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10 Best Coffee Grinders (Review) In 2020

The best coffee grinders listed below have been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of its ease of use, the convenience of cleaning and maintenance, ability to set grinding levels and experience of customers.

The time of mechanical grain grinders is over, and buying a coffee machine with an integrated coffee grinder is far from cost-effective. At the same time, combined models rarely allow you to make a truly rich, tasty coffee.

Therefore, many users have already decided to take on the task, because buying the ground beans is expensive. We recommend you find the best coffee grinder that will quickly reach the required grinding level and help to prepare the best coffee for you.

The Best Coffee Grinder

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best coffee grinder from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying such a product. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best coffee beans grinder on amazon by value for money. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best coffee grinder 2020:

1. KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Best Coffee Grinder

KRUPS is a German expert in the field of coffee and food preparation since 1846.

The company develops reliable and accurate products that are pleasant to use, allowing you to achieve details that will make a difference and delight your loved ones.

KRUPS perpetuates the high-quality standards that were set more than 150 years ago and put Passion, Precision, and Perfection at the heart of every product.

Coffee bean grinders allow you to grind whole coffee beans quickly and efficiently. Instead of buying pre-ground coffee, try brewing coffee with freshly ground beans. This will provide a rich aroma and rich taste of the coffee.

In addition to coffee beans, the universal grinder can be used to chop nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. Thanks to its compact and sleek shape, the KRUPS coffee grinder will be a convenient and useful addition to any kitchen.

Small as it may seem, this is a powerful chopper. Within seconds, you can grind up to 12 cups of perfectly even coffee. Every second, this beast will grind up to 3 ounces of coffee beans.

You can also achieve different types of uniform grinding depending on the time taken to grind. You can spend 30 seconds to get a good grind of espresso, or 3-5 seconds to get a coarse grind of Turkish coffee.

This functionality then allows the grinding to be adjusted to the preferred consistency.

2. JavaPresse Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Burr Handheld Coffee Grinders are a great option for beginners in home-ground coffee. They are small, durable and, thanks to low prices, require less commitment. Ironically, manual coffee grinders cost between $ 20 and $ 30 cheaper than blade ones, but they work much better.

JavaPresse is your portable coffee grinder. Easily place the coffee grinder in your backpack for hiking or travel, or send it to your suitcase for any occasion. Also, don’t worry about breaking it, the stainless steel housing makes this grinding mechanism incredibly durable.

You don’t have to worry about any glass or plastic parts breaking and destroying the device. The robust design of this coffee grinder allows you to use it anytime.

Grinding many cups of coffee using the device, we noticed several things.

First, we noticed how quiet the device was. Instead of the usual cracks and crunches heard during grinding, the best coffee grinder for Chemex issued a soft hum. JavaPresse claims that grinding is 90% quieter than most electric grinders.

During our tests, we found this to be true, but we also found that this small chopper was 10–25% quieter than most hand sanders on the market.

Secondly, we found that this one is different from most manual grinders.

This is due to the double plate system, which keeps one of the burrs stationary while the other rotates with the crank.

Javapresse states that “this leads to excellent consistency, and has been thoroughly researched on 34 different competitors to ensure the finest grinding possible. We guarantee it.”

3. Bodum BISTRO Best Budget Coffee Grinder

Although this grinding is considered cheap compared to other quality electric grinding machines, it is by no means cheaper than a random grinding machine that can be bought at any major store. So why should you upgrade to something a little more expensive?

The mechanism used by the grinder is fundamentally different from the mechanism of the blade grinder, and that is the whole difference in the quality of your last cup of coffee.

A grinder differs from a blade primarily in that it uses abrasive surfaces to evenly grind coffee beans instead of beating them with blunt metal blades. This leads to a more uniform grinding, which makes brewing more easily controlled.

Coffee beans produce different flavors depending on how long they are extracted in the water. Incompatible grindings result in inconsistent extraction.

The structural quality of this grinder is excellent, and it uses a unique plastic that is similar to the one used in the French press. The grinder body is durable and seems to be made of a single piece, designed for long service.

The best budget coffee grinder is extremely easy to use as it offers only one touch and 14 grinding settings. Due to its antistatic material, grinding is extremely easy and you won’t be disappointed.

The same property makes cleaning the grinder easy. Bodum BISTRO is easily disassembled if necessary for a more thorough cleaning, but to be honest, this is not necessary, as coffee grinds immediately fall due to borosilicate glass.

4. Baratza Forte BG Best Commercial Coffee Grinder

Baratza Forte is available in two configurations; AP (universal) and BG (Brew Grinder).

Both versions of the Baratza Forte are compact, practical, commercial-grade grinders suitable for a variety of conditions.

Forte BG Brew Grinder is Baratza’s latest addition to the chopper line, specifically designed for a variety of cooking methods!

Recognized as the best product at SCAA 2013, Forte BG is a commercial burr flat grinding machine designed to improve medium and coarse grinding.

A newly developed removable hopper can prevent beans from falling into the gutter, making switching beans easy. It features 30% more capacity than other Baratza silos by 10.5 ounces.

The backlit LCD touch screen is intuitive and easy to clean, allowing you to track it in real-time.

The sleek metal housing contains 54mm flat steel burrs, a high torque DC motor, and precise weight control.

Designed to meet the requirements of commercial machines, Grinder coffee combines a ton of functionality with a tiny design.

Baratza Forte BG is the most powerful Baratza grinder to date – 230 programmable settings, integrated dosing by weight or time, as well as an improved hopper, make it a smart choice for cafes and demanding home users.

When cleaning your Forte Grinder, we do not recommend turning this product upside down to knock out loose grinds. If you turn the Forte mill upside down, the calibration may break, which will break your grinder.

5. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso

The Italian blade grinder Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD is an example of beautiful coffee-making technology, well known to fans of espresso and the coffee industry as a whole, as the best model for several reasons that we will consider now.

For those of us who take coffee seriously by picking our fresh coffee beans at home to make our espresso or French coffee, Rocky has a reputation for being the perfect grinder.

Less expensive coffee grinders can do the same things, but the diskless Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD has a completely different level of performance, where you can expect that this coffee grinder will make great espresso and coffee every time for you and your guests.

The automatic coffee grinder that we are considering here is a model without a dispenser, which means that you control the number of grinders that fill your port filter and you do not grind it into the metering chamber.

Some espresso lovers prefer dispenser models because they allow you to automate the grinding process, but with Rancilio, you grind as you need and your freshly ground coffee comes out of the gutter into your port filter.

By looking at this blade grinder, you can understand that it looks very durable, and in fact, it is very durable, weighing 18 pounds.

As for its transport weight, when it arrives at your doorstep, you will notice that it has some value in its weight.

6. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Best Coffee Grinder for Home

The best coffee grinder for cold brew, Mueller Austria HyperGrind, allows you to quickly and efficiently grind whole coffee beans and various spices without losing taste.

Instead of buying pre-ground coffee, try brewing coffee with freshly ground beans. This will provide a rich aroma and rich taste for the best tasting of your favorite drink.

In addition to coffee beans, the universal grinder can be used to chop or chop nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. Thanks to its modern Eurocentric design, the blade grinder Mueller HyperGrind Precision will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Unlike many other products on the market, Mueller HyperGrind provides perfect consistency and accuracy to control the roughness of your Javapresse, Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Keurig K Cup. Herbs and spices are chopped every time without loss of quality!

Electric coffee grinder takes up a minimum of oncoming space and can easily be stored in cabinets and drawers, but with its magnificent modern Eurocentric style, you can simply leave it in the open.

In the same way as in traditional German precision equipment, the best coffee grinder for the french press was developed during three professional-level checks to surpass any competitors.

7. Breville Best Smart Grinder

Breville specializes in kitchen appliances designed to inspire people to easily produce perfect drinks from the comfort of your home. From espresso machines to food processors, they bring innovation with every appliance. Breville makes the process enjoyable and the result is perfect.

With 60 unique grind settings, this programmable best coffee grinder for espresso increases the potential of any drink.

Choose between “cups” for the French press or filters and “cups” for the espresso to get the right dose for the coffee you brew.

The automatic coffee grinder allows you to grind directly into a port filter, a sealed container, a basket with gold tones or a paper filter.

The settings go well with the Breville steam boiler, a home barista machine that requires precise control over every element when the beans are used with maximum potential.

Precision Digital Time allows you to adjust and program the grinding time in 0.2-second increments, giving you complete control and the perfect dose of coffee every time.

A clear and compressed LCD screen displays the grind setting for grinding, grinding time and the number of selected shots or cups.

With so many intuitive grinding settings, you can create the perfect grind from espresso to the French press. Intelligent settings help your chopper achieve perfect results no matter how good or tough your beans need to be.

8. Capresso 560.01 Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over

Have you ever wanted to enjoy coffee at home like you can in a restaurant or cafe?

There is a way to do this and you do not need to spend a lot of money. The solution for your needs is the Capresso 560.01 coffee grinder, as coffee grinders are an integral part of the best cups of coffee.

The case of this electric coffee grinder is beautifully crafted and painted. It looks pretty modern with its color combination. The design, as well as the controls and the transparent white plastic bin, give the device a very beautiful facade!

The coffee grinder burr has all the features you can imagine in a coffee grinder. In the end, you will not be satisfied with just drinking lattes all day. You’ll be excited to experiment with a cappuccino and other alternatives.

The device comes with a commercial conical burr. Burrs are what grinds coffee beans into the ground that we love to filter into our brews. The best coffee grinding is done with industrial-grade burrs, which are always of much better quality than conventional ones.

7 to 8.5 ounces of coffee beans can be stored in a plastic container. Storing large quantities ensures that you do not have to replenish your coffee grinder frequently.

With 16 grinding settings, you can enjoy all types of preparation. Therefore, if you want to get an exotic Turkish coffee powder, then just adjust the settings and it will be served!

Capresso 560.01 is one of the best-selling products in the coffee grinder category because of its ease of use and price tag. If you don’t have a big budget, but you need a grinder that gives a good result, then Capresso Infinity is what you are looking for.

9. SHARDOR Best Home Coffee Grinder

“What is the best coffee grinder for home use?” – the answer to this question can be a coffee grinder from the company SHARDOR. Why exactly this product? Let’s discuss this.

Coffee grinder SHARDOR has a sleek and elegant appearance, as well as a practical feature. A safety switch with a cover allows you to control the coarseness according to your preference.

200 W of power and stainless steel blades quickly give an even and fine grinding and to the greatest extent preserve the natural taste of coffee beans, which is an indispensable tool for coffee lovers.

SHARDOR specializes in kitchen equipment. The main products include a hand mixer, an electric paddle coffee grinder, a Burr coffee grinder, and a kettle.

SHARDOR will devote itself to small kitchen appliances and will continuously develop and produce durable cooking tools. A good quality stainless steel blade provides powerful and fast productivity, sharp and uniform grinding of coffee beans.

The time taken to press the lid determines how thin the grinding will be. You can stop anytime you want. The cord of the coffee grinder 41in long can be easily stored under the base, which saves space in the kitchen and keeps it clean and tidy.

Simple and secure lock. You just need to turn the bowl counterclockwise to remove it, and clockwise to lock it, which is very convenient for home use.

Inside the removable bowl is the maximum measurement line, which holds 2.5oz. The O-ring tightly presses the edge of the bowl during the working process, effectively preventing coffee powder from spilling out of it.

10. Peugeot Best Vintage Coffee Grinder

It is known that the French do everything stylishly, and yes, they like to grind their coffee in style. Just look at the Peugeot manual coffee grinder, and you will see that they used a little of what they knew about luxury cars in the design of this coffee grinder.

The beautifully furnished exterior is made of luxurious wood. Vivid examples are the Peugeot hand grinder made from walnut wood and other products from beech.

The grinding mechanism is what distinguishes each coffee grinder. The burrs manual grinder ensures that each bean is effectively cracked and crushed. There is also a setting, thanks to which you can change the desired style of coffee.

The bunker of this chopper is slightly larger than that of other competitors. You can easily add enough beans for the coffee pot. You may have to empty the box under it if you plan to do a lot of grinding.

If you like French coffee, this is a great gift. Grinding has a way to bring the family together on Sunday mornings.

The Peugeot manual coffee grinder is not so moderately priced, mainly because it is a beautiful piece of the kitchen interior (apart from its main talent for grinding coffee, of course). However, this product has a lifetime warranty on external wood and a 5-year burr warranty. I’m pretty sure that the French brag about how long their crushers live and so they should.

Buying Guide

What to look for when buying a coffee grinder

Cleaning and maintenance

It is very important to be able to easily to clean inside your coffee grinder, especially if you prefer dark roasted or flavored coffee, which leaves more residue and can affect the taste of other types of beans.

Many models come with a brush for easy cleaning, and many models easily remove burrs to speed up the process.

Ability to set grinding level

Many coffee grinders allow you to adjust the roughness of the grinding. You need a model with clearly marked grind settings, which you can use to easily repeat for future cooking.

The increments between each step of increasing the size of the ground should also be uniform so that you can easily and accurately make changes that are fixed step by step for the more or less coarse grinding of coffee.

Dosage measurements

Grinders with preset dosages make it easy to grind a certain amount of coffee each time, depending on the size of the pan or the number of espressos brewed. Some come with built-in scales, which are the most accurate way to measure the amount of ground coffee.

Higher-class models designed for making espresso have predetermined dosages, depending on how many cups of coffee or espresso they make. Some models even allow you to program your dose presets.

Type of Grinder

Burr Coffee Grinders

This type of grinder works by crushing coffee beans onto a fixed surface using a grinding wheel. The fineness of grinding coffee is determined by the position of burr.

This means that you can dictate the size of the coffee grinds much more accurately and more stable than with the blade grinder.

Grinders usually have several settings, allowing you to choose the right roughness for your coffee maker.

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders are usually the most inexpensive type of coffee grinder.

As their name implies, they use a blade to cut coffee beans. The blade rotates very quickly and looks like a propeller. Blade grinders cut beans into smaller and smaller pieces.

The fineness of ground coffee depends on the time during which you grind the coffee beans. This makes them less accurate than burrs, as this can lead to uneven coffee grounds, giving a slightly less stable quality of the drink.


Most modern types of grinders are electrically powered, but there are also some hand grinders on the market.

These types of grinders are usually operated by turning the handle. The size of the base is dictated by how long you grind.

There are several advantages to manual grinder. Firstly, you do not need a power source, so you can use it on the street or while traveling. They are also very quiet in operation and often relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Manual grinders may also look more attractive than their electric counterparts, especially with a vintage or exotic design.


The device is a compact housing equipped with an electric motor, which starts the smearing mechanism. At high speeds, the bean milling process usually takes up to half a minute.

You can prepare the amount required for brewing immediately before each brewing a drink or prepare stock for the whole day. Automatic coffee grinders replaced manual ones, in which preparation of powder for one portion took 5 to 15 minutes.

Burr grinders vs. blade grinders

There are two types of coffee grinders: blade and burr. Between them, burr grinders are much preferable to blade grinders, because burr grinders provide more even grinding.

Blade grinders

Blade grinders are similar to food processors or blenders designed for coffee beans. They have sharp blades (hence their name) that grind the beans.

These provide minimal control and conflicting results. They have no settings for fine, medium or coarse grinding. You can only control how long the beans are chopped, giving you little control over the fineness.

No matter how long you grind the beans, they will never be the same size. Since the beans remain in the same chamber and are cut several times, some beans will grind more finely than others. For example, one bean can be ground 100 times, but another bean can only come into contact with the blade 15 times. There is no way to compensate for this with a blade.

Burr grinders

Burr grinders, on the other hand, provide continuous grinding. They have an upper chamber, a lower chamber, and two burrs, which are abrasive hard surfaces that collide with each other. When the beans pass from the upper to the lower chamber, they are ground with burrs.

Thanks to the Burr grinder, you can choose the degree of grinding. As the grinding setting changes from fine to coarse, burrs move further apart so that larger grindings can pass through them.

With a finer adjustment of the grinding, the burrs are kept close to each other, and only small grindings will sink into the lower chamber. The beans will go through the process until they are the right size and they will then fall into the lower chamber.

Thanks to the burr grinder, you will have not only freshly ground coffee but also a uniform ground coffee. This will provide you with the best cup of coffee.

Consider the pros and cons of devices of each type, weigh how they are suitable for your situation. And then a correctly selected device will please you with its good work for a long time.

How coffee grinders work

Coffee entered the world tradition and culture centuries ago. In some parts of the world, coffee has been consumed for millennia. People grind coffee beans with mortar, as well as with a pestle and beater.

The first coffee grinders were made of wood as well as stone. The first ancient coffee makers began the preparation of coffee in an oriental way. It is worth noting that when using ancient coffee makers, it was impossible to get finely ground coffee.

However, the preparation of a traditional Bedouin coffee drink required just a large grinding of coffee beans. Over time, people began to use special millstones to grind coffee.

By the way, millstones became the prototype of the first manual coffee grinder. The design of the manual coffee grinder consists of two millstones, between which the distance can be adjusted using a screw.

The smaller the distance between the millstones of a manual coffee grinder, the finer the grinding of coffee beans. Coffee beans were poured into the funnel, which was located between the millstones.

One millstone is fixed, and the second rotates with a special handle. The first European manual coffee grinders were a small cube in size, inside of which there were millstones. The coffee grinder was equipped with a small drawer, which was located at the base of the device.

Ground coffee fell into this box. Due to the inconvenience of the design of old European coffee grinders, it was quite difficult to get finely ground coffee beans.

To solve the problem, the masters decided to fix the coffee grinder on the table with a clamp. In the East, coffee grinders were often made in a cylindrical shape. Coffee grinders of this shape were conveniently fixed in the hand.

Many coffee lovers up to the present time use cylindrical manual coffee grinders to obtain smooth and fine grinding of coffee beans. The Eastern version of the coffee grinder is easy to use as well as disassemble for subsequent cleaning.

Currently, manufacturers of coffee equipment offer consumers a wide selection of all kinds of electric household coffee grinders.

Electric coffee grinders use the same millstones or knives to grind coffee beans. However, gourmets claim that only a manual coffee grinder mill can provide the perfect grinding for making first-class coffee. In the food industry, coffee grinders are also enjoying steady popularity.

For the needs of industry, specialized roller mill grinders are used. Coffee makers that use knives to grind coffee work based on a mixer. The knives of such a coffee grinder can be compared with the blades of a propeller that rotates quickly.

The electric coffee grinder consists of two compartments: one has a bowl and knives, and the other has the device’s engine. When using knives, the grinding of coffee beans is heterogeneous. In addition to the electrical and mechanical appearance, coffee grinders vary in functional abilities. Currently, manual coffee grinders are considered the best.


What is a conical burr grinder?

The conical burr grinder is two cones, one inside the other. The inner cone rotates, the outer cone is stationary. The grinding is gradual – the bean, falling between the millstones, moves down and grinds to ever-smaller particles.

Does a coffee grinder make a difference?

At the beginning of the 21st century, the question inevitably arises: do we need a coffee grinder today? Technological advances have given us sealed vacuum packaging, pre-packaged complex coffee blends, the same particles of ground coffee calibrated at large enterprises, tempting flavors, and much more. But it’s not that simple!

A true coffee lover will always prefer coffee ground by their own hands, under their supervision, to turn coffee beans into the desired consistency. After all, each of us has our secrets of making branded aromatic coffee – with mixtures of different varieties of coffee, using a mixture of coarse and fine coffee.

Not to mention the fact that even with all the desire and technical tricks, the opened vacuum packaging will not retain all the aroma of the ground coffee packaged in it – the inevitable access of air leads to the oxidation of the coffee powder. Even refrigerated storage will not help save the aroma.

So to get a truly invigorating and aromatic drink, there is only one way left for us – to purchase a coffee grinder and grind your beans before preparation. By the way, even in the container of the coffee grinder, grinding is not recommended to be left longer than half an hour – after that, the same inevitable process of oxidation and loss of aroma begins.

Can coffee grinders be used for wet grinding?

Coffee grinders are designed for dry grinding, not wet grinding. For such purposes, it is best to use a blender rather than a chopper. There are also wet-dry grinders, but this is completely different and does not suit us.

Can coffee grinders grind spices?

Yes, but it is not recommended to do this with the same coffee grinder. If you use a coffee grinder for coffee, you need to clean it well before using it for spices and again afterward. Grinding machines are very difficult to clean for this purpose.

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