee contains 38-65 mg of caffeine, while the volume of the drink is 100 ml (the caffeine content will depend not only on the type of coffee but also on the method of preparation – in a Turk, a geyser coffee maker, etc).
  • In instant coffee contains 31-48 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of drink.
  • Coffee without caffeine is a product in which 97% of this substance is removed.

As you can see, there are practically no differences either. Therefore, this is not a very important indicator.

Ways of grain processing

To process the beans that were collected on the plantations, there are three methods:

  • Dry method (Natural)
  • Semi-dry method (Pulped Natural)
  • Wet method (Washed or wet processing)

The main part of the espresso beans is prepared using two main methods: dry (Natural) and semi-dry (Pulped Natural).

Dive deeper.

Dry processing (Natural). Coffee is dried without purification of various impurities. At the end of the drying pulp, which is redundant, is removed. 2-3 weeks after the start of drying, the pulp from the pulp absorbs sugars and other substances that successfully form its taste. Bright aroma, increased sweetness, rich flavor distinguish coffee with such processing. If we talk about the countries where this method of making coffee is used, then Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Yemen can be distinguished.

Semi-dry treatment (Pulped Natural). Before drying, the flesh is left, but the skin is removed from the berries. Coffee that is processed in this way has a mild aroma, balanced and good taste, as well as muted acidity. More amount of the final cream – another factor that distinguishes this treatment from others. The countries in which grain is processed in this way are Brazil.

Wet processing (Washed or wet processing). Before final drying, the flesh is removed as well as the skin. High acidity, bright fruit / floral aromas, and tastes – this is what characterizes wet processing. I want to say that coffee, processed in this way, almost never used in its pure form. Such a method is needed in order to obtain grains, which will then be added to expensive mixtures so that the muffled taste of the grain intensifies. Since dark roast destroys the aroma of the grain, the mixture obtained by wet processing is usually lighter than the rest.

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