Coffee Gear

Coffee Gear [Suggestions & Reviews]

Choosing coffee gear is easier than you think. We've even prepared detailed guides to help you make the right choice.

Espresso Machines

There are so many espresso machines on the market that it is difficult even for an experienced user to make a choice. If you're looking for your first espresso machine, it's easy to get lost in an abundance of information.

Do you want a small or large machine? Do you want to brew just espresso, or do you want to enjoy cappuccinos and lattes, too? Do you want to be involved in the brewing process from start to finish, or do you want the process to be automated? Below, we've compiled guides for choosing the perfect espresso machine.

Best Espresso Machines (Budget Range) 

Coffee Grinders

A high-quality coffee grinder is a must-have in every coffee lover's kitchen. A cup made with freshly ground beans will always be better, richer, and more aromatic than a drink made with pre-ground coffee.

Coffee grinders can be manual or automatic and can use blades or burrs. Check out our guides to find the right one for your needs.

Coffee Makers

Making coffee can be an art form, or at least a pleasant morning ritual. Whether you love to experiment when preparing your favorite drink or want to get your cup simply and quickly, we've prepared detailed guides for you.

When choosing the best coffee maker, it's important to pay attention to many variables: style, price, size, etc. In our reviews, you will find information on drip coffee makers, capsule coffee makers, pour-over coffee makers, French press coffee makers, and more.