Iced Coffee Recipes

Iced coffee is made from freshly brewed coffee poured over ice. The flavor, body, and acidity of the coffee remain intact as the ice is simply used to cool the coffee.

Now you can skip the hectic line at Starbucks and enjoy quality coffee at home for a quarter of the price.

Recipe 1. Mazagran

The name of this drink comes from the Algerian fortress of Mazagran, where French troops were stationed in the early 19th century.

At the time, the drink was made from coffee syrup and cold water. It's considered to be the original iced coffee.

Today, the drink has taken on a much wider variety of ingredients and is now a refreshing blend of espresso, lemon, mint, and rum, poured over ice.

It's most often served in a tall, narrow glass.

Mazagran Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 5 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Double shot of espresso

  • Lemon or lime juice - 1 oz.

  • Cold water

  • Rum - 1 oz.

  • Ice

  • Mint leaves

  • Sugar (optional)

1. Put ice in a glass and leave to cool.

2. Prepare a double shot of espresso.

3. If desired, add sugar to the espresso and let dissolve, then pour the drink into a pitcher or any glass container. Let cool.

4. Add water, lemon or lime juice, and rum to the cooled espresso.

5. Drain any melted ice from the glass (non-melted ice should remain in the glass). Pour the espresso mixture over it.

6. Add mint leaves for a fragrant aroma and garnish.

Recipe 2. Frappé

A traditional frappé is one of the ost popular drinks in Greece and Cyprus and consists of just instant coffee, water, sugar, and ice.

Presumably, the frappé was invented by accident in the middle of the 20th century when a Nestlé representative could not find hot water to make instant coffee, so instead, he shook it up with ice-cold water. Instant coffee is a must for making a frappé.

The drink has a gentle taste thanks to the thick foamy layer on top.

Frappé Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 2 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Instant coffee - 2 tbsp

  • Half glass of cold water or cold milk

  • Snaker or jar with tightly closing lid

  • Sugar or syrup to taste

  • Ice

1. Place ice in a glass to cool.

2. Mix instant coffee, sugar, and milk or water in a shaker.

3. Close the lid and shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds until everything is combined. This will create a frothy mixture.

4. Pour the entire contents into the chilled glass with ice.

5. Add water or milk to taste.

Recipe 3. Affogato

The popular Italian affogato is a traditional blend of espresso and ice cream. The name itself means “drowned” because you "drown" the ice cream in hot espresso.

Outside of Italy, there are many variations of the affogato that use brewed coffee, ice cream, liqueur, and all kinds of creative toppings.

As a result, it can be difficult to decide whether to treat an affogato like a drink or a dessert. In any case, it's delicious!

Affogato Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 2 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Vanilla ice cream - 1 serving

  • Double shot of espresso

  • Whipped cream (optional)

  • Berries (optional)

  • Liqueur (optional)

  • Crushed nuts (optional)

1. Pre-cool your glass.

2. Add a scoop of ice cream to the glass. Using a chilled glass will help prevent the ice cream from melting instantly.

3. Prepare an espresso and quickly pour it over the ice cream.

4. Add ingredients and toppings of your choice.

Recipe 4. Eiskaffee

Eiskaffee means "iced coffee" in German. It is very similar to the Italian affogato and almost as popular.

The predominant flavors are almost always coffee and vanilla, but chocolate syrup or shavings can be a great addition, especially if you complement this with delicious whipped cream.

Adding German waffle cookies on top provides textural contrast and pushes this "drink" all the way into snack territory.

Eiskaffee Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 4 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Vanilla ice cream - 1 serving

  • Chilled coffee - 150 ml

  • 1/2 cup of whipped cream

  • Grated chocolate and/or chocolate syrup

  • German waffle cookies (optional) - 1 pcs.

1. Pre-cool your tall glass.

2. Prepare strong coffee via any brewing method and leave to cool for 2-3 minutes.

3. Add ice cream to the glass.

4. Pour chilled coffee until the glass is 3/4 full. 

5. Top with whipped cream.

6. Add chocolate syrup and/or sprinkle with chocolate shavings.

7. Add a waffle cookie or any of your favorite cookies on top.

Recipe 5. Frappuccino

A frappuccino is a cold coffee drink sold at Starbucks. The name is obtained by combining the words "Frappe" and "cappuccino."

The drink consists of coffee, milk, syrup, crushed ice, and a whipped cream garnish. The taste of the drink depends on what flavor of syrup is used.

By changing the ingredients, you can experiment with the recipe. By combining several syrups, it is easy to get a new flavor.

If you do not have an espresso machine, you can use coffee made in an AeroPress, a French press, or a Moka pot. Just brew strong coffee.

A frappuccino can also be made vegan by replacing cow's milk with plant milk and substituting a vegan cream for regular cream.

Frappuccino Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 10 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Double shot of espresso

  • Milk - 100 ml

  • Sugar - 1 tbls (optional)

  • Caramel and/or chocolate syrup - 1 tbsp

  • Ice

  • Whipped cream

  • Blender

1. Brew 2 shots of espresso and let cool for 7-8 min.

2. Pour coffee, milk, sugar, and syrup into a blender and blend for 10 seconds.

3. Add ice and blend at high speed until a frothy cap forms and the ice is crushed.

4. Pour the drink into a glass.

5. Add whipped cream on top.

6. Additionally, you can garnish the drink with ground nuts, grated chocolate, cinnamon, or other toppings.

Recipe 6. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is a Korean whipped drink made from instant coffee, sugar, and hot water in a 1:1:1 ratio. You whip the ingredients into a foam, which is then spread over the milk with ice. The result is a beautiful and very sweet milk-flavored dessert with almost no coffee. If you want a stronger drink, use more coffee than milk and sugar.

Is the most popular iced coffee drink of 2020 due to its simplicity and beautiful appearance, and because even those who don't like coffee will enjoy it.

The origin of dalgona coffee is an Indian drink known as “phenti hui coffee,” or whipped coffee. The only difference is that when making phenti hui coffee, the milk is poured over the whipped mixture, while dalgona coffee has the whipped mixture on top of milk.

Below is a traditional Korean recipe for dalgona coffee. To prepare it, you will need instant coffee. It is impossible to make dalgona coffee regular coffee grounds; only instant coffee will create a dense and frothy texture that's the hallmark of dalgona coffee.

Dalgona Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 5 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Instant coffee

  • Sugar - 2 tbls

  • Hot water - 1 oz

  • Milk - 110 ml

  • 3-5 ice cubes

  • Blender

1. Combine instant coffee, sugar, and hot water in a small bowl in a 1:1:1 ratio. Mix thoroughly with a spoon to dissolve the sugar.

2. Using a whisk or blender, beat the mixture until it is firm and light-coffee-colored.

3. Pour cold milk into a glass and add ice.

4. Spread the foam mixture over the surface of the milk.

Recipe 7. Espresso Tonic

An espresso tonic is one of the most popular summer drinks. Also called caffe-tonic or coffee-tonic, it's a drink found in many coffee shops. The recipe is as simple: a double shot of espresso plus tonic water, poured into a glass with ice. At the same time, its taste is very versatile. It is prized for its balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness.

The aroma of coffee and the characteristic bitterness of the tonic are perfectly complemented by shades of rosemary, lemon zest, and berry syrups. More daring experimenters also use bitters and liqueurs.

The tonic is an integral part of the drink. We suggest using a tonic that has more readable and acidic notes. And espresso is best brewed with Ethiopian and Kenyan coffee beans. This will give you a balanced, pleasantly acidic, and refreshing espresso tonic.

Espresso Tonic Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 2 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Double shot of espresso

  • Tonic water - 4 oz

  • Ice

  • Lime or lemon (optional)

  • Berry of floral syrup (optional)

1. Fill a glass with ice completely, right to the brim.

2. Pour in your favorite tonic and leave to cool.

3. Prepare a double espresso.

4. Gently pour the coffee over the ice and tonic and garnish with lime or lemon (optional).

5. The drink is ready. Syrup can be added if desired - a good choice is citrus or lavender.

Recipe 8. Vietnamese Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk

Vietnamese coffee has a rich taste, and when combined with a sweet addition, ice, and a traditional method of preparation, it will reveal a completely new aroma, amazing taste, and unique aftertaste. This drink will help you quickly wake up from sleep and cool off in extreme heat.

Having tried this drink at least once, it is difficult to forget its taste. You can brew it at home; the process doesn't take long and the recipe is very simple. You just need a phin coffee maker.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 6 Min

Yield: 1 Cup


What You Need

  • Vietnamese ground coffee - 2 tbsp

  • Vietnamese phin coffee maker

  • Condensed milk - 2 tbsp

  • 1 cup Ice

  • Hot water - 130 ml

  • Cup

1. Add condensed milk to the bottom of the cup.

2. Next, place the phin filter on the top of the cup and pour medium-coarse ground coffee into it.

3. Spread the coffee evenly over the bottom of the filter and press down.

4. Pour 30 ml of hot water on top, wait 15-20 seconds for the coffee to bloom, and add nother 100 ml of hot water.

5. Place the lid on the filter and let the coffee pass through the filter and fill the mug. The process will take approximately 5 minutes.

6. Remove the filter from the cup and pour the resulting drink into a cup with ice.

Recipe 9. Iced Mocha

A mocha is a mixture of coffee with hot chocolate or chocolate syrup. It's very popular in Europe and the US. The drink is good both hot and cold. You can enjoy it not only in the summer heat, but also on cold autumn evenings while watching your favorite movie.

An iced mocha consists of three simple ingredients: chocolate, coffee, milk, and ice.

You can always prepare a drink the night before and then put it in the refrigerator to keep the coffee cool and ready for your morning boost of energy.

Iced Mocha

Brew Time: 8 Min

Yield: 2 Cups


What You Need

  • Chopped dark chocolate - 50 grams

  • Cold milk - 1 cup

  • Cocoa powder - 1/2 tbsp

  • Powdered sugar - 2 tbsp

  • Strong brewed coffee (cooled) - 1/2 cup

  • Ice cubes - 5-7 

  • Whipped cream and grated chocolate (optional)

1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in  bowl over  saucepan of boiling water. Leave aside to cool.

2. While the chocolate is melting, brew a strong coffee.

3. In a blender, combine milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and coffee. Pour into the melted chocolate.

4. Mix until smooth.

5. Add the ice cubes and stir again until completely combined. If using finely chopped chocolate or chocolate chips, add now and stir.

6. Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Recipe 10. Coconut Iced Coffee

Sweet iced coffee with coconut milk is easy to make and keeps well in the refrigerator. Make a big batch and save a few trips to the coffee shop this summer.

The drink will impress you not only with its appetizing appearance, but also with its excellent taste.

Coconut Iced Coffee

Brew Time: 8 Min

Yield: 2 Cups


What You Need

  • Strongly brewed coffee - 5 oz

  • Sweetened condensed coconut milk - 1/3 cup

  • Vanilla extract - 1/2 tbsp

  • Coconut milk - 1 oz

  • Ice cubes 

  • Coconut whipped cream

  • Toasted coconut - 1 tbsp

  • Chocolate sauce - 2 tbsp

1. Brew a strong coffee and leave to cool.

2. Dip the rim of a glass into chocolate sauce and then toasted oconut.

3. Add chocolate sauce to the inside of the glass.

4. Mix coconut milk, vanilla extract, and sweetened condensed coconut milk in a bowl.

5. Add the mixture and ice to the glass.

6. Pour in coffee and mix gently.