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Best Ground Coffee (Review) In 2020

Best Choice
Lifeboost Coffee
Lifeboost Coffee
Try natural coffee without chemicals and grown in the highlands under the shade of trees. We made sure that Lifeboost can rightfully be considered the best ground coffee, and now we recommend it to you.
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The best ground coffee listed below has been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of their exceptional taste, grind quality, and use of the best manufacturers.

If you are looking to purchase a fresh and unique coffee in 2020 or want to know what is ground coffee, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so many brands available, finding the best ground coffee to perfectly suit everyone’s taste preference can be challenging.

There is now a huge variety of coffees on the market. This then leaves the consumer with a difficult choice.

Not sure where to start? Read on for our top picks for the best ground coffee around.

Lifeboost CoffeeI know you’re going to love this coffee. After one try, you’ll never go back to mass-produced toxin-loaded “generic” coffee. Key Features
  • No pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins
  • It is full bodied flavor with a great aroma and the packaging is natural and adorable
  • Every bag of this coffee, however, is guaranteed single origin
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Koa CoffeeKoa Coffee produces premium Hawaiian Coffee - Hand picked, expertly roasted. Key Features
  • The smooth texture, the heavenly aroma, and the glorious, non bitter taste
  • Koa Coffee roasts the 100% Hawaiian coffees
  • When you drink a cup of Kona coffee, you are drinking an exclusive coffee that comprises only 1% of all the coffee grown in the world
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Volcanica Coffee It is unusual in that the bulk of the crop is gathered from wild coffee trees giving this coffee a truly exotic flavor with pleasant acidity. Key Features
  • Distinctively floral- and fruit-toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long grown in the region
  • The best Ethiopia dry-processed coffee tends to be medium-bodied and brilliantly acidy
  • It includes a thick body and an earthy aroma coupled with cinnamon and strawberry undertones.
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Lion CoffeeAdditional flavors make coffee special and complement its taste and aroma with unusual notes. Lion coffee has a wide range of flavors worth a try. Key Features
  • Only natural flavors are used
  • A wide range of flavors includes caramel, chocolate, hazelnut and more
  • Not overwhelming like other flavored coffees from other sellers
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BeanBoxWith the subscription service, you can get coffee with a wide variety of profiles and it will always provide you with something new. Key Features
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The Best Ground Coffee

It’s hard to choose only the best product from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying ground coffee. To help make your choice easier, we have organized them by taste and grind quality. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best ground coffee brands for 2020:

1. Death Wish Best Ground Coffee

Want to feel cheerful all day? Well, get out of bed and immediately take out a pack of Death Wish ground coffee with the strongest coffee beans, which is the best coffee brand.

A distinctive feature of this best ground coffee is its double caffeine content. One cup of espresso is enough for you to be up and at it all day long.

The advantages do not end there. This product belongs to the premium segment, as it is a mixture of Arabica beans and Robusta from the best plantations. The beans are grown without the addition of chemicals, and Death Wish ground coffee is USDA Certified for Environmentally Friendly Products.

As for taste, a sip of this drink has a long and bold aftertaste with notes of chocolate, blueberries, and almonds.

All these advantages make Death Wish a favorite of the best ground coffee.

2. Valhalla Java Ground Coffee

Have you heard about coarse ground coffee?

The Valhalla of Nordic mythology attracts many…can it be accessible to coffee lovers? Not only warriors but also people who sip coffee from Valhalla Java beans may find themselves in Valhalla.

The peculiarity of this best tasting ground coffee is found in the places where it is grown: the volcanic soils of Indonesia and the nutrient-rich soils of Central and South America. The mixture of beans from these places gives the coffee such a unique flavor of walnut and toast and a specific aroma.

This product was created specifically for the musician Zakk Wylde, who played guitar with Ozzy Osbourne. Therefore, Valhalla Java best ground coffee will appeal to hard rock lovers and invigorate you as if you were at a rock concert.

Ideal for cooking in the French press as it has coarse grinding.

3. Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee

I think you will agree with me if I say that in Italy they make some of the best coffee in the world. It was here that the first espresso machine was invented. In Italy, they love this drink so much that they got to work inventing many different preparations, but it was espresso that received the most attention.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto allows you to make authentic Italian espresso.

The history of this brand of coffee begins as far back as 1895. During this time, the company had found the best mix for making espresso. It combines 30% of Arabica beans from Brazil with 70% of Robusta beans from Indonesia and Africa.

Yes, robusta prevails here, but thanks to a special treatment, it is moderately bitter and very strong.

So how does Lavazza e Gusto taste?

Flavor coffee has accents of vanilla, chocolate with creamy textures. Perfect for espresso machines. In fact, if you prefer other methods of brewing, these best coffee beans will also be a good choice.

4. Koffee Kult Ground Coffee

It’s not hard to find someone who’s familiar with many Hollywood movies, but it is hard to find someone who has tasted Hollywood coffee.

If you have ever drunk coffee and were not thrilled with it, then try Koffee Kult. It is quite strong without a bitter taste, as the beans have a levelled amount of roasting.

You could say this is an average product for taste and physical indicators, however, it is the highest in quality. That is why this best ground cofee is well suited for beginners.

Koffee Kult’s beans are harvested in Brazil and Colombia and are prepared in southern Florida. Roasting and grinding take place in this sunny area of North America. This Colombian product is finely ground and therefore it is recommended for filter coffee. It is not appropriate to use for french press.

5. New England Ground Coffee

Everyone knows that Great Britain loves the best tea. Now, New England beans will allow you to associate the northeast with good coffee.

Blueberry Cobbler is a gluten-free and certified kosher. This product has its own personality. It includes added spices and natural flavors, and therefore has a pronounced flavor of sweet blueberries and chocolate. Blueberry cobbler is considered a high quality flavored coffee.

Blueberry Cobbler’s is perfectly suited to iced coffee and you will love it.

6. Caribou Ground Coffee

Looking for a more exotic bean? Try Caribou Blend Coffee.

The coffee beans are grown on the island of Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is as perfect for growing tasty beans as it is for relaxing. There are special climatic conditions in mountainous regions, the warm temperature ideal for coffee is found in environments such as this.

Interestingly, Costa Rica is the only country in the world in which it is forbidden by law to grow any low-quality coffee and Robusta.

It is a light coffee roaster and it is perfect for morning coffee with dessert.

7. Folgers Ground Coffee

This is a soft coffee which is designed to reduce stomach discomfort. It can be helpful for digestive problems.

Folgers has 150 years of history and is engaged in coffee in New Orleans, Louisiana. This grind is suitable for all coffee machines.

In order for products to be always fresh, they are packaged in special AromaSeal jars.

8. Tim Hortons Ground Coffee

Coffee can be compared to vegetables or fruits – a fresh product is always best.

Tim Hortons has adhered to this principle since 1964. This Canadian company makes an excellent blend of Arabica ground coffee beans from different countries.

Convenient packaging keeps everything fresh. You can try coffee from Canada and see for yourself.

9. Bulletproof Ground Coffee

Do you like to take care of your health? Are you into keto or paleo diets?

I have news for you. Coffee from Bulletproof is perfect for you.

These eco-friendly best ground coffee beans are collected in central America, selected from a special plantation without exposure to chemicals and it’s rainforest alliance certified.

Special varieties are then chosen and treated in such a way as to discover the safest product.

You will also enjoy the taste, of course, a blend of cinnamon, citrus and chocolate influences. And after you drink a cup of this drink, perhaps you will notice the aftertaste resembling cocoa-puffs!

But that’s not all.

To reap even more benefits from the product, you can also add Bulletproof brain octane oil to improve brain performance and grass-fed ghee for weight loss.

10. illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

When I brew this ground coffee in the Turkish cezve, a delicious aroma immediately appears and fills the whole kitchen.

Speaking without exaggeration, I look forward to when it is prepared, to taste it as soon as possible. It has such a strong and rapturous aroma.

I pour it into the cup and try it. A delicious taste, every time!

This medium roast coffee is finely ground which makes it good for Espresso. The flavor features notes of caramel and chocolate.

Best Ground Coffee Buying Guide

Arabica or Robusta

The world’s most famous coffee producers mainly use two varieties for producing their products: Arabica and Robusta. Any other beans are not particularly valuable, they are inferior in taste and are not used for industrial purposes.

What to choose: Arabica or Robusta?

To this question, every coffee lover will answer Arabica. But it is rarely used in isolation.

Arabica and Robusta varieties are usually mixed in blends. A different ratio of the content of these beans allows you to get a variety of taste and quality drinks.

Robusta, as an additive, is used to reduce the price. But at the same time, the caffeine content increases and a strong stable crema is obtained.

The most popular option is 80% arabica and 20% robusta. The high content of amino acids in Robusta gives its taste bitterness and viscosity. To reduce these shortcomings, its beans are subjected to special treatments.

The ground coffee beans roast level

When choosing the best ground coffee, pay attention to roasting beans. The taste qualities, as well as the effect on the body, depend on this.

The taste and aroma of the resulting drink are not only affected by the degree of roasting coffee, but also its grade. However, at each stage of this process, you can observe certain taste characteristics. There are 5 main degrees of categorization for roasting beans:

  • weak (the lightest or Scandinavian) roasting;
  • medium roast;
  • medium-dark roast;
  • dark roast;
  • the darkest roast.

Let’s look at them in more detail.

Weak roast

The lowest level of roast is also known by alternative names: cinnamon, semi-urban, new English. Color can differ from golden to cream. The beans have a dry surface, no essential oils are secreted. Taste has a pronounced acidity. Mild saturation.

Medium roast

Also called American, urban or brown. It differs from lighter roasts with its light brown shade (milk chocolate) and a dry surface. It has a more intense flavor. The taste is mixed, sweet-bitter notes prevail but there is sourness.

Medium dark

Also called: Viennese, a full city or velvet. With this degree of roasting, beneficial essential oils are already being released, because the surface of the bean is more shiny and oily. The sweet-bitter notes prevail, the taste is rich and velvety.


Italian, continental, European. This type of roasting is distinguished by a significant degree of the oily surface of the bean and a dark brown color. There is practically no sourness, but the sweet-bitter taste is pronounced. This option is considered optimal for the preparation of classic espresso.


It comes in French or Spanish varieties. The grain has a rather dark brown color (close to black), while its surface is very oily. In coffee, sourness is completely absent. At the same time, the bitter-sweet taste is very rich, some even describe it as sharp. This ground beans can be used to make lattes, such that when a lot of milk is added to the cup, it is in combination with the most intensely flavored bean that an excellent balanced result and a delicious aroma are obtained.

The temperature of roasting can vary from 180 to 250 ° C. Under the influence of the caramelization process of the sugar contained in the beans, the beans can crack. This is the norm and is not considered a problem.

How to choose the ideal grind level?

First of all, if you’re looking for how to grind the coffee, check our big guide on this topic. So you won’t have any questions on how to ground coffee beans.

But now let’s discuss how to choose the ideal grind level.

There are 5 main degrees of grinding coffee:

  • pulverized – ground coffee resembles ground cinnamon;
  • fine espresso grind – like iodized salt;
  • fine grind – like coarse ground icing sugar;
  • medium grind – like sugar;
  • course grind – like sea salt.

So, how to use ground beans and which level of grinding is better to use for different methods of brewing? Let’s figure it out.

Grinding for brewing in a cup

If you don’t have a coffee machine, you can brew a drink in a cup: the method is called “Warsaw-style.” Place ground beans in a cup, pour hot water over, stir, cover with a saucer and leave for a few minutes. The more finely ground the beans, the better. The pulverized grind level is perfect.

Especially for brewing in a cup, the Starbucks chain of coffee houses produces ultrafine grinding coffee in vacuum packaging, advertised as a substitute for instant coffee. This grinding is very good for brewing in a cup. But if you can not obtain such a dusty type grind, the usual fine grinding will do.

Grinding coffee for the Turkish cezve (Coffe Turk)

Ground coffee for a Turk is powdered. Particles of beans make the drink thicker. At home, grinding grains to this consistency is almost impossible. You have to either buy ready-made superfine ground coffee, or grind in specialized stores. It is advisable to use the coffee powder as quickly as possible: it expires within a few hours.

Espresso Grinding

Fine espresso grind was invented especially for coffee machines: a little smaller than fine, but larger pulverized grinding.

Ground coffee should not be used for brewing espresso: the drink turns out to be bitter, with the smell of burning grains. The small particles actually clog the filters of coffee machines.

Grinding for geezer coffee makers and aeropress

For brewing coffee, in a geyzer coffee maker or Aeropress, the grinding should be fine or medium. The finer the grinding, the stronger the coffee, but be careful not to use ultrafine, since the pulverized grinding powder clogs Aeropress filters.

Grinding for Pour over and Chemex

It is believed that medium-ground coffee is best suited to pour over: a bit larger than for Aeropress. If disposable paper filters are used, the grinding may be thinner as long as the water passes through the thicket. But in the pour-over with metal or fabric filters, finely ground coffee can not be brewed as the grain particles fall through the holes.

Grinding for drip coffee machines

In drip coffee machines, it is customary to brew coffee with medium grinding.

The exact same grinding is good for brassing in the Brazilian way. Coffee is poured into a cup, filled with hot water and stirred. After 4 minutes, the floated thick particles are removed with a spoon.

Grinding for a french press

Best ground coffee for french press should have a courser level of grinding: fractions should reach the size of crystals of sea salt or even pearl barley. But the drink from the grains of such grinding has a slightly sour taste, which not everyone loves.

In a french press with a nylon filter, you can brew medium-ground beans. If you buy an American press, finer ground beans are also appropriate. These modifications of the French press are equipped with a special filter for coffee to ensure the particles do not fall into the drink.

The difference between instant coffee and ground coffee

Instant coffee is loved for its quick brewing time and much longer shelf life. I agree it is very convenient to pour boiling water over the product for a job done. However, nutritionists recommend abandoning it, or at least reducing consumption to a minimum, since such a drink is a powerful stimulator of gastric juice secretion. Therefore, it is undesirable to drink instant coffee on an empty stomach for people digestive disorders.

Organic ground coffee is safer for health, because there are no chemical components that are added to the soluble product, it has less effect on the acidity of the stomach. It does contain more caffeine. On average, the amount of caffeine in a soluble drink is 60-80 mg per cup, whereas in best ground coffee beans it contains from 80 to 150 mg.

Coffee features

When choosing the best ground coffee, pay attention to some features:


In recent years, flavored coffee, coffee influenced cocktails, and coffee ice cream have become popular. The idea of ​​flavoring coffee originated a long time ago in the East. The Arabs, who lived on the territory of modern Yemen, when brewing coffee, added various spices to it to enhance the taste and aroma of the drink. Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and vanilla were all added to create individual and unique flavors.


Intensive growing technologies increase yield and reduce costs, but become a source of harmful components from synthetic fertilizers and plant protection products. Organic coffee is not subject to such negative effects since it grows in the most favorable conditions of the natural ecosystem.

How to find organic coffee?

Organic varieties are produced in traditional regions with the most favorable conditions for ripening beans. Most often, these are the countries of Central and South America, Asia and Africa located in the equatorial zone:

  • Mexico – known for the standard variety of organic coffee, Tapachula;
  • Tanzania – beans for Tanzania Kilimanjaro grow on the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain, fertilized with volcanic ash;
  • Guatemala – the famous coffee trees of the province of Atitlan at an altitude of 1800 m;
  • Nepal – at the foot of Everest, coffee beans are dried only in the sun;
  • Hawaii – of particular note is the Kona variety from the Hawaiian Islands.

An obligatory condition for growing organic coffee is obtaining a certificate in the country where the product grows or where it is delivered.

Most reputable certification bodies:

  • European European Organic Regulations (EU 2092/91);
  • American USDA National Organic Program (NOP);
  • Export Certificates in Japan.

With a certification in the US, there are two more gradations. The level of “Organic” indicates a minimum of 95% organic product in the package. The inscription “Made with organic” confirms the degree of content of organic coffee is not less than 70%, but the manufacturer is obliged to indicate the exact mass fraction of natural content.

What to look for after brewing coffee

Aroma and Flavor

Coffee aroma is the smell of brewed coffee. This characteristic is closely related to the taste of the drink.

Both taste and smell are involved in the process of taste perception. There are five basic taste characteristics: acidity, sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, and umami. In addition, when describing the taste of coffee, we often make statements about the notes found in the brew, such as chocolate, berry, and caramel. However, these tastes are influences of smell — they are revealed not on the tongue, but with the help of the olfactory organs in the nasal cavity. Thus, taste is highly influenced by smell.

It is known that people evaluate smells in two ways: oronasal (through the nose, when we inhale the aroma of the product) and retrotonasally (through the mouth to the nasal conchas, already in the process of using the product). In most cases, the aftertaste of a coffee drink is responsible just for the flavors perceived retro-nasally, that is, directly during the tasting of the drink, when its vapors penetrate deeper through the nasal canal. The taste of the same product will differ depending on which (external or internal) smell you perceive it through.

The coffee flavor is most clearly perceived immediately after roasting, but rather quickly its saturation begins to decrease. Beans retain their bright flavor for several weeks, so it is advisable to use them within a month after roasting. Further, coffee loses more and more freshness due to the evaporation of aromatic substances and interaction with oxygen and moisture.


Despite its negative connotations, in reality, acidity is an extremely important component of good coffee, thanks to its ability to conjure more fruity, juicy, and rounded flavors. It also leads to a more refreshing product- my favorite characteristic! Those who have just embarked on the path of knowing the incredible diversity of this drink are often amazed at how clean a flavor or how tart a more acidic brew can be compared to what they are used to.

Beans for a drink with high acidity, as a rule, are grown at high altitude and subjected to washed processing. Some manufacturers, for example from Kenya and Colombia, are recognized leaders in the cultivation of coffee with a bright taste and expressive acidity.

Roasted coffee contains many different acid: citrus, lactic and acetic. However, the concentration of these acids in each individual cup of coffee does not determine its total acidity, since it is smoothed by the presence of salts, as well as bitterness and sweetness.


Ground Coffee

We reviewed the 10 best ground coffee brands. I hope that now it will not be difficult to choose the right product.

Now to you.

We’d love to see in the comments the name of the grind that you prefer and how you make your favorite coffee with it

I wish you success!

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