Coffee Basics


If you want to learn how to make delicious coffee at home or become a professional barista, then you should first master the basic knowledge of coffee brewing. This is absolutely essential.

In this section, you will learn the basics of coffee, like how to choose coffee beans, how roasting and grinding affects the taste of the drink, why you can't use regular tap water, which coffee makers brew strong, dense coffee and which brew light, balanced coffee drinks, and much more.

This page is a library of resources to help you learn the basics of making coffee.

Coffee Terms

Have you ever found yourself confused when reading a coffee shop menu or watching a YouTube video about coffee? Here is a short list of key terms and definitions to help you figure it out.

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Types Of Coffee Makers

On this page, you will learn about the different types of coffee makers: how they were created, how they work, their features, and what kinds of coffee they brew.

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Best Ways To Brew Coffee

The article will help you choose a coffee maker or brewing method. Pros and cons are included for each method.

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How To Choose Coffee Beans

There are many varieties of coffee beans, and it is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing one. Find out what Arabica is, what counts as specialty coffee, how light roast differs from dark roast, and why coffee tastes bitter.

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How To Grind Coffee

The quality of your coffee depends on how you grind the beans. A good grinder is essential for proper grinding. Find out everything here.

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Coffee-To-Water Ratio

It's impossible to make coffee without quality water. Find out what mineralization the water should have, how to choose the right ratio of coffee to water, and what the optimal water temparature is for various brewing methods.

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Milk In Coffee

Find out which milk makes the best foam and which plant milk will make a delicious latte.

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How To Store Coffee Beans

Good coffee is easy to spoil if it's stored incorrectly. Use these proven tips to keep your coffee fresh and delicious.

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Coffee Brewing Guide

Find out what factors influence the taste of coffee and how to avoid mistakes when brewing coffee.

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