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Best Coffee Makers (Review) In 2020

With excellent coffee quality and reliability, these are the best coffee makers on the market as tested by our experts.

You may be wondering: What is the best coffee maker to buy?

And this is really a difficult question because most people think that coffee can be prepared only with a drip coffee maker.

It’s time to change the culture of coffee consumption for the better, and the first thing you need to know is that a drip coffee maker is not the only way to get coffee.

Here is the deal:

Coffee made in a drip coffee maker can be great if you brew it correctly. But coffee is just like a good wine, with different flavor and taste notes. If you want to explore all these notes, you’ll need to explore different brewing methods.

Let’s get started.

Breville BDC450Automatic pour-overs are the next generation of drip coffee makers. With them, you get aromatic coffee with a rich and deeper taste. Key Features
  • Set one of 6 modes: Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew and My Brew
  • 60 oz boiler capacity is enough for 12 cups
  • Precise temperature control allows you to get the best coffee
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Ninja Hot and ColdDrip coffee makers do not brew the best coffee, but if you decide to buy one, then here is a great option. Key Features
  • Brew coffee in 5 different ways including cold brew and specialty drinks
  • Adjust the size of the drink from a small cup to a large jug
  • Easy to use with high functionality
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Breville the Barista ExpressBreville makes it possible to brew true café-quality espresso at home. Key Features
  • Built-in coffee grinder grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter
  • Digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction
  • Steam wand performance allows you to hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances flavor and enables latte art
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Nespresso ENV150GYAE VertuoPlusIf speed and convenience are important to you, then there is nothing better than a Nespresso machine. Key Features
  • Insert the capsule and press the button - the coffee is ready
  • The ability to make milk foam with an Aeroccino
  • Super compact and lightweight - perfect for the office
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MuellerThis is the most affordable and simple coffee maker for making not only coffee, but also tea. You can take it anywhere. There are no brewing difficulties, but as always there are some peculiarities. Key Features
  • Three-layer filter does not pass a single particle
  • Made from polished stainless steel for extra durability
  • 34 ounce capacity
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The Best Coffee Makers by Brewing Method

Type Of Coffee Maker Best for Whom?
Drip Coffee MakerFor those who consume coffee in large quantities and those who want to save time without thinking about the quality of the drink.
Automatic Pour OverFor people who are tired of drinking drip coffee and who want a higher-quality drink without wasting time on nuances and preparation.
Espresso MachineThe gold standard of brewing. For those who want to immerse themselves in the world of coffee and try a real, highly concentrated, tart espresso that will perfectly reveal any flavor.
Capsule MachineFor those who want coffee that tastes great, is easy to brew, and is the same every time. All you have to do is press a button and get a great drink, but be ready to spend money on quality capsules.
Pour OverFor those who like to experiment, treat coffee as a ritual, and wish to brew a delicious, soft, and balanced drink.
French PressPerfect for beginners who want a simple, affordable way to brew strong coffee.
Cold BrewFor those who want a concentrated drink with a bright coffee flavor and high caffeine content. It’s perfect for hot seasons and simply if you don’t like hot coffee.
AeropressFor those who want a clean, saturated, and fragrant espresso-like beverage. Perfect for travelers, as it is light and compact.
Moka PotAn easy method for those who want an inexpensive, compact coffee machine in a retro style. Due to the high temperature and sufficiently coarse filter, the beverage becomes dense and strong.
PercolatorFor those who want to brew coffee with one of the very first brewing methods ever invented.
Turkish CoffeeFor those who want a way to prepare strong coffee or coffee with spices. It’s great for experimenting and has the ability to make a great beverage, but it requires a lot of hard work and time-consuming experimentation.

Drip Coffee Makers

The drip coffee maker is the most popular and easiest device for making black coffee, but it doesn’t brew the best-tasting coffee.

If coffee is just a drink to help you wake up in the morning and you do not pay attention to the taste, then a drip coffee maker will be the easiest and most familiar option.

We have researched several drip coffee maker models for you that can still produce good cup of coffee.

Grind size: Coarse

Coffee to water ratio: 1:15. The dosage is determined by the standard rule 60 grams (2 oz) of coffee grounds per liter of water (30 fl oz). For example, to prepare 500 ml (15 fl oz) of coffee, you will need 30 grams (1 oz) of ground coffee.

P.S. Technology is rapidly developing. Our biggest find has been pour-over coffee makers. This is exactly the event we have been waiting for, because they can become a complete replacement for the usual drip coffee makers. They even look the same. But they make a higher-class drink than any drip coffee maker models.

Interested? Jump right in and we’ll explain the differences. CLICK!

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

You want something really cool? Then this Ninja best drip coffee maker is for you.

Its functionality is superior to standard drip coffee makers. It makes many different kinds of coffee, including black coffee and iced coffee. It can also brew tea and other herbal infusions.

Additionally, you can adjust the size of the drink from a small cup to a large jug. In total, the Ninja drip coffee maker provides 6 possible brewing sizes.

This coffee maker is very easy to use. The controls are intuitive and all necessary buttons are on the front panel. The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is the best coffee maker for your home.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Is your budget limited? Then take a look at the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker with glass carafe.

This is the classic drip coffee maker you’re used to seeing. To use it, you don’t need to have any specialized coffee knowledge. Just pour in coffee grounds and fill the water reservoir, and turn the coffee maker on. You’ll get a standard black coffee.

But the coffee maker does have some useful features like the Grab-A-Cup function. If you need coffee right now, you don’t have to wait for the coffee maker to finish brewing a whole pot. If you grab the carafe to pour a cup of coffee, the brewing process will stop until you replace the carafe.

The drip coffee maker only makes 4 cups of coffee at a time. This is not as much as the other models, but it has its advantages too: the Mr. Coffee coffee maker doesn’t take up much space, so you can easily fit it in your kitchen or office.

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

Programmable drip coffee makers have more flexible settings for coffee preparation.

Imagine this: you wake up, go to the kitchen, and your drip coffee maker has already brewed you a coffee. With the Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker, this imagination becomes reality. The coffee machine allows you to program the coffee brewing time up to 24 hours before you need it.

You can also set the programmable coffee maker to prepare between 1 and 4 cups of coffee. And you can see the coffee thanks to the glass carafe. This is convenient because other drip coffee makers always prepare several cups of coffee at once.

There is a light indicator that tells you when you need to clean the coffee maker. Even better, there is a self-cleaning function.

As for the coffee itself, you also have the option of adjusting how strong it will be.

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers

The main problem with the drip coffee method is that you have little control over the coffee preparation process.

So, what’s the difference between a drip coffee maker & an automatic pour-over coffee machine?

The pour-over method allows you to control the temperature of the water, the rate at which it flows through the ground coffee, the extraction time, and the strength.

Coffee lovers prefer this method because it allows them to control the taste, texture, temperature, and strength of the drink.

Automatic pour-over machines perfectly reproduce the manual pour-over method and require almost no effort on your part.

Grind size: Medium-Coarse, Medium

Coffee to water ratio: 1:17 for regular, 1:15 for strong

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

This really is a discovery in the modern coffee-brewing world. James Hoffmann (World Barista Champion 2007) has been using this coffee maker for over two years, and loves it.

This video shows the same product as the Breville Precision Brewer, it just has a different name in the UK/Europe.

The Breville Precision Brewer coffee maker has advanced settings for coffee preparation. There are 6 modes: Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew, and My Brew. The last mode allows you to set the coffee preparation manually to get the exact drink you want.

When you choose any of the other modes, the Breville coffee maker controls the temperature, flow rate, and extraction time very precisely. Also, the thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot longer.

However, the most important feature is that this coffee maker has a 60 oz water reservoir. This is really very large and is enough to brew 12 cups of coffee before refilling. It is a great choice for an office or for a big family.

Bonavita Connoisseur 8 Cup Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a budget coffee maker but want to drink good coffee, then look no further than the Bonavita Connoisseur Coffee Maker with thermal carafe.

While this coffee maker is made of cheaper materials and has a simple design, its functionality will satisfy all your coffee needs.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 44 oz. This is enough to make 8 cups of coffee, and it only takes 6 minutes to brew 8 cups.

As with other automatic pour-over coffee makers, a showerhead is used here. This way, the coffee grounds are evenly saturated. The hot water from pours directly into the ground coffee and the brewed coffee makes its way into the carafe.

Another advantage of this coffee maker is its pre-infusion mode. This allows you to pause the water flow and allow the ground coffee to bloom for a better taste.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

For more than 45 years, Technivorm Moccamaster has specialized exclusively in the production of professional coffee makers. The Technivorm Moccamaster KBT Coffee Brewer is the premium choice for lovers of pour-over coffee who want automatic brewing.

Technivorm Moccamaster has quality certificates from the European Coffee Brewing Centre and Speciality Coffee Association of America for the whole model range. Moccamaster coffee makers have become an indispensable part of life for coffee connoisseurs in more than 20 countries, and it is the #1 brand in Nordic countries, where coffee consumption is the highest in the world.

The KBG coffee maker is made of the best, environmentally friendly, highly durable materials. The manufacturer guarantees a 5-year warranty. It is noteworthy that all plastic parts are BPA-free, which means that the prepared coffee is safe for both adults and children.

The Moccamaster coffee maker is easy to use. Coffee preparation takes just 4-6 minutes. Conveniently, you can see how much coffee has already been brewed thanks to the glass carafe. The automatic switch-off mode is also an advantage. After 100 minutes of not being used, the coffee maker turns itself off.

Espresso Machines

Espresso is a special drink. Espresso tasting can be compared to tasting expensive wines. Espresso can have an incredible amount of flavors. It’s the heart of many coffee drinks as the basis of cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, and other drinks.

Espresso preparation requires high pressure and temperature, which can only be found in espresso machines. You have probably seen such machines in cafes.

But that doesn’t mean that espresso machines are only for commercial purposes. You can make espressos for yourself at work or at home!

Before buying, you should consider that espresso machines are not cheap. But believe us, the result is worth it.

Choosing an espresso machine is somewhat complicated, but we will make it easy for you. There are three main types of espresso machines: manual, semi-automatic, and super-automatic.

Each espresso machine has its pros and cons. Below, we have provided you with some of the best espresso machines in terms of availability, type, and the quality and stability of the espresso you get.

Grind size: Fine grind

Coffee to water ratio: 1:2. Optimal use of larger portafilters with a dosage of 17-20 grams (6-7 oz) of ground coffee.

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

If you want to know about coffee at the barista level, choose a semi-automatic espresso machine. These machines require you to partially participate in the brewing process. You have to grind the beans, tamp the coffee, and control the extraction time.

One of the best semi-automatic espresso machines is Breville’s the Barista Express.

The very first thing that catches your eye is of course the design. The machine is made of quality materials, but the most important thing that distinguishes this espresso machine from others is the built-in coffee grinder.

The grinder has 18 degrees of grinding, from the finest to the coarsest. It is very convenient that the coffee grinder is built-in because you do not need to look for extra space on your counter or spend money on a separate grinder. Plus, the built-in grinder can dose the same amount of coffee every time.

If you are worried at the prospect of controlling extraction time, don’t worry. Thanks to the integrated pressure gauge, you can monitor the pressure and quality foe best coffee extraction. Brewing is a pleasure, and you will get a great drink.

And if you want to prepare a special espresso-based drink, you can, thanks to the steam wand. It steams and foams milk perfectly so you can make cappuccinos and other special drinks.

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

This is the best budget, semi-automatic espresso machine. However, it is much larger than more expensive models.

Its main advantage is that you can use it to make both espresso and espresso-based drinks. Just press the appropriate button: espresso, cappuccino, or latte. It’s very convenient, and you don’t even have to steam or froth your own milk. The machine will do it all on its own.

All you need to do is grind and tamp the coffee beans and attach the portafilter to the group head. This has a big impact on the taste of coffee, but we believe that you will learn it quickly.

The Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappucino coffee maker uses a removable water reservoir. It’s a really great feature because you don’t have to move the machine. Just pull out the water tank, fill it with water, and put it back.

It’s the same with the milk compartment. It’s located at the front of the machine and is also easy to pull out, refill, and clean.

If you want to get a good espresso, cappuccino, or latte at an affordable price, then the Mr. Coffee machine is the best coffee maker for you.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Want to just press a button and get a great espresso? Then a super-automatic espresso machine is your best choice.

Super-automatic espresso machines do everything themselves. The machine grinds and weighs coffee, fills the portafilter, and tamps the ground coffee. Press the button and you’ll get the same great drink each time.

Of all the super-automatic espresso coffee makers, we have singled out the Gaggia Brera for multiple reasons.

First, we think it’s the best budget espresso machine in its category. Let’s be honest, super-automatic machines are very expensive. Their average price is about $1,000. The Gaggia Brera costs half that and still makes a good espresso.

This espresso machine has a built-in ceramic burr grinder. Such grinders are the most reliable and functional. It has 5 degrees of grinding adjustment.

Another excellent feature is the fully detachable brew group. It is convenient to clean and adjust. The steam wand also works well.

The Gaggia Brera is the best budget super-automatic espresso machine. You can easily understand its settings, and making an espresso is as easy as if you bought it in a coffee shop.

Capsule Machines (Pod Coffee Makers)

A capsule coffee machine is a great way to save time and effort. To prepare an invigorating drink, just put the capsule in the compartment and press the button.

Such single serve coffee makers have a compact design. They can be conveniently placed at home or in the office.

As a rule, there are no additional functions or special settings in such devices. However, there are models that allow you to make steamed milk foam.

There are two popular brands of capsule coffee makers: Nespresso and Keurig.

But we want to warn you: Keurig single serve coffee makers will not make quality coffee. Most often, coffee in K-cups is expired, and the capsules themselves are expensive.

If you want to purchase a single serve pod machine, we highly recommend Nespresso.

Nespresso ENV150GYAE VertuoPlus

If you don’t want to bother grinding your coffee or cleaning your coffee machine, the best pod coffee maker for you is the Nespresso ENV150GYAE VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso single serve coffee maker.

The main feature is the Vertuo Line. This means that you can use a wide range of capsules, which vary in both taste and size:

  • Espresso (1.35 oz),
  • double espresso (2.7 oz),
  • gran lungo (5 oz),
  • mug (7.8 oz),
  • alto (14 oz).

It is convenient that the volume of the prepared drink is indicated directly on the capsule.

As for the quality of the coffee itself, it is excellent. The Nespresso ENV150GYAE even makes crema on espresso as in real espresso machines.

This best coffee maker is controlled by a single button and an LED indicator, which can transmit quite a lot of information.

If you have a large family of coffee lovers, this is definitely a great choice. The water reservoir has a capacity of 40 oz, which is enough for everyone.

You can also buy an additional Aeroccino. This is an automatic milk frother that whips up milk foam of the perfect consistency so you can make cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks.

Breville Nespresso Creatista

If you want premium quality, then choose the Breville Nespresso Creatista coffee maker.

This Nespresso coffee maker belongs to the Original line. This means that there are 3 capsule size choices: Ristretto (0.5 ounces), Espresso (1.35 ounces), and Lungo (5 ounces). But rest assured, you’ll get the same classic espresso you are used to drinking in coffee shops.

This Nespresso coffee maker has one more advantage. It allows you to prepare more complex drinks thanks to the built-in steam wand, which is fully automatic. You can set up 8 levels of milk foam density and you don’t need to be an experienced barista—just put the milk pitcher under the nozzle and press the button. The pitcher is made of stainless steel. And the machine will automatically clean the steam wand after each use.

The Nespresso Creatista also has an intuitive display. You won’t have to deal with a bunch of settings—instead, you can get a quick and easy cup of coffee.

Pour-Over Coffee Makers

Pour-over is not a type of coffee maker, but rather a method of making a very good quality drink.

The pour-over method is a real ritual, a”coffee ceremony.” However, you can master it quite easily, and the result will be a delicious drink.

This method of coffee brewing has become very popular since the early 2000s, for quite a few reasons:

  • Pour-over coffee has a deeper, more pronounced, fuller flavor and aroma than the coffee brewed with classic methods.
  • Pour-over brewers are cheaper than most good coffee makers.
  • The preparation process is often reminiscent of a chemical experiment, so it will definitely impress guests.
  • The brewing process is very simple. Anyone, even a beginner coffee lover, can make pour-over coffee.

Grind size: Medium Coarse, Medium

Coffee to water ratio: 1:17 for regular, 1:15 for strong

PS. If you prefer automatic pour-over coffee makers, take a look at our review. They also make a great beverage and save you the trouble of brewing by hand.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker is a simple and cheap device that is good for daily brewing. We love it for its ease of use and the sweet, rich character of coffee brewed with it. You can choose from sizes ranging from 12 to 51 ounces.

The main advantage of the Bodum coffee maker is availability—filters for it can be found almost everywhere, unlike filters for the Chemex or Hario coffee makers.

You can make cup of coffee in it quickly and it is difficult to spoil the coffee.

The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, and the removable sleeve keeps the coffee hot longer while also protecting your hands. The filter is made of stainless steel, so you won’t have to spend money on disposable filters.

CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

Designer coffee maker Chemex rightfully occupies its place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and also looks great in our kitchen.

This beautiful pour-over coffee maker, with a shape reminiscent of a chemical flask or hourglass, brews delicious and balanced coffee. Chemex pour-over makers have a thicker patented filter that allows you to brew a clean cup of coffee while maintaining the body and balanced floral notes of your cup of coffee.

Thanks to the thick filter, you can brew pure and dense coffee. An obvious advantage is the Chemex’s size; it is perfect for company. The thick filter forgives many mistakes in brewing, unlike the filter of the V60, which is more fastidious.

The Chemex coffee maker is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which perfectly preserves and maintains the coffee temperature inside the flask. You will always recognize it by its original design and the oak collar with leather lacing.

Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee professionals and coffee lovers most often choose the Hario V60 for the opportunity to experiment and the ability to brew delicious, balanced coffee.

It is an elegant coffee maker for those who are looking for perfection. The large opening at the bottom of the funnel promotes fast extraction and requires a methodical approach and a firm hand. When everything is done correctly, you will achieve beautiful, bright coffee with outstanding citrus notes.

The versatility of this device makes it an excellent funnel for professionals who like to change their brewing technique based on variables such as pour-over speed. In general, the device is more flexible and requires more knowledge of pour-over technique than other devices in this review.

There are man ways to experiment: try different coffee beans, change the grind size or water temperature, or try putting a couple of frozen fruit slices into a cup of coffee to give your drink a special sweetness.

French Press Coffee Makers

French presses are the most affordable and easiest-to-use coffee and tea makers. You can take them anywhere you want. French presses are easy to use, but they do have some peculiarities.

Be careful when choosing a French press. Think about the size of the French press you need.

Also, pay attention to how well the flask is made. It must be made of good materials and free of defects like scratches and cracks. Good French presses come with spare flasks.

Also, if you choose to buy a French press coffee maker, we recommend that you buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself just before brewing. This way you will get the most aromatic and delicious coffee. But if you do not have this option, then buy only coarse grind coffee. A fine grind will go through the filter and settle in your cup of coffee.

Today there are a lot of different French presses: expensive and cheap, simple and complex. You can choose a French press to suit your tastes, and we can help you with that.

Grind size: Coarse

Coffee to water ratio: 1:17. For example, a half-liter (17 fl oz) French press will require 30 grams (1 oz) of coffee.

Mueller French Press

If you want 100% quality, then look no further than Mueller. It’s already clear from the design how reliable this French press is.

All its parts are made of polished stainless steel. This makes the body of coffee maker strong and keeps the coffee warm for longer. When you hold it in your hand, you feel the real German quality.

Another feature is the three-layer filter. It doesn’t miss a single coffee ground, unlike some other French presses.

You can also make iced coffee, tea, and herbal infusions with the Mueller French Press.

Bodum Chambord French Press

The Bodum Chambord French Press has the classic French press look.

The flask is made of heat-resistant, shatterproof, dishwasher-safe glass, which allows you to observe the process of brewing a drink.

The outer casing is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is durable and resistant to deformation and scratching. The French press has a convenient polypropylene handle.

Bodum offers a large selection of sizes, from 12 to 51 ounce. They also offer various design models.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

It’s not just the French press that can make cold brews coffee. There are special cold brew coffee makers that allow you to make a particularly tasty drink.

These coffee makers are divided into two types: fridge-friendly and slow-drip.

The fridge-friendly coffee maker works on a simple principle: You pour in the coffee grounds and cold water and put it in the fridge for a while. Then you strain the grounds out and are left with concentrated coffee, which you mix into cold water before serving.

Slow-drip cold brew coffee works very differently, like a pour-over coffee maker. There are three vessels. You pour cold water and ice into the upper one, and the ice water drips into the middle part that holds a filter and ground coffee. Then the brewed, concentrated coffee drips into the bottom chamber.

If you want to cool down, then below we provide you with the best cold brew makers of both types. Each has its pros and cons, and we will help you decide what suits you best.

Grind size: Extra Coarse

Coffee to water ratio: 1:8 for Regular, 1:5 for Strong.

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This is a fridge-friendly cold brew coffee maker. It looks like a French press, but there’s no pump. Instead, it uses an infuser to hold the grounds and keep them from mixing into the water reservoir. It’s much more convenient because there are no coffee grounds in your cup of coffee. You’ll get a clean iced coffee without impurities.

There’s nothing easier than making cold brew in a coffee maker like this. Pour coffee to the infuser, add cold water, shake the coffee machine, and put it in the fridge for 12-36 hours.

The body is made of BPA-free plastic. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm your health when used for a long time. The case is able to withstand both low and high temperatures.

When buying, you can choose between two sizes: 32 and 64 ounce.

Toddy Cold Brew Maker

One of the interesting ways to get concentrated cold brew is to do it with the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Let’s take a look.

This coffee maker consists of 3 parts:

  • A top vessel into which you pour water and/or ice,
  • A middle vessel with a filter that you fill with ground coffee,
  • A bottom vessel to collect the brewed coffee.

After you add the coffee and water, you should wait 24 hours. You can leave the Toddy in the fridge during this time.

The result is a very concentrated, highly caffeinated coffee. Its taste is amazingly soft and aromatic, without bitterness. The cold brew coffee is perfect for a sensitive stomach, as it contains 67% less acid.

Only cold water is used to prepare coffee with this brewing method. The result is a balanced coffee. The drink does not contain any unwanted flavors, which are inevitable when brewing coffee with hot water.

Only a safe container without BPA is used.

Yama Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We couldn’t get past the Yama cold brew coffee maker. It’s a special device because it uses slow drip technology.

It’s a completely different cold brewing technology: You don’t even need a fridge. As long as you have ice, you’re good.

Ice water is placed in the upper vessel of the tower and then flows slowly, drop by drop, through an adjustable valve into a layer of ground coffee. The cold brew coffee is slowly saturated; the extraction is very delicate. In the end, a concentrate is obtained, which flows into another vessel.

Before consumption, you should dilute the concentrate with ice, water, or milk to taste. The process usually takes 3 to 24 hours, depending on the volume of the drink and individual preferences.

The Yama best coffee maker is a quality product. It is handmade with borosilicate glass. It is a real work of art. From a distance, it may resemble a siphon coffee maker, but it does not use any heat to produce cup of coffee.

Aeropress Coffee Makers

The Aeropress coffee maker is the most modern equipment for coffee preparation, as it was invented in 2005. However, the way it operates has been known to humanity for ages.

The device resembles a syringe with a filter in the lid, through which passes boiling water mixed with coffee grounds. In fact, the Aeropress works similarly to an espresso machine: Water passes through the coffee under pressure, brewing it and pulling out all the extracts.

The Aeropress coffee maker is an unpretentious and simple way to brew coffee because you don’t need expensive machines or equipment. You can make coffee with an Aeropress at home or at work, on a trip or on a picnic. The coffee will be very clean and strong. It will taste quite similar to a classic espresso.

An Aeropress is usually made of durable plastic that does not bend or scratch and that will last a long time. If you brew cup of coffee two or three times every day, the Aeropress coffee maker will last five years.

Its simplicity is also a great feature. All you need is a paper filter (sold together with the device), coffee grounds, hot water, and a cup.

Grind size: Medium, Fine

Coffee to water: 1:17 Regular, 1:11 Strong. The optimal coffee volume for an Aeropress is 18 grams (0.63 oz), but you can vary this depending on your tastes.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Here it is: a simple and efficient coffee maker. Let’s take a closer look.

The Aeropress is made of plastic. It’s phthalate-free and BPA free. This means that you can be sure that your coffee is environmentally friendly and completely safe for your health.

This best coffee maker is lightweight, takes up little space, and is easy to clean, so it is suitable for home, office, or travel. Its dimensions, when folded up, are 9 x 4 x 4 inches.

When you buy it, it comes with everything you need: the Aeropress itself, a funnel, a scoop, a stirrer, 350 microfilters, and a filter holder.

Aeropress coffee tastes amazingly rich, with intense taste and aroma, without impurities. Despite the simplicity of the device, there are many ways to make coffee in an Aeropress and you can experiment with the temperature, brewing time, roast, and other things. It’s a great choice for coffee lovers!

Moka Pot Coffee Makers

Italian coffee is often associated with a cup of espresso. But few people know that there is also another popular method of brewing coffee—the Moka pot.

In a Moka pot, steam rises from the bottom of the device through a mesh filter with coffee in the upper part of the device, where the brewed coffee accumulates.

Coffee from a Moka pot is saturated with a dense body. You shouldn’t expect an espresso-like drink—there’s an espresso machine for that. Moka pots produce a drink unique in its sensory properties, falling somewhere between Turkish coffee and French press coffee.

The advantages of the Moka pot include its simplicity. The Moka pot does not require special care. After making coffee in a Moka, just empty the mesh filter and rinse all the parts with water.

Grind size: Fine

Coffee to water ratio: 1:13. Usually, the coffee-to-water ratio of such coffee machines is already prescribed by the manufacturer.

Bialetti Express Moka Pot

This Express Moka Pot from Italian brand Bialetti has become an important part of world coffee culture.

The Express is probably the easiest, most pleasant, and most authentic Italian way to make your coffee better.

The body is made of a food-grade aluminum alloy. This allows it to warm up evenly. The coffee maker has a very strong, safe handle made of non-combustible acrylic.

The coffee maker itself has a classic octagonal shape and provides optimal interaction between water and hot air. Whatever volume of coffee you want to brew, the Bialetti Express can handle it.

You can use this best coffee maker to brew on both gas and electric stoves. Thanks to its size and ease of use, this coffee maker is very mobile, so you can prepare delicious cup of coffee on mobile gas burners or on campfire coals when you go outdoors.

It is best to wash the coffee machine by hand. It’s not dishwasher-safe.

The Bialetti Moka Express line now has six models designed for different volumes of coffee, from a single cup version to a giant 22.7 oz Moka pot, which is enough for 12 cups. All of them are made using proven technology that has not changed since 1933, and use only the highest quality materials.

Siphon (Vacuum) Coffee Makers

Brewing coffee in a siphon coffee maker is intriguing and reminds us of scenes from Breaking Bad.

But it’s actually just science, available to every coffee lover.

Siphon coffee makers were invented in the 1840s. They have changed many times, but the basic brewing method remains the same. The siphon can require a lot of attention to detail. It’s an interesting and beautiful way to make coffee, and is relatively affordable.

The siphon coffee maker looks like laboratory equipment, so for most people, it is not immediately clear how tea or coffee can be brewed in this device. To understand how it works, we suggest you watch this video:

Today, siphons are once again gaining popularity among coffee connoisseurs and baristas.

This rebirth of vacuum coffee machines is primarily due to the excellent quality of the resulting drink. The siphon allows you to extract the fullness of taste and aroma.

Today, coffee prepared in a siphon coffee maker can be found in many specialized coffee shops and bars in the U.S. and Europe.

The resulting drink tastes very delicate and soft, but at the same time clean and complex.

Quality siphons made of borosilicate glass are produced by a number of companies, of which Hario, Bodum, Cona, and Yama should be highlighted. We have collected the best of them to share them with you.

Grind size: Medium

Coffee to water ratio: 1:17

Hario Glass NEXT Syphon Coffee Maker

The Japanese company Hario is known not only for its pour-over coffee makers—it also produces some of the best siphon coffee makers.

Syphon NEXT is a new and improved line of Hario siphons. It combines the best traditions and the latest innovations in the production of such coffee makers.

The NEXT is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and has a more comfortable handle, an improved flask shape, and an improved filter.

This siphon coffee machine comes with two filters—the traditional fabric filter and the new metal filter. The metal filter is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. With it, you can forget about buying replaceable filters.

Another handy feature is the liquid level mark. You can determine the amount of liquid in the flask and control the quality of your drink.

When it comes to quality, coffee made with Hario siphons is rich in taste and harmony. And this is not surprising, because the brand is famous for Japanese quality, tradition, elegant design, and many years of research, which found its expression in the form of a vacuum device for coffee and tea brewing.

By the way, the Hario NEXT can be used for brewing tea—just adjust the brewing time depending on the variety. Tea prepared in the siphon is very delicate and reveals all the nuances of taste and aroma.

Yama Glass Siphon Coffee Maker

If you need a more budget-friendly option, look no further than the Yama Glass.

This coffee maker is handmade. The borosilicate glass is made by master glassblowers. Such glass has a lot of advantages. It does not react to chemicals, withstands temperature fluctuations of up to 120°C, and, most importantly, keeps the beverage at the same temperature for a long time.

This means that every time you brew coffee you will get a high quality drink.

Yama allows you to choose the volume of your coffee maker. If you drink coffee alone, then the 20-ounce option will suit you. If you have a whole family of coffee lovers, then you can choose the 32-ounce option that brews 8 cups of coffee.

Coffee Percolators

Coffee percolators are very similar in design to Moka pots. But the difference lies in the details, which strongly influence the taste of the coffee.

The main difference is that in a Moka pot, hot water flows through the coffee just once, while in a percolator, the water flows through the coffee many times. It’s easier to burn coffee using this method.

Percolators are rarely found for sale—mass production of the device ended a long time ago. However, small numbers of percolators appear on the market every now and then in the form of souvenirs, trial batches, etc.

Of course, they will not create real competition for espresso machines and Moka pot coffee makers, but percolators keep their niche with amazing persistence. They are most often found in private collections.

Grind size: Coarse

Coffee to water ratio: 1:17

Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Coffee Percolator

There it is, the classic percolator coffee maker.

The Faberware percolator made of stainless steel. Its simple and reliable design will easily withstand decades of use. You can also easily wash it in the dishwasher.

Farberware offers two models to choose from: an 8-cup model and a 12-cup model.

As for the coffee itself, you can brew really good coffee if you don’t let the heat get too hot. And percolators are budget coffee makers, so you can save money.

Turkish Coffee Makers

Turkish coffee is brewed in a “cezve,” a small, versatile, long-handed pot usually made of copper. Turkish coffee can be brewed on a stove, over fire and coals, or even on hot sand.

Coffee brewing in a Cezve coffee maker is very quick. The drink turns out to be fragrant and strong, and in terms of consistency, it’s thick and saturated.

To choose the right cezve, critically assess its volume and shape. Compare all its features with your needs and habits. It is best to choose a copper cezve, and definitely not a ceramic one.

Grind size: Extra Fine

Coffee to water: Optimal 1:10. Depends on cezve size.

CopperBull Copper Cezve with Wooden Handle

If you’re making coffee for one or two people, then this 8-ounce cezve will be a great choice.

It’s a classic, simple, effective cezve. The bowl is made of copper, which is good because copper has better thermal conductivity than any other material. It also has a comfortable wooden handle.

Another great feature is its compact size. You can take this cezve anywhere you want.

DEDE Copper Cezve with Wooden Handle

Would you like more coffee? Then choose a bigger cezve, like this one. The DEDE Copper cezve is 16.9 ounces, enough to brew 6-7 demitasse cups or 2-3 larger mugs of coffee.

This copper coffee pot is a premium quality cezve coffee maker. It is handmade and is an antique. If you want to give your Turkish coffee lover a gift, this will be a great choice.

Coffee Maker


Which kind of coffee maker brews the best tasting coffee?

The best-tasting coffee is made by two types of coffee makers: automatic pour-over coffee makers and espresso machines. In the first case, you get a soft and balanced drink, and in the second case, you get a highly concentrated, classic cup of coffee.

How can I improve the taste of coffee in the best coffee maker?

Before brewing coffee, it’s worth learning about the main factors that affect the taste of coffee. This will help you better understand any brewing method and to experiment with these methods. You should pay attention to these six factors: coffee freshness, water quality, storage, grinding quality, brewing method, and equipment purity.

Can a coffee maker brew bad coffee?

Yes, so take be wise when choosing a coffee machine. Drip coffee makers usually don’t make the best quality coffee. An alternative option is an automatic pour over coffee maker, which makes a much better drink.


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