Best K-Cup Coffee of 2021

By John Beans on April 20, 2021

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The best K-cup coffee listed below has been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of its special taste, the ability to use in many Keurig machines and the variety of product choices.

Less and less we see traditional coffee makers and more and more we instead see the brand Keurig and other brewers who use the increasingly popular K-Cups to make our favorite drink. But which K-cups are best to buy? This question is asked by connoisseurs around the world. The Keurig brewing system has radically changed the way people make and drink coffee in their daily lives.

At the time of this writing, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Keurig coffee cups you can buy. These flavors may be new to you, but I promise you that all of them are worth a try if you are looking for the best K-cup coffee pods.

our top 3 picks for the perfect brew

  • Double caffeine content
  • USDA organic and Fair Trade certified
  • Low acidity and a smooth, strong flavor
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  • Roasted Fresh and Shipped Direct to You
  • 100% compostable pods and bags - No Plastics!
  • Rainforest alliance certified
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  • Flavored coffee pods available
  • 100% compostable eco-friendly pods
  • Full flavor extraction
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Can K-cup Coffee Expire?

K-cups do not necessarily have an expiration date, but they have a “best brew” date. They are usually written on the sides of the cups. As a result, they can last longer than packed coffee grounds, but they can still become weak or stale after a certain amount of time. Of course, preparing a K-Cup a little later than an acceptable date will not kill you, but it may not give you the best taste.

What Is the Best-Tasting K-Cup Coffee?

The most delicious coffee can only be made with fresh beans. Order K-Cup pods straight from roasters that roast the beans in small batches to ensure you get the freshest product every time.

Tayst CoffeeTayst Coffee is available in a variety of blends and flavors, so there are many different ways to enjoy some K-Cup coffee anytime, anywhere. Key Features
  • All types of roasts and decaf pods are available
  • Earth's Favorite Coffee - 100% compostable pods and bags
  • Support farmers and communities via the Rainforest Alliance
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GourmessoGourmesso have paid great attention to the environment in the production of their cups, but they also remember about the taste. Key Features
  • Compostable K-cups are completely biodegradable within 8 weeks
  • Arabica beans are sourced from selected varieties in South America for excellent flavor
  • Flavored coffee pods available
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Death WishThe smooth, bitterness-free blend of Death Wish Coffee has an intense, bold taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. The combination of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans gives you clarity and emphasis on a high-caffeine-free drink without acidity or a bitter aftertaste. Key Features
  • Double caffeine content in each K-cup
  • USDA organic and Fair Trade certified
  • Delightful blend with low acidity and strong taste thanks to unique roasting technology
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Detailed List of the Best Coffee for Keurig

1. Tayst - Best K-cup Coffee

Want the best tasting K-cups 2021? Tayst Coffee is available in a variety of blends and flavors, so there are many different ways to enjoy some K-Cup coffee anytime, anywhere.

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Tayst K-cup Coffee

Tayst Coffee selects only the best coffee beans and works with independent coffee labs near Central and South American coffee sources.

Plus, you get K-Cup pods directly from the roasters. This means that your coffee will always be fresh and have the best taste and aroma. Plus, you can subscribe to receive new pods regularly.

Tayst coffee is one of the best biodegradable K-cups brand. The company uses only environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials in its pods. These materials are safe for our planet and also give the best coffee extraction. Now you can enjoy the smooth, aromatic taste of K-Cup coffee without worrying about harming our world. You can count on Tayst Coffee to deliver a delicious drink every time you brew a fresh cup.

2. Gourmesso - Premium Pick

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/ 10

Gourmesso K Cups

Looking for the best K-Cup dark roast coffee? Or maybe you prefer a medium roast. With Gourmesso, you can get whichever roast you want, because the company has a large selection of coffee pods for every taste. Plus, it’s high-quality coffee at an affordable price.

Gourmesso is environmentally friendly—its K-Cups are completely biodegradable within 8 weeks of use.

In addition, Gourmesso is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means that they respect farmers’ rights and support them in the production of coffee beans. And the farmers grow unique coffee with the best aroma, acidity, and taste.

3. San Francisco Bay

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/ 10


Are you looking for delicious, gourmet coffee available in a wide assortment and at an affordable price? Then “San Francisco Bay Coffee” is for you! SF Bay has developed a line of unique mixes to order, exotic regional coffee bean varieties and individual varieties in 12 oz and 2 lb sachets.

All this is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible gourmet product, offered at the best prices. San Francisco Bay stands for a high-quality, sustainable direct trade product at prices you like. They like to say that their products are grown forever.

The Community Aid Program has restored thousands of acres of rainforest, farming only with shade farms, and planting its beans on their organic farms. San Francisco Bay Coffee provides for Keurig K-Cups brewers and other manufacturers. Our satisfaction is their top priority, and SF Bay strongly supports the quality of all products.

4. Death Wish K-cups

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/ 10


Using a unique roasting technique, Death Wish is slowly roasted in the modern Loring Roasters style until dark roasted, resulting in a delicious blend with low acidity and a smooth, strong flavor.

The smooth, bitterness-free blend of Death Wish Coffee has an intense, bold taste with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. The combination of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans gives you clarity and emphasis on a high-caffeine-free drink without acidity or a bitter aftertaste.

Death Wish best Keurig K-cups coffee is a small batch of roasted beans that gives you the freshest cup each time. Roasting small batches provides quality and consistency, and also gives it a fresh taste that is unparalleled. Death Cups are packed in hard capsules to provide the freshest and smoothest cup. They roast less than 65 pounds per batch by a team of coffee bean craftsmen right at their headquarters in upstate New York.

5. The Original Donut Shop 

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/ 10

The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

“Some people do not recognize this, but the best part of the donut is the coffee that comes with it. Without coffee, donuts are just another pastry. ”

Original Donut Shop best Keurig coffee lingers on your tongue and warms the soul. It is rich, smooth, delicious and ready to cook thanks to the convenient K-cups for Keurig brewers. This mixture uses 100% premium Arabica. If you go through life as if it were a sweet surprise glazed and filled with jelly, then The Original Donut Shop Coffee is for you.

Donut Shop Coffee was Amazon # 1’s sales leader, meaning everyone who tastes it loves it. If you want to get the best-tasting K-cups, you need to try it. And, although this is just an average mixture, it is surprisingly rich in nutty flavor, with chocolate notes.

6. Solimo Dark Roast Keurig Coffee

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/ 10

Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

In most cases, Amazon tries to succeed in everything, and Solimo coffee cups are no exception. Solimo pods are another Amazon product that stands out for its low cost. Even if you drink two cups a day, you will spend less than a dollar. French roast is known for its bold, full-bodied taste and smooth aftertaste.

Solimo uses a mixture of selected beans from Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia, which are 100% Arabica. It received a rather limited distribution around the world. If you are an Amazon customer, then you have no problem. If you prefer to shop at other online stores, then you’re out of luck.

7. Green Mountain Keurig Coffee

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/ 10

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend

Mountains are a special place. It was here that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born. This is the place where they developed their adventurous spirit and commitment to improving the land through sustainable sources. The company strives to bring the world the best cup of our favorite drink.

Green Mountain K-cups coffee is a classic and vibrant breakfast cup. It offers a hot, fresh and citrus Central American product, combined with the sweetness and depth of Indonesian beans to create an invigorating blend. Green Mountain has a delicious, strong aroma that helps you get up in the morning.

Green Mountain coffee company selects only the highest grades of Arabica. These K-Cup pods are compatible with all Keurig single-serving coffee makers. Each K-Cup capsule is filled with the freshest ground beans and each time it brews a perfect cup with a great taste.

8. McCafe Premium Roast Keurig Coffee

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/ 10

 McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

I’m sure you and McDonalds are already familiar with each other! Now you have the opportunity to drink their signature cup of coffee without leaving your home.

McCafe best Keurig coffee pods let you enjoy McCafe’s taste at home or work. With a mild and balanced flavor, this delicious medium-roast coffee K-cups are perfect for drinking throughout the day. This 100% Arabica is carefully collected from rich soils and mountainous regions of Central and South America.

Brew a cup of roasted McCafe in all Keurig 1.0 & 2.0 brewing systems. This best K-cup coffee box includes individually closed capsules for one serving.

9. Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Roast Keurig Coffee

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/ 10

Starbucks Blonde Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

It’s surely not surprising that Starbucks deserves more than one spot in the list of best K-cup coffee. Starbucks Veranda Blend has earned itself a spot alongside the French Dark Roast.

In Latin America, coffee farms are often run by families who have built their homes on the same ground where their beans grow. They sipped coffee with them, sitting on the verandas, overlooking the coffee trees in the distance. In most cases, it was lightly roasted coffee, such as this one.

Starbucks took more than 80 attempts to get it right – a fragrant drink with incredible softness and a pleasant aftertaste that is suitable for enjoyment at any time.

10. Barista Prima Decaf Keurig Coffee

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/ 10

 Barista Prima Decaf Italian Roast K-Cup Coffee

I can’t imagine how the Barista Prima coffee house was able to make such the best decaf K-cups, which is also without caffeine!

Barista Prima best Keurig K-cup coffee, with its ripe fruity and berry notes, embodies the old Italian tradition of making dark roasted coffee. Bold, but at the same time perfectly balanced, with a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright clean finish, their Italian roasting is a satisfying and fragrant testament to the art of dark roasting.

You would never guess that it is the best K-cups 2021 flavors non-coffee drinker. For those interested, the company uses a chemical treatment to remove caffeine.

Best Keurig Coffee Pods – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

K-cup Coffee

How to Make Amazing K-Cup Coffee

K-cups are ideal for those who want to quickly and without fuss make a cup of their favorite drink. If you want a simple Americano drink or are looking for something more complex (flavored, latte, cappuccino, espresso), the capsules will provide you with a one-touch drink.

If you want to make the K Cup perfect for you, here are a few tricks:

Use your foundation

Reusable K-cups are a gift from the coffee gods! They are only compatible with original Keurig machines (although this YouTube tutorial will show you how to reuse the best K-cup coffee with 2.0), but the reusable best K-cup coffee allows you to fill cups of your coffee grounds. You can use quality dark coffee grounds to make your product tasty as well as quickly brewed. The better the grounds, the stronger the aroma.

Brew only dark and fatty roast

Any light roast will turn out like brown water with a weak taste, and not like a drink that we are used to drinking. If you want coffee that tastes the way it should, you only need to brew dark and very fatty roasts.

Clean the machine

Over time, bacteria can accumulate in the coffee machine and change the taste. To prevent this, pass a cup of white vinegar through the coffee maker once every couple of months. After that, add one or two cups of freshwater to wash it, and you are ready to brew your coffee in a perfectly clean machine.

Try shaking it

Try shaking the capsule before putting it into the coffee machine. This is especially important for flavored K-cups, as flavors can settle to the bottom. A quick shake (like with a bottle of juice) will help to evenly distribute flavors, which will lead to a more uniform brewing.

Two capsules instead of one

For a more aromatic brewing, use two coffee capsules with a minimum set of an ounce. Always use the least amount of water. The number of bases remains unchanged – the only difference is how much your cup dilutes when brewing.

Add salt

It sounds strange, but a pinch of salt can work wonders to revitalize your drink and overcome the natural bitterness of the K-cup. Just a pinch though! Too much salt can make your drink taste strange. All you need is a few crystals to soften acidity and make it smooth.

Start the water cycle

If you have just finished using Keurig, the sediment-water is likely to be cool, which means lower brewing temperatures (a common problem with Keurig). Before cooking, start the water cycle to heat the water and the machine. The water will become a little hotter – hence the best brewing temperature.

Don’t bring it to the end

Due to the last seconds of brewing, the coffee becomes too weak and diluted. To ensure the maximum taste of your drink, remove the cup while it is still dripping. To get it strong and undiluted, you only need to spend one or two minutes to clean the tank!

Use filtered water

Tap water may not taste bad, but minerals and sediment in the water can accumulate in your coffee machine, affecting the taste. Try bottled or filtered water instead.

Remove K-cups immediately

Do not let the K-cup sit in Keurig after cooking, remove it immediately (as soon as it is cool enough to be touched). If you leave K-cups inside the machine, this can lead to a large amount of dirt accumulating.

Read the manual

I’m sure you think it’s time-consuming to read all these instructions. I agree with you, nobody wants to read them, but if you do not give it a quick overview, you may find that you brewed coffee incorrectly, which led to a weak, tasteless drink. It is worth spending a few minutes to study the instructions to make sure that you know all the tricks for using Keurig effectively.

Beware of exploding cups

For some reason, some K-cups are poorly packaged. No matter where you buy, you could receive a random faulty batch. This is especially true when you buy online and your K-cups go through wear and tear.

However, if you ever find that many or even most of the cups you get from a particular manufacturer will tear or explode, it may be time to buy from someone else. Buyers often complain that customer service is not very beneficial when replacing failed capsules, making it much easier to avoid as much as possible.

A few simple tricks, but they can help improve the quality of the brew produced by your Keurig – both on the original machines and on 2.0!

Advantages and Drawbacks of K-cup Pods

Most true lovers have their machine for one serving, but this is not the only method they use to make coffee. It’s perfectly normal to have a regular coffee machine for making a hot or cold drink in the morning, and the best Keurig coffee machine as a machine that will always be at hand.

In my opinion, Keuring machines should perform a secondary function, not a primary one.

But let’s take a look at the key best K-cup coffee sales points!


  • Absolute convenience

Without a doubt, the main advantage of any coffee machine for one serving is the preparation of first-class coffee in less than a minute. With super-fast results that are virtually maintenance-free and just as small in terms of cleaning, you just can’t argue with the convenience of the best K-cup coffee capsules.

  • Incredibly versatile.

Best K cup coffee capsules have all sorts of strengths, profiles, and tastes. Another major advantage of this drink is that you can use any type of mug from a small glass to a regular cup or even a travel mug if you like strong coffee for your morning commute. In every sense, capsules provide maximum flexibility.

  • Keep losses to an absolute minimum.

How many times did you make yourself a large amount of coffee, thinking that you would drink it, and then return home did you realize that you had forgotten it on the table? Brew it one capsule at a time, and you won’t burn your hard-earned money on wasted drinks.

  • Reduce the amount of equipment you need.

As I mentioned, many people like to own Keurig as a second option. But what if you want to use it as your main coffee maker? If so, you can reduce all the paraphernalia you need to prepare it. Do not get me wrong, nothing can replace freshly ground beans and the manual brewing method, but if you live in a small apartment and want to reduce the amount of necessary coffee equipment to a minimum, you can buy a Keuring machine and enjoy the convenience.

  • Relatively good value for money compared to visiting a cafe.

Although this may not be the fairest comparison, if you compare the price of a pack of K-Cup capsules with regular trips to Starbucks or Tim Horton, you will soon see that buying these capsules can be considered quite cost-effective. Of course, you will not have free Wi-Fi or food choices, but you will save a significant amount during the year, and you will not need to stand in line or even leave the house!


  • Not at all environmentally friendly.

Disposable coffee machines that use capsules can never be considered an environmentally friendly brewing approach, no matter how manufacturers talk about sustainable sources or the benefits they bring to manufacturers in the region. In the manufacture of capsules, so much plastic is used that you should seriously consider this aspect if you are concerned about the ecology of our world.

  • This is more expensive than other brewing methods.

Although I talked about the relative value that you get from the capsules, if you compare them with other brewing methods, where you can buy beans for a quarter kilogram, then they are quite expensive. I would say that if you plan to drink coffee regularly throughout the day, use a different brewing method to save money.

  • More limited choice.

Although you can look at the number of packages for sale and think that the choice is very large, you may also not be able to find your favorite capsule-shaped mixture. Again, this should not be all or nothing, and you can still cook that classic dark roast that you can’t find in capsules with a classic coffee machine.

  • The Difference Between Pods And K-Cups

At first glance, both products look the same. However, a second or closer look reveals some distinctive features, starting with packaging. Pods are packed in filter paper or a resealable bag, and k-cups are packaged inside the cartridge in the form of a plastic cup.

In addition to the design element, which can help determine the difference between capsules and cups, there is another difference related to the process of making coffee. Pods are based on the same principles as tea bags. As for K-cups, you will need to use a needle to puncture the foil, and then add water to the filter to brew coffee. Thus, the final product may be the same (hot coffee cup), but the brewing process makes them different.

For capsules (sometimes called coffee pillows) they resemble tea bags, but inside them is coffee, not tea. They are designed to be round and flat, soft and pliable. The pods were the first on the market, and their appearance was not a great success, primarily due to the lack of choice, the availability of best Keurig coffee machines that use them, and the lack of quality standards. However, pods have gained popularity among many amateurs.

Can I Make K-cup Coffee Without A Keurig Machine?

The answer is yes. But you have to be very careful. The simplest way is the fill method. And there is a tea bag method, which is also a good way to make a hassle-free drink.

Pour Over Method – You start by pouring the entire coffee grounds into one of the coffee mugs. Make sure that the coffee flows from top to bottom and nothing interferes with it.

Then add hot water to a coffee mug with coffee grounds. After a few minutes, pour coffee water from the Keurig coffee pod through a paper filter into another coffee mug.

Finally, add your selection of flavored milk or cream.

The tea bag method is to first drain all the coffee grounds from the K-cup into the filter. Turn the coffee filter to make a tea bag. And make sure that you do not close the filter on top too tightly. This allows coffee grounds to move when you pour hot water into it.

Use a regular string and tie the top of the filter. Then put it in a coffee mug. Pour hot water and let the tea bag leak 5 minutes or longer, depending on how strong you want your coffee.

Then add milk or cream to give it a unique flavor.

Best K-cup Coffee F.A.Q.

What is K-Cup coffee?

Each K-Cup is a plastic container with a filter and coffee inside. First, ground coffee is packaged in a K-Cup, and then hermetically sealed in a plastic base and covered with a foil lid. After that, K-Cups can be used with special coffee makers or coffee machines. After you place a K-Cup in a special compartment within your pod coffee machine, the machine breaks through the foil covering and makes coffee or tea under strong water pressure. This technology helps to better preserve the taste and aroma of coffee and simplifies preparation.

Are K-Cups real coffee?

Yes, there is ground coffee inside the K-cups. There are also K-Cups for other drinks like tea and hot chocolate.

Can K-cups be recycled?

Some companies are developing recyclable or organic K-cups so that they can be easily disposed of. However, for regular K-cups, you will have to disassemble them to dispose of them. This is because many best Keurig coffee are made from a combination of aluminum and plastic, all materials must be processed separately.


Our review of K-cup capsules for brewing coffee is complete and it’s time to make decisions. Of course, the taste is subjective, and you will end up with cups that best suit your taste.

However, if you feel lost, several options should have wide appeal. For example, if you want a good medium roast coffee, smooth but bold, you can try Dunkin’ Donuts K-cups, I’m sure you will like it!

On the other hand, if you want a strong dark roast, our third-place choice, K-Cup capsules for Death Wish coffee, is probably more suited to your taste.

Of course, all the products on our list are tasty in their way. Continuing your journey with Keurig, you will surely try many different varieties of beans. I hope this list serves as a good way to start the collection of K-cups!

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