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Best Coffee Brands (Review) In 2020

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Lifeboost Coffee
Lifeboost Coffee
Try natural coffee beans without chemicals and grown in the highlands under the shade of trees. We made sure that Lifeboost can rightfully be considered the best coffee beans, and now we recommend it to you.
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A cup of coffee for breakfast or during a break from work is a sacred ritual for millions of people around the globe. Manufacturers and marketers know this: they constantly offer new varieties and blends, and create new ways to brew and serve.

In stores you’ll find a colorful array of packages, jars, and boxes at all price points, but what brand sells the best-tasting coffee? Is price always consistent with quality?

To compile a ranking of the best coffee brands, MyFriendsCoffee considered many factors: raw materials and processing, brand recognition, the company’s reputation, and most importantly, reviews by consumers, connoisseurs, and baristas.

Let’s answer the main question that interests us all: what are the top 10 coffee brands?

Lifeboost CoffeeI know you’re going to love this coffee brand. After one try, you’ll never go back to mass-produced toxin-loaded “generic” coffee. Key Features
  • No pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins
  • It is full bodied flavor with a great aroma and the packaging is natural and adorable
  • Every bag of this coffee, however, is guaranteed single origin
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Death Wish Coffee Co.Death Wish Coffee produces only dark roasts. Using a unique technique, Death Wish coffee is slowly roasted in a modern Loring Roaster, giving you a delicious blend with low acidity and a smooth, strong flavor. Key Features
  • Ideal for espresso
  • High caffeine content
  • They also produce energy drinks
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Lavazza Since 1895, Lavazza has developed some of the most popular coffee in the world. The most striking example of Lavazza’s high-quality coffee is Super Crema. Key Features
  • True Italian coffee
  • With Lavazza you can find any roasting and any grinding coffee
  • Use only high quality coffee beans
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NespressoNespresso is a world famous coffee brand. Many people like it for Nespresso coffee machines, which make excellent coffee from capsules. Key Features
  • The company offers more than 30 Nespresso capsules in various flavors
  • Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable and guarantee fresh coffee
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StarbucksDespite the fact that you can go to your local Starbucks coffee shop at any time, the coffee chain also makes it easy to brew coffee at home with its VIA Instant Coffee line. Key Features
  • Starbucks VIA Instant is a high-quality instant coffee made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Unlike many instant coffee varieties, VIA is neither weak nor watery
  • Starbucks provides a huge selection of flavors and sizes of instant coffee
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The Best Coffee Brand

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best coffee brand from the market. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the top unique coffee brands. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best coffee brands in 2020:

1. LifeBoost

Lifeboost Coffee is the best organic coffee brand. The coffee is really delicious. A rich chocolate-caramel flavor that is very smooth.

There is no bitter aftertaste. You have the opportunity to buy both whole coffee beans and ground coffee.

These Nicaraguan beans do not contain GMOs. LifeBoost itself is a Fair Trade coffee brand, each package consists only of specialized beans certified by USDA organic.

The guys also have Kosher Certification, beans come from one source, which means that they are not mixed with beans from other countries. They come from the highlands of Nicaragua. In particular, the picturesque slopes of Mount Kilambé. This highland region is known for its lush tropical forests, rich volcanic soil and pristine climate. It is ideal for growing coffee.

Grown in the shade of coffee, which, naturally, is low in acid, acquires complex, desirable tastes, as coffee cherries have time to ripen properly.

The coffee beans are then dried in the sun to perfect humidity to ensure that there is no mildew. Natural fruit sugars break through and add a rich flavor to the final product.

LifeBoost are also Patron Sponsors of, where 100% of the donations go directly to the conservation and protection of wildlife. Proof of their honesty can be noted shade grown coffee, that is, all LifeBoost coffee grows under the crowns of trees, which helps to preserve nature.

2. Lavazza

Since 1895, Lavazza has developed some of the most popular coffee in the world. It all started with their founder, Luigi Lavazza, who invented the concept of blends—the art of combining beans from different regions around the world.

Since then, four generations of the Lavazza family have dedicated their lives to Luigi’s pursuit of quality and excellence in coffee.

The most striking example of Lavazza’s high-quality coffee is Lavazza Super Crema. This whole-bean espresso roast blends Arabica varieties from Brazil, Columbia, and India with Robusta varieties from Indonesia and Vietnam.

Lavazza Super Crema is one of the best whole bean products because of its ability to create truly velvety cream and because of its long-lasting taste.

Lavazza coffee can be both fine-ground for delicious espresso and coarse-ground for french press.

The beans themselves are perfect in color, medium to dark brown, and evenly roasted. As soon as you start grinding these coffee beans, your whole kitchen will fill with the magnificent aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans produce not only a wonderful aroma, but also a smooth, saturated cup of coffee without bitterness.

3. Death Wish Coffee

What is the best ground coffee you can buy? We can confidently say that the answer is the dark roast by Death Wish Coffee. I think the name of this brand tells us a lot—Death Wish Coffee is the strongest coffee we have ever tasted. And due to its high caffeine content, this roast can definitely be called the best pre-workout coffee.

Death Wish’s double-caffeinated coffee is produced through a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans and a slow roasting process. The company claims that no additives or extra caffeine are added during processing—the roast contains 100% Fair Trade organic coffee beans.

Death Wish Coffee’s smooth coffee has an intense, bold taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. The combination of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans gives you clarity and a high caffeine content without acidity or a bitter aftertaste.

Death Wish Coffee produces only dark roasts. Using a unique technique, Death Wish coffee is slowly roasted in a modern Loring Roaster, giving you a delicious blend with low acidity and a smooth, strong flavor.

Roasting small batches provides quality and consistency, and also gives the coffee a fresh taste that is unparalleled. The company’s team of master coffee roasters roast less than 65 pounds per batch.

4. Nespresso Capsules

In 1986, Eric Favre, the former head of Nespresso, launched the first capsules and capsule coffee machines. The company’s marketing plan was aimed at businesspeople. Capsule coffee machines gradually appeared in hotels and offices in Switzerland, Italy, and Japan. The world appreciated the new way of making coffee, but sales growth was very slow.

Two years of active promotion in the corporate world were unsuccessful, and in 1988 Nespresso decided to bring its capsules to the mass market. Since then, the brand has retained the premium character of the product.

The Nespresso coffee range is a striking example of capsule coffee. The company offers 30 Nespresso capsules in various flavors for the Nespresso Original Line system (10 Vanilio, 10 Ciocattino, 10 Caramelito). The company also provides a huge assortment of coffee capsules for its VertuoLine machines.

Nespresso aluminum capsules are fully recyclable and guarantee fresh coffee. The company offers various recycling options for used capsules in order to fulfill its environmental commitment.

5. Coffee Bros.

Coffee Bros. was founded in May 2019 by two brothers, Nick and Dan Hunnewell. As the brothers say, their mission is to bring better coffee to the public while giving back to communities in coffee-growing regions. The company really keeps its word, delivering a very high-quality product that many Amazon reviewers really appreciate.

Coffee Bros.’ blends are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, giving twice the taste and a richer flavor. The coffee itself is very sweet and delicate. Our team found that this roast makes an incredible espresso as well as a bright drip coffee.

The lightest roasted coffee beans, which are the freshest on the market, taste like honey, citrus, and floral notes with a crisp and silky body—the perfect breakfast blend.

The company also supplies decaf coffee, which combines all the classic and expected taste notes, as well as unexpected notes of graham cracker and semisweet chocolate.

To maintain freshness, Coffee Bros. packs all their coffee immediately after roasting and removes all oxygen from the bags.

They ship to Amazon in small batches every week so Amazon always has the freshest coffee in stock. Their whole bean coffee retains its optimum freshness for 1-3 months after roasting.

6. Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Despite the fact that you can go to your local Starbucks coffee shop at any time, the coffee chain also makes it easy to brew coffee at home with its VIA Instant Coffee line.

Starbucks VIA Instant Caramel Latte is a high-quality instant coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. It combines the sweet taste of caramel with great coffee and natural dairy.

Starbucks VIA products come in boxes of 5 individually packaged servings, so the coffee stays fresh. Starbucks provides a huge selection of flavors and sizes of instant coffee. All you have to do is add hot water, wait 10 seconds, mix, and enjoy.

Our team found that the taste of Starbucks VIA Instant Caramel Latte reliably matches what you can get at a Starbucks store.

Unlike many instant coffee varieties, VIA is neither weak nor watery. It also contains more than twice as much caffeine as most instant coffee varieties.

7. Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is the first carbon-negative coffee company in the world. Tiny Footprint donates a portion of all sales to fund reforestation in Ecuador and make sure that more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than was emitted during import and roasting.

This is possible thanks to Tiny Footprint’s partnership with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation, an organization in Ecuador engaged in reforestation in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

Using a 1960s German-made Probat roaster updated to be modern and fuel-efficient, the company roasts each batch for maximum taste and aroma, which is ideal for cold brew and French press brewing.

The company tests and approves each batch before selling, ensuring that Tiny Footprint supplies the best beans from the best producers and cooperatives around the world.

Each of their coffees is uniquely crafted for a clean, aromatic finish, no matter what style of coffee you prefer.

8. Don Pablo Coffee

Don Pablo’s Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is 100% Honduran and is non-GMO certified. Don Pablo Coffee is the best low-acid coffee brand whose beans are grown without chemical additives. In addition,

This coffee consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee, unlike mass-produced beans, is soft in taste and rich in chocolate, caramel, and honey flavors.

Don Pablo’s coffee profit is distributed evenly among coffee growers through the Sharing Certified Program. The program provides financial incentives to producers, roasters, farmers, and distributors for providing fair working conditions for their employees.

9. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is the best budget coffee brand due to the fact that it offers high-quality coffee at an affordable price. Every batch of Caribou Coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and contributes to a healthier planet.

Every year, Caribou Coffee employees travel around the world to find the best coffee varieties. Once selected, these beans are handcrafted in small batches and carefully tasted at several points during preparation. Only the finest flavors end up in Caribou Coffee.

Caribou does everything possible to ensure that customers receive not only the highest-quality coffee, but also peace of mind that their coffee is produced in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

One of the best examples is Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend. The secret of its complexity lies in the Indonesian beans from which it is brewed. This rich taste is balanced by bright acidity and vibrant, fruity tones from Central and South American bean varieties. The blend combines rich, bittersweet, sweet, and spicy notes to create a smooth and full-bodied taste.

10. Kicking Horse Coffee

If you’re a fan of dark roast, then Kicking Horse Coffee is perfect for you. The company’s Kick Ass Dark Roast is delicious, and reviewers say it’s easy on the stomach.

Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canada-based organic trade fair company located in the Rockies of British Columbia. When Leo Johnson and Elena Rosenfeld founded the company in 1996, it was an exclusively organic home business.

The company is not profit-oriented. Kicking Horse has established excellent relationships with industry and society. The company is one of the first ten companies to support Fairtrade Canada.

Today, Kicking Horse Coffee is one of the most socially and environmentally responsible coffee companies. It only uses coffee certified as good and fair for both coffee lovers and farmers, and uses its profits to empower farmers and invest in the future of their communities.

Buying Guide

Best Coffee Brand

How can I pick the best coffee brand?

Brand Reputation

Buying coffee from a reputable brand increases your chances of getting high-quality beans. This is the easiest way to guarantee that you will get a decent cup of coffee with every brew.


The most important thing to pay attention to when considering packaging is whether it helps to better preserve coffee.

Coffee is a very vulnerable product, and preserving its taste and aroma for a long time is very difficult. The fact is that coffee can be stored for only a few days, after which it almost completely loses its taste characteristics and can even become harmful for consumption.

That’s why you need to look for manufacturers who use good methods of storing coffee. For example, coffee should be packaged in multi-layer vacuum bags with a non-return valve that will release excess carbon dioxide from the packaging and keep oxygen out. The shelf life of coffee in such packages can reach 2 – 3 years.

Another method is packing coffee with inert gas. In this method, the inert gas “plugs” the pores of coffee beans, while avoiding the release of carbon dioxide and aromatic substances. This method of packaging is much more expensive than the previous one; therefore, it is mainly used for expensive varieties of coffee.

Ground coffee is left out for several hours to completely release its carbon dioxide before being packed in vacuum bags. This is because ground coffee emits carbon dioxide more intensively than whole bean coffee. But it also means that ground coffee loses part of its aroma.

Does the brand have coffee for your brewing method?

Maybe you have a drip coffee maker, or maybe you have an espresso machine. Your brewing method is one of the most important factors when choosing a brand of coffee. Check what coffee brewing style the manufacturer recommends for their products.

In addition, certain roast profiles are best suited for certain brewing methods. So if you like drip coffee, a light or medium roast is a good choice. For espresso, a medium-dark or dark roast is usually better.

If you like to drink lattes or cappuccinos, it is best to choose a dark roast, because you won’t lose flavor when you add milk.

Organic Certifications

Intensive cultivation technologies increase productivity and lower costs, but are also a source of harmful synthetic components like fertilizers and repellants. Organic coffee is grown without these harmful components in the most favorable conditions of the natural ecosystem.

The most authoritative certification bodies are:

  • European Organic Regulations (EU 2092/91);
  • USDA American National Organic Program (NOP);
  • Export certificates in Japan

U.S. certifications have two sub-grades. “Organic” indicates that a minimum of 95% of the product is organic. “Made with organic” indicates that at least 70% of the product is organic.

Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance

1. Fair Trade

Like organic certification, Fair Trade certification will not necessarily result in a better type of coffee bean, but by purchasing such certified products, you are promoting respect for plantation workers, preservation of the environment, and the creation of opportunities for low-income growers.

There are a number of fair trade organizations with various certification standards. Essentially, coffee brands follow Fair Trade standards to achieve greater fairness in the coffee trade process, from farmer to retailer.

2. Rainforest Alliance

Another good sign when choosing a particular brand of coffee is whether it’s Rainforest Alliance certified. Companies with this certification aim to preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable living conditions by transforming agricultural and business practices and changing consumer culture.

What should I avoid when choosing a coffee brand?

Old, stale coffee

It is important that you always have freshly roasted coffee. Before buying beans, check the roasting date on the label so that you have an idea of ​​how long ago the coffee was roasted.

Coffee grown with chemicals

Buy traditional coffee, grown the way coffee has been grown from the very beginning, before agricultural chemicals were invented. All of Yemeni and almost all Ethiopian coffee is grown this way, and the varieties are among the best in the world.

Also, buy coffee labeled “sustainable.” “Sustainable” is a fairly loose term meaning that, in the opinion of the importer or roaster, designated farmers do everything within reason to avoid the use of agricultural chemicals and grow their coffee with enlightened environmental and socially advanced methods.

Violations of human rights

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), about 25 million people around the world are in forced labor, and this number does not account for an additional 152 million young people engaged in child labor.

We know none of you will want to buy products from a company that uses forced labor.

Environmental harm

If the brand you buy has organic and fair trade certifications, then you can be sure that it doesn’t harm the environment. We recommend that you support only those brands that promote a sustainable attitude toward nature, their employees, and their customers.


When searching for the 10 best coffee brands, your decision should be easy thanks to our list. The brands on this list are owned by well-known manufacturers who source their coffee beans from the best places in the world. In addition, they also have teams of master roasters who have extensive experience.

In addition to these brands, there are many other small and medium coffee brands that you may love. The MyFriendsCoffee team is sure that when you use our Buying Guide, you will definitely find the very best brand of coffee for you.


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