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46 Starbucks Statistics [The Market Research]

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Written by: MyFriendsCoffee Team

Last Updated on April 17, 2021

Every year, Starbucks grows steadily. It’s an example of a great company that is moving in the right direction.

In this article, we have collected the most interesting facts and data that will help you better understand and evaluate Starbucks.

Starbucks Statistics

1. In 2019, 64% of Americans aged 18 and over drank coffee every day. (NCA)

2. The total asset value of Starbucks was USD 22 billion in 2019. (Statista)

3. As of 2018, Starbucks was operating in 76 countries. (Seattle Business Magazine)

4. Starbucks sales have dropped 40% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Nation’s Restaurant News)  

5. Number of Starbucks coffee shops by year (Finances Online):


6. Starbucks has 8,791 company-operated and 6,250 licensed stores in the United States in 2019. (Statista)

7. Number of Starbucks coffee shops per capita by country (The Telegraph):

Number of Starbucks coffee shops per capita (per 1-M inhabitants)

8. Number of coffee shops by region (Starbucks):

  • In Canada, there are 1,109 company-operated Starbucks coffee shops and 409 licensed coffee shops.
  • In China, there are 3,521 coffee shops.
  • There are 1,286 stores in Japan.
  • There are 352 Starbucks shops in Thailand.
  • In the UK, there are 335 company-operated coffee shops and 653 licensed stores.
  • In the Asia-Pacific region, there are 8,993 Starbucks coffee shops.
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have a total of 3,320 Starbucks stores.

9. US cities with the largest number of Starbucks coffee shops: (Finances Online):

  • New York – 241
  • Chicago – 184
  • Houston – 148
  • San Diego – 141
  • Los Angeles – 137
  • Seattle – 133
  • Las Vegas – 125
  • Portland – 107
  • Phoenix – 103
  • San Francisco – 93

10. Starbucks currently has over 3,000 stores in China and plans to add 2,000 by 2021. (CNBC)

12. Starbucks is currently building more stores in China than in other region. (CNBC)

12. The company opens a new store in China every 15 hours. (CNBC)

13. In China, Starbucks has more than 5 million visitors per week, mostly between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. (CNBC)

14. Starbucks has 300,000 employees across its coffee shops. (Starbucks)

15. In America, Starbucks employs approximately 157,000 people. (notesmatic)

16. The average Starbucks employee’s salary is $11-$12/hr (MyFriendsCoffee)

17. The average price of coffee at Starbucks is $1.89. (MyFriendsCoffee)

18. Chicago has the largest Starbucks ever, covering 35,000 square feet, with five floors and three coffee bars, a cocktail bar, a craft bakery, and a cafe. (Finance Online)

19. Starbucks Reserve has exclusive roasts, drinks, and foods, and more experienced baristas who are well-trained and know lots about coffee. Starbucks Reserve was launched in December 2018 in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, although the flagship store was opened in Seattle in 2014. The company plans to open 20 to 30 Roastery stores around the world. (Finance Online)

20. Starbucks has 87,000 unique drink combinations. (Digital Iniative)

21. The most popular Starbucks drinks by US city (Finances Online):

  • Boston – Iced coffee
  • Charlotte – Skinny latte
  • Chicago – Blonde roast
  • Denver – Tea latte
  • Los Angeles – Frappuccino
  • Memphis – White chocolate mocha
  • Minneapolis – Latte
  • New York – Pike Place Roast
  • Omaha – Mocha
  • Philadelphia – Blonde roast
  • Phoenix – Iced caramel macchiato
  • Portland – Eggnog latte
  • San Antonio – Frappucino
  • San Diego – Green Tea Frappuccino
  • San Francisco – Soy latte
  • Seattle – Extra shot of espresso
  • Tampa – Iced coffee

22. Starbucks owns 39.8% of the US coffee market. (Statista)

23. 78% of coffee shops in the USA are part of the Starbucks chain. (World Coffee Portal)

24. Starbucks performs over 90 million transactions per week. (CIO)

25. In the US, mobile orders account for 27% of Starbucks transactions. (Digital Initiative)

26. App orders account for about 7 million transactions per month. (Digital Initiative)

27. 19% of Starbucks sales are food. (Starbucks)

28. Starbucks revenue by year (Starbucks):

  • 2005: $780.518 million
  • 2006: $893.952 million
  • 2007: $1.053 billion
  • 2008: $504 million
  • 2009: $562 million
  • 2010: $1.419 billion
  • 2011: $1.728 billion
  • 2012: $1.997 billion
  • 2013: $325.4 million loss
  • 2014: $3.159 billion
  • 2015: $3.601 billion
  • 2016: $4.171billion
  • 2017: $4.134 billion
  • 2018: $3.883 billion

29. Starbucks net income over the years (in billions of USD) (Statista):

net Revenue of starbucks wordwide from 2003 to 2019

30. Starbucks ranks second in the world in brand value after McDonald’s, valued at approximately $47.753 million. (Statista)

31. Starbucks shares were up 5.8% in 2019. (CNBC)

32. Starbucks revenue per square foot is $781. (EMarket)

33. Ages at which Americans are most likely to visit Starbucks. (Finance Online)

share of americans who visited starbucks by age

34. Over the past 10 years, Starbucks has grown by 700%. (Finance Online)

35. Starbucks has 14 million loyalty program members. (CNBS)

36. The Starbucks app has over 17 million active users. (Mashable)

37. Starbucks Rewards has more than 13 million active members, which is an absolute record in the market. (Mashable)

38. Nestle and Starbucks entered into a $7.15 billion deal that will allow Nestle to sell Starbucks coffee worldwide outside of Starbucks stores. (Finance Online)

Starbucks and the Environment Statistics

39. Starbucks uses more than 8,000 paper cups per minute, which is more than 4 billion per year. (Clean Water Action)

40. 1.6 million trees are used annually for the production of disposable cups. (Clean Water Action)

41. Every day, Americans use more than half a billion plastic straws. Most of the straws are not recyclable, and many of them end up in the ocean, where they can harm marine mammals and fish. (Clean Water Action)

42. Only four US cities accept Starbucks paper cups for recycling. Most Starbucks paper cups are not recyclable. (Clean Water Action)

43. In Vancouver, 2.6 million paper cups are thrown away every week. The disposal of these cups and other plastic containers is covered by taxpayers at a cost of about 2.5 million dollars a year. (Clean Water Action)

44. In the UK, 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown into the trash annually, and only 0.25% are recycled. (Clean Water Action)

45. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced packaging, processing, and procurement commitments that make them industry leaders in sustainability when compared to Starbucks. (Clean Water Action)

46. Due to Starbucks’ inaction, local authorities have been forced to propose bold non-waste production strategies. The UK recently proposed a “latte tax,” and the city of Vancouver is considering a “pay per cup” fee on disposable paper cups. (Clean Water Action)

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