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10 Best Coffee Makers (Review) In 2020

The best coffee makers listed below has been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of its exceptional convenience, time of brewing and taste of brewed coffee.

What does the morning start with? Most answer this question without hesitation – with coffee! The best assistant in the matter of awakening, getting a boost of energy for a day and having a good time is an invigorating and aromatic drink.

Nothing invigorates in the morning like freshly brewed home-made drinks. To do this, you do not need to run to the store at all, you just need to buy high-quality equipment that will allow you to prepare a fragrant drink without leaving your home.

Want to drink only good coffee? Then you need the best coffee maker, and I have prepared an article for you. The best part? After the reviews, you will find a buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

The Best Coffee Maker

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best coffee maker from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying a coffee machine. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best products by value for money. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best coffee makers 2020:

1. Moccamaster 59616 KBG Best Coffee Maker

“What is the best coffee machine on the market?” – Moccamaster 59616 KBG may be the answer to this question, and here are a few reasons why:

Technivorm manufactures only genuine Moccamaster machines and mills made from the highest quality parts available today. Our philosophy has always been to produce durable, reliable and energy-efficient coffee makers.

All Moccamaster differ from each other in options, including separate elements for brewing and aging, volumetric capacity, options for a cooking basket, a thermal or glass carafe, and case style.

Some of the outstanding features of the Moccamaster KBG include quick heating and brewing (full pot in six minutes), energy-saving features such as a heating element that automatically shuts off, and a wonderfully designed heating stove. This stylish model comes in a stunning array of colors, from bold lime to silver sedan.

An automatic cooking basket allows you to remove the carafe and pour the cup without dripping from the basket.

An outlet bracket with 9 holes delivers water at a temperature of 196–205 ° F, which ensures even extraction and an even cup of coffee with the aroma from the first sip to the last drop.

The best coffee maker in the world has a 10-liter water tank with a capacity of 40 ounces and a volume of 1.25 liters. Fill it and watch the water bubble through the glass tube and over your grounds for delicious drinks in 4-6 minutes

Moccamaster KBG has two switches, one of which on the left controls the power, and will automatically turn off after 100 minutes. The switch on the right controls the hob, press it right to hold coffee at 185 ° F or click left to hold at 175 ° F for 100 minutes without burning.

2. Bunn 10-Cup Velocity Brewer Coffee Maker

BUNN Velocity Brew NHS is an automatic drip coffee maker with coffee grinder. The NHS has a flat-bottom brewing basket and is designed with a unique spray head that dispenses hot water right away to quickly and completely saturate the beans grinder.

You can only use branded BUNN paper filters, which have a grooved shape and higher sides because other flat-bottom filters can be destroyed by water pressure.

However, we found that despite using the recommended amount of coffee and branded filters, our beans grounds overflowed the filter several times.

It is just made for more cleaning. During the test, we were not able to measure the temperature of the brewing water, but the coffee flowing from the middle of the hob cycle was 194 ° F.

The BUNN Velocity Brew NHS is easy to use after installation. Since it remains on (the water is always hot), the machine is ready to cook at any time.

We found that the paper filter sometimes overflows, creating more confusion in the cooking basket than in some other systems that we tested.

The BUNN Velocity Brew NHS is not programmable and does not have a brew stop. It works with 2 manual switches. The machine is equipped with the possibility of brewing at high altitudes, as well as easy access to hot water at any time.

This maker benefits from a very fast bean grinder. You can have a cup in just 5 minutes.

3. Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew DGB-700BC Coffee Maker

Cuisinart’s DGB 700BC gives you complete control over the brew. A capacity of twelve cups makes it a great choice if you have a lot of coffee drinkers at home. Fully programmable settings of this machine will allow you to choose the time of preparation, the strength of the drink and how many cups of coffee you want to brew.

Up to half a pound of beans can be stored in an 8-ounce bin. The moisture-resistant lid ensures that your beans remain dry and fresh until chopped. The design of the grinder consists of stainless steel conical burrs, which ensure uniform grinding each time.

A gold filter and a charcoal water filter remove harmful chemicals and minerals that can adversely affect the quality and taste of your drink. The carbon filter must be replaced every three to six months.

The LED panel displays the cooking time you selected and the cooking power. If you want to wake up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, simply set the timer and the coffee maker will brew drinks at the selected time.

If you find it difficult to wait for all the coffee to brew, you are not alone. Fortunately, this model is equipped with the popular brewing pause function, which pauses the brewing process if you want to dive and pour yourself a cup of coffee before the pot is full.

However, the pause function is only active for twenty seconds. If you take out a coffee pot and don’t put it back in the allotted time, the brewing process will begin with or without a carafe.

This model is more convenient for beginners if you are looking for a machine with basic settings and intuitive controls. Even if you have never brewed coffee before, the attached instructions will easily guide you through this process.

Can this product answer the question: “What is the best coffee maker to buy for home use?” Yes!

4. Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-3000 is a middle-class programmable coffee machine with many incredibly convenient features.

In addition to being one of the most convenient ways to make daily coffee, the DCC-3000 is also one of the most efficient coffee makers for less than $100.

The most noteworthy feature of the Cuisinart DCC-3000 is its coffee brewing system. Abandoning the use of a standard decanter, Cuisinart designed their brewer on the model of a dispenser.

The brewing process takes place completely inside the machine body, and the beans are stored in a tank with 12 double walls next to the water tank. When the brewing process is complete, coffee can be poured one cup at a time as needed.

Although incredibly convenient, be careful not to leave beans in the tank for too long; after a few short hours, it becomes stale and bitter.

It also comes with a removable water tank for easy filling, a charcoal carbon filter for a cleaner cup of coffee and a permanent flat gold filter for convenience. The package also includes a package of standard paper filters for those who prefer drinks without precipitate.

The programming function in the DCC-3000 works as expected: set the time when you want fresh coffee to be ready, and Cuisinart DCC-3000 does the rest.

If you only need a few brewed cups, you can use a 1-4 cup setting, which optimizes dipping time and water temperature for less load.

Speaking of brewing temperature, customers report that Cuisinart’s coffee-on-demand reaches a decent 190 ° F. Although it does not match the ideal (180 ° F) a bit, this is a significant improvement over brewers in the same price range.

5. Sboly Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker

Based on the latest version, the company improved its flaws to make the coffee preparation process more enjoyable. It is built on the technology of quick brewing, a cup of hot americano right in the convenience of your home or office in just 2-3 minutes.

After brewing, the maker will automatically turn off and the button illumination will also turn off to save energy, which is also different from the old version.

In the new version, the coffee maker reduces the cooking time by 50% compared to the previous version. The drink comes out hot to 179 ° F, which warms and refreshes on a cold winter morning.

The Sboly Single Serve K Cup Maker comes with a reusable filter and stainless steel k holder, allowing you to have more options for making coffee to your liking. All this is compact enough to fit in a small kitchen, RV, dormitory, and office.

It is automatically turned off after brewing and has a self-cleaning function by holding the CAPSULE button for 3 seconds. This one-cup machine is also equipped with a self-defense system – it stops brewing if you forget to add water or the front cover opens.

When you are finished using this unique machine, just press 2 buttons and let the machine clean itself. Cleaning your k-cup machine and ground brewer has never been easier! Forgot to turn off the car? Do not worry, the machine will automatically turn off after making coffee.

All plastic and stainless steel parts are BPA free. The k cup coffee maker has a matte surface that is scratch-resistant and looks more fashionable and luxurious.

6. Ninja Specialty CM401 Coffee Maker

The Ninja CM401 Specialty coffee maker is a great addition to any kitchen. This is a very attractive device, elegantly made of stainless steel and matte black.

The device can brew traditional coffee in six sizes, up to a full carafe, or it can be used to make drinks with ice, cappuccino or latte.

Ninja is a division of SharkNinja that was founded as Euro-Pro in Montreal, Canada, in 1995. SharkNinja produces over 150 innovative home furnishings such as Shark vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and steam irons, Ninja blenders, food processors, deep fryers, pressure cookers, and multicookers.

This is the perfect combination of matte black and stainless surfaces with an emphasis on crystal clear water tanks and a very intuitive control panel integrated into the stainless panel.

On the one hand, the smart scoop mounts flush into the bracket, ensuring you always have a measuring device at hand. The folding milk frother is hidden in the back. The warming plate is highlighted by a set of glossy black concentric stripes.

The brewing basket pivots forward for easy filling and holds the gold filter. The beautiful corrugated water tank can be removed for cleaning. So how well does it work? Extremely well!

But Ninja CM401 is not just a brewer. It brews a full and half-carafe of delicious drinks of two strengths: “classic” and “rich”.

One of the interesting features of the decanter is the “brewing lid”, which includes a long cylinder for mixing coffee with the bottom of the decanter, providing a balanced taste throughout. You can also make iced coffee by simply selecting this option.

The brewing strength is automatically adjusted to compensate for the diluting effect of the ice used to cool the coffee.

7. Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Burke boasts an incredibly simple design, with a fine-meshed cold brewing filter with a 1.6-quart borosilicate glass jug for cold brewing and a silicone padding to protect it from drops.

Get rid of trips to expensive coffee houses and make your favorite hot drinks and ice drinks at home. Burke keeps coffee fresh for up to 7 days!

The specially designed Burke Cold Brew Makers strainer makes it easy to clean with a removable bottom. The carafe is also quickly cleaned thanks to its borosilicate glass design.

Place the ground beans in the brew filter. For best results, use freshly ground beans. A reusable scalded filter holds up to 16 Tbps.

Insert the brew filter into the carafe and slowly pour 2 cups of water on the coffee to moisten. Once the coffee is wet, fill the carafe with water.

Tighten the lid and place in the refrigerator for a cold drink for up to 24 hours (strength depends on the cooking time). For final flavor extraction, stir while cooking.

After you are done, remove the decanter strainer. The bottom is easily loosened to empty used coffee grounds. Always remove the brew filter before pouring coffee.

Cold brew coffee is smoother, richer, and softer than its hot drink. Of course, you can visit the cafe next door to enjoy it, but to make it so easy and inexpensive, why not do it yourself?

Cold brewing is nothing more than the preparation of drink in cold water or water at room temperature for up to 24 hours. The result is a richer taste.

With the best coffee maker for beginners, you can easily make your cold-brewed coffee with a mild, strong flavor that is less sour than hot drinks.

8. Amazon Basics Coffee Maker

Make delicious hot drinks at home with the 5-cup AmazonBasics coffee maker. Up to 5 cups of coffee are brewed at a time in the countertop – ideal for starting the day, after lunch, or serving guests with dessert after dinner.

An excellent choice for home, apartment, work area or dorm room. The maker provides compact dimensions and a small footprint that takes up minimal rack space.

Coffee is brewed directly in the included decanter. Removing the carafe from the middle of the coffee brew stops the flow of coffee, allowing you to pour a quick cup until the end of the brewing cycle is a good feature for those in a hurry for that first sip. After pouring the cups, simply replace the carafe to continue the brewing process.

At the end of the brewing cycle, freshly brewed coffee with an ideal serving temperature is stored on the hot plate of the coffee maker.

Pour the second delicious cup without worrying about cold coffee and without wasting time heating it in the microwave.

For efficiency and cost savings, it comes with an easily removable filter basket and a reusable filter – no need to spend money on disposable paper filters. The filter basket and reusable filter are raised and extended for quick and easy cleaning.

The sophisticated design of the AmazonBasics 5-cup coffee maker includes a window for convenient viewing of water for quick control of the water level, as well as a power button on the front panel with a light indicator to quickly understand that the machine has turned on.

The device also comes with a long 36-inch power cord, which offers more flexible placement options, especially when outlets are limited.

9. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Programmable coffee maker Mr. Coffee 12-cup Simple Brew is one step ahead of a simple device. You can program this the night before so that you can wake up to the already cooked Java.

Given its miniature size and even lower price, this maker will never be a gourmet choice, but if you use a stronger brand of coffee, it makes a small pot of respectable coffee. The coffee maker can get you out the door in the morning.

It took a little over 5 minutes to prepare a full pot, and the first temperature during our testing was pretty low at 163 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, according to some testers, the brew was warm enough to enjoy. After 30 minutes, the temperature dropped by 2 degrees, which practically did not affect the taste or strength of the coffee.

Even though this results in only 4 cups, you still get the pause function when brewing, so you can quickly get a drink when you need it, and the machine will resume the brewing process.

You get another useful safety feature if you are the person who is inclined to forget things on a busy day: an automatic shutdown function that works after an hour.

You can see how much water is in the tank through two water-level windows. This simple machine uses a smaller paper filter than usual and a standard measurement of 1 tablespoon per cup.

The glass carafe is the standard design of the best cheap coffee maker, which is not prone to drip and remains very warm on the hot plate.

Even with a watch, deferred programming features and a brew pause, this unit is exceptionally easy to operate. After you pull it out of the machine and wash it quickly, you can quickly make coffee.

10. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Coffee Maker

“Which coffee maker makes the best-tasting coffee?” – the answer to this question can be a product of Nespresso, namely Pixie Espresso Maker. Why?

Thanks to its compact size, the Pixie is suitable for any kitchen and is available in a wide range of colors and two finishes.

One-touch dial buttons with two cups (Espresso and Lungo) can be reprogrammed to individual volumes and have a backlight for ease of use. A folding tray suitable for espresso and milk coffee lovers.

The 19-bar high-pressure pump allows you to get the result in the style of a barista, revealing the delicate taste and excellent aromas of each capsule during the brewing process and creating an incomparably dense and inconspicuous cream. The quick-heating system reaches its ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

A red light on the sides of the machine lights up to alert you when you need to fill the water tank. Thanks to the automatic shutdown function, the machine turns off 9 minutes after the last use, consuming less energy.

Nespresso adheres to strict standards when choosing coffee. The company creates airtight and reusable aluminum capsules as an optimal way to preserve freshness and provide an exceptional taste.

As a result, Pixie by Breville Nespresso offers a wide selection of 16 authentic Crus Espresso Grands Crus to satisfy every taste at any time of the day.

The Nespresso capsule system provides exceptional taste and unique aromas thanks to the preparation of high-quality products in hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules to enjoy coffee at the highest level.

The company believes that every Nespresso cup has the potential not only to deliver an instant of pleasure but also to restore, replenish and revitalize environmental and human resources. In essence, it is a cup of coffee that can create great value for society and the environment.

Buying Guide

What to look for when buying a coffee maker


A programmable electric coffee maker can make drinks for you when you wake up. Less automated electric machines may require a little more attention but work with the push of a few buttons.

Hand-held makers such as French press brewers and stovetop espresso pots require your full attention while pod machines work well for households that prefer a different type of coffee, rather than in large quantities.

Time of Brewing

Not all machines are brewed at the same pace. Most disposable coffee makers can brew your coffee in an instant, while others, such as drip makers, can take several minutes.

If time is of the essence – or if you want to wake up from the smell of coffee – look at the device with a programmable option. You can plan a specific time when the maker makes your favorite drink.


Some people are unhappy if their morning drink practically does not burn their mouths, while others are pleased to relax in the morning with a cozy, warm, and maybe even a cold cup.

To ensure that your coffee is not cold, look for a model with an insulated stainless steel decanter, a heating plate or a temperature control setting. Heat levels are subjective, so bear this in mind if you read any consumer reviews.

Brewing temperature

The ideal brewing temperature for a pot is from 196 ° F to 205 ° F, so if you like good-tasting coffee, you need to make sure that you buy a machine that can brew at high temperatures.

Most top devices will indicate the cooking temperature on the box or the Internet. If information is missing, this may be a sign to stay away from such a product.


Buying a coffee maker is not a one-time expense. If you choose a machine for one serving, for example, Nespresso or Keurig, you will constantly invest in the purchase of the necessary capsules and capsules, which can cost from 5 to 7 dollars per pack.

If you buy a dropper, you will buy new filters and soil or beans (plus, possibly, a bean grinder). Weigh the options and think about what will be best for you – and your budget.


Although the size of the machine will not affect the cup of coffee, if the machine does not fit in the space for which it is intended, it can cause a headache.

Be sure to make accurate measurements and consider whether to open the top of the machine to add water and a base. For single feed machines, consider your cup size. Many large mugs will not fit under a brewer.

How does a coffee maker work?

Even those people who love to drink coffee do not always know that there are several types of coffee makers. Meanwhile, the principle of operation of the geyser machine is somewhat different from the drip or pump-action, which means it differs in taste and the coffee they make.

French press

We begin to consider coffee makers from the simplest type – a French press. The French press is a flask, inside of which a piston with a filter runs.

Add ground beans to the bottom of the flask and fill it with hot water. When the drink is brewing, lower the piston, which will press the coffee grounds down. From above there will be a pure aromatic drink that can be poured into cups and drunk. This brewing method is very similar to tea presses.

Droplet type

The drip type of coffee maker is most often found in apartments and small offices. In it, heated water makes coffee, passes through a filter and gradually flows down in droplets. In such coffee makers, a container for cold water located on the top and a container for a finished hot drink located on the bottom is provided.

Geyser type

Geyser-type coffee makers work exactly the opposite. In appearance, they look a bit like a metal teapot, and inside they are divided into two parts. Water in them is poured into the lower part, and ground beans is poured into the filter located above it. When the water boils, it rises the tube, makes coffee, and the finished drink is at the top.

Geyser-type makers prepare a very aromatic, tasty drink, but at a price, they are not very expensive. They are very fond of Geyser machines in Italy, so sometimes coffee brewed in them is called Italian.

Carob type

The difference distinguishing a carob coffee maker is that the ground beans is poured and rammed into a special cup-horn, which is fixed from the bottom. When the water boils, the steam creates a certain pressure. At a certain point, the screen opens and steam passes through the ground beans, brewing coffee.

The taste of coffee depends on the pressure under which the steam passes and to what temperature it heats up. Of great importance is the choice of beans, the degree of grinding and your skills in selecting varieties and compacting.

Espresso coffee makers

This is a fairly large group of coffee makers, which, incidentally, includes the carob type. Espresso makers can be divided into several types, depending on the principle of work. They all have one thing in common – coffee is brewed with hot steam.

Also, espresso coffee makers can be manual, automatic and semi-automatic. For example, we describe how a pump-operated maker works. This is the most common type due to its relatively low price and the ability to prepare a very aromatic and tasty drink.

Water is poured into a tank with a valve. When we turn on the device, part of the water is pumped to the boiler. There, it heats up and turns into steam. The steam-water mixture under high pressure is fed to the coffee and brewed. The finished drink flows into a cup. If the coffee maker is equipped for a cappuccino, then a pipe is diverted from the boiler through which steam can escape separately.

In more modern machines, instead of a conventional boiler, a special thermal block is installed, which can heat water to a predetermined temperature. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the device (to prepare more servings and different types of drinks) and to reduce the time for making coffee.

Capsule type

Recently, the popularity of capsular or pod coffee machine has been growing. All we need to do is load the finished capsule with pressed coffee, check if there is water in the tank, and press the button.

The machine will pierce the capsule, heat the water and deliver it under very high pressure to the pressed coffee. The finished drink will pour from below into a framed cup or cup, and the used capsule will be transferred to the container, from which they will be sent to the trash at one o’clock.

Understanding that people have different tastes, some manufacturers make mixed-type makers, which provide for loading capsules, and it is also possible to use ground beans of a variety selected by you. In terms of their arrangement, such devices are quite complex and require careful handling.


Can I make tea in a coffee maker?

In the most common drip coffee maker, it is easy to brew both coffee and tea. Moreover, in a coffee maker, welding is much faster than in a simple kettle, because here the water heats up faster due to the larger contact area of the heating element with water.

And tea from the coffee maker can be drunk right away. Brewing leaf tea is better than picket tea. A stream of hot water passes through the tea leaves easily, absorbs the aroma and enters the coffee pot (or cup).

Besides, if the coffee maker has the function of preheating the cups, this is a big plus, because Tea will stay warm longer.

How often should you replace a coffee maker?

In my opinion, after 2-3 years replacing coffee maker would be a good idea, if it still works fine, I think you do not need to replace it.

Descale periodically if your water is hard. And when you think that it is not working properly, or the coffee does not seem as tasty as before, it may be time to replace it.

As long as you clean your coffee maker and take good care of it, it will function perfectly even after a few years.

Can a coffee maker boil water?

In general, a coffee maker can produce hot water that will satisfy most of your needs. However, this is not the most effective way to achieve what you are trying to do.

Thus, if you are not doing something like making tea or instant product, there are many other methods and other equipment that you could use to achieve a better and more effective result.

As I said earlier, cleaning your device before doing anything else is pretty important. Although, of course, you can use a maker to boil things and prepare hot water, this is not the most effective way to do this, and often it is not worth it.


Choosing the best coffee maker depends on your tastes and needs – and how sophisticated a coffee lover you are. So, if some people think that buying a good coffee maker for up to $2000 is problematic, then many people are quite happy with inexpensive units for $ 100.

Our rating of the best coffee makers is rather subjective and is a great help to people who are not ready for big expenses but value an amazing drink.

We sincerely hope that you can find exactly the coffee machine that will become indispensable for you in the early morning at home or in the office!

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