Hario V60 Pour-Over

V60 describes the pour-over cone created by Hario: V is the shape of the cone and 60 degrees is its angle. On the inner surface of the funnel, there are ribs that facilitate active aeration during the brewing process. This allows you to emphasize the acidity of the drink. To prepare coffee in the V60 funnel, special paper filters with side seams are used.

Check out Scott Rao's V60 method in this video:


With a Hario V60, you should use a medium grind that falls somewhere between the best grind for Chemex and the best grind for espresso. We recommend experimenting with the grind size to achieve the perfect flavor.

Coffee Dosage

The ratio of the weight of ground coffee to the weight of finished coffee always remains the same - 1:17. For example, to make a standard 8 fl oz (236 ml) cup of coffee, you would need 0.56 oz (15.77 grams) of coffee.

It is best not to measure the coffee by eye because the slightest deviations in proportions significantly affect the result. For a stable result, it is best to weigh it on a scale each time you want to make pour-over coffee.

Hario V60 Pour-Over Coffee to Water Ratio

Water Temperature

The optimum temperature for making coffee in a pour-over is 200-203°F (93-95°C). To achieve this temperature, you need to bring the water to a boil, and then let it cool for a minute. Use a good thermometer or a kettle with a temperature sensor.

The temperature of the water significantly affects the taste, and the choice of temperature also depends on the particular type of coffee.

It's not possible for us to give any universal recommendations, so it is best to experiment: a difference of one degree can give coffee brightness, sweetness, and balance, or leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Placing Coffee In a Paper Filter

Before pouring ground coffee into a paper filter, pour 4-6 fl oz (100-200 ml) of hot water through the filter and pour it out. This is to remove any possible paper taste.

Then pour coffee into the filter and shake the funnel slightly to distribute the coffee evenly.

Pre-Wetting (Blooming)

The first stage of brewing is pre-wetting. It helps to improve the taste of coffee and make the results more consistent, especially if the coffee was roasted less than a month ago. This step allows excess gases to escape from the coffee so that during extraction they do not affect the result.

First, you need to put your Hario V60 on a scale and zero it, then start the timer and gently moisten the coffee with a small amount of water—about 40-51 grams (1.4-1.8 oz), and then wait 30-40 seconds until all the water is absorbed into the coffee. When this happens, you need to immediately start brewing.

The volume of water for pre-wetting is usually calculated at three times the weight of the coffee itself. That is, if you use 1 oz (30 grams) of coffee grounds, then the weight of the pre-wetting water will need to be 3 oz (90 ml).

Infusion of Water

Water infusion is the most critical part of the whole process since you need to simultaneously monitor the time and weight of the water.

There are several methods of infusion: interval, gradual, and one-time.

The one-time method is when water is poured in in a circular motion all at once, the interval method is when water is poured in in certain portions, and the gradual method is a compromise between a one-time and an interval method.

After pre-wetting, you need to gently, start pouring water into the coffee in a circular motion in a thin stream, starting from the center and moving closer to the edges.

The ribs on the inner surface of the funnel are twisted clockwise, so the direction of water infusion (clockwise or counterclockwise) will affect the rate at which the water passes through the coffee column. If you pour in counterclockwise, the passage of water will slow down and the extraction will be higher, the taste richer.

The total brewing time with pre-soak should be approximately 2.5 minutes—this time will vary if you brew more or less coffee.

Finally, throw away the used coffee filter, shake up the oxygenated beverage, and enjoy your coffee!