Our Review Process

MyFriendsCoffee is committed to providing the most useful and objective information about coffee and coffee equipment.

Our product review methods allow us to do this, but we believe that they can and should be improved.

We have a big goal and to achieve it, we need money as well as professionals from the coffee industry. Therefore, our review process is dynamic.

We will continually improve our review process as the site grows and as we grow as professionals.

Our Review Process For Coffee Beans 

In articles dedicated to coffee beans, we are closest to our ideal review process. Fortunately, coffee is not a very expensive product, and we can afford to buy it and test it ourselves. Here is our complete process:

1. Determine the category of coffee. For example, coffee beans for a French press, or decaf coffee.

2. We select several products.

3. We buy these products with our own money.

4. We conduct a coffee tasting. We prepare each coffee with the same cooking method in order to compare taste, aroma, density or other qualities.

5. We complement our study with the opinions of other people. We conduct an in-depth search for reviews.

6. We write up the product’s features and our impressions to determine why (or whether) you should spend money on the product.

7. We rank the remaining winners according to our rating.

This method takes longer than any other, but it gives the most trustworthy results.

Our Review Process For Coffee Equipment

When considering coffee technology, we do not have the budget to buy each product. Therefore, our coffee equipment review process is as follows:

1. Choose a category of equipment. It can be espresso machines, electric grinders, etc.

2. We thoroughly research the product, using every available resource. These include customer reviews, YouTube videos, and some other sites.

3. We supplement the study with the practical experience of those of us who already have experience with similar equipment.

4. We select the best products from this category. Our goal is to find 10 products, but there may be fewer.

5. We write a detailed article that includes product reviews, a buying guide to help you choose the best product, and frequently asked questions.

How You Can Influence the Review Process

We try to be as honest and transparent as possible. This allows us to have a good relationship with our visitors. But it would be great if you were also honest with us. Leave comments on our articles, or email us with any feedback

You may have praise or criticism. Both are important to us; they show whether we are going in the right direction.

You can offer us your ideas, which we could turn into reviews. We will listen to and answer every message.

How We Collect Data for Reviews

Accurate information is important to us. All our coffee data is collected by us personally. We buy coffee beans, taste the coffee, and write our reviews.

In the future, we would like our reviews on coffee equipment to be the same as on coffee beans; we want to buy and test each product rather than relying on the views of others. This is one of the goals that we strive for. 

How We Decide on Ratings

We select only the best products, but they also need to be ranked. The rankings are our personal opinions. They are based on a general assessment that consists of the following factors:

  • Product quality
  • Consumer demand
  • Pros and cons
  • Price

We take into account everything that distinguishes one product from another, and award higher ratings to those products that, in our opinion, will solve your coffee problems quicker and more accurately.

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