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10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Review) In 2020

The best super-automatic espresso machines listed below have been selected by MyFriendsCoffee because of its reliability, software filling, and preparation speed of the drink.

I think you will agree if I say: Making espresso can be very tiring after a while…

But what if you cannot live without this drink?

There is a way out of your predicament, and this is a super automatic espresso machine. All you have to do is click one button and your espresso will be ready in seconds.

Today I will help you choose the best super automatic espresso machine on the market.

The best part?

After the reviews, you will find a buying guide in which I describe in detail what to look for when buying such a device.

The Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

DELONGHI ESAM3300Want to press a button and get great coffee? This espresso machine will make coffee completely on its own. Key Features
  • In addition to espresso can prepare cappuccino, latte and black coffee
  • Built-in grinder with 13 settings
  • Easy to clean
View Latest Price →See Customer Reviews
Gaggia Brera Espresso MachineIf you need a cheaper option, then the Gaggia Brera is the best espresso machine in this segment. Key Features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy access to all elements of an espresso machine
  • Built-in milk frother allows you to experiment with espresso and make other drinks
View Latest Price →See Customer Reviews
Breville BES990BSSUSCWant a more functional espresso machine for a coffee shop? Stop your choice on this product. Key Features
  • 5 built-in coffee drinks and the ability to save your coffee settings
  • Excellent espresso flavor
  • Adjustable grinding control
View Latest Price →See Customer Reviews

Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best super automatic espresso machine from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying a fully automatic espresso machine on Amazon. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best products by value for money. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best super-automatic espresso machines 2020:

1. DELONGHI ESAM3300 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

What is the best super automatic espresso machine? A review of the De’Longhi ESAM3300, the cheapest option by De’Longhi, will help to answer this question.

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 is built on a reliable, easy-to-maintain chassis. It uses a classic pump with a maximum pressure of 15 bars and a thermal block with a capacity of 1350 watts. The design is well-thought-out and convenient to use.

Typically for this class of machine, bins for beans, clean water, and waste coffee allow 3-5 people to comfortably use the machine. True, it may not be enough for the office, but it’s perfect for home use.

The compact, detachable, pre-wetted CRF brew group perfectly reveals the nuances of your espresso’s taste. It is very easy to use and clean; we recommend rinsing it under running water once a week. Once every six months it is worth lubricating the moving parts with food grease.

This espresso machine uses automatic channel flushing after power-up and prolonged shutdown. This extends the possibility of descaling the coffee machine and ensures that every cup of coffee tastes great.

But what we really like about the coffee maker DELONGHI ESAM3300 is its simple mechanical control. Two controllers allow you to choose the volume and strength of your drink at any time. It’s simple, convenient, and reliable.

On the best super automatic espresso machine under 1000, the DELONGHI ESAM3300, you can find an Eco button that supposedly saves electricity, but in reality this is far from the case. When you use the Eco button, you have to wait longer to make the drink, and the cup-heating feature on the top panel is turned off, although it is also not very useful here.

2. Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine has a ceramic coffee grinder with 5 degrees of grinding adjustment. The coffee grinder itself works like all the initial coffee machines by Philips and Delonghi.

This best super automatic espresso machine under 500 uses a completely removable brewing group with preliminary wetting to reveal taste, and an adaptive Saeco system to adjust some parameters (primarily, the grinder’s working time) to the bean used. This allows you to prepare an exemplary, rich espresso, even if the original beans are not first-class, but are rather ordinary.

The Gaggia Brera machine has a 1400 W steel boiler with quick-steam system. This means that when switching from making coffee to steaming, you don’t have to wait long. By the way, we recommend first letting the steam out of the Panarello into the drip tray for a few seconds, until the pump begins to operate. You will be able to tell when the pump starts operating by the uniform sound.

The machine features a 1.2-liter water tank, a 260-gram bean hopper, and an 8-serving meal container. There is also an Ulka pump with a pressure of 15 bars.

A hand-made cappuccino machine with a metal Panarello nozzle whips milk foam perfectly. The main thing to note is to adapt your steaming based on experience.. It is best to tilt the nozzle at an angle to the surface of the milk, lowering it by literally half a centimeter, to catch the border between the rising foam and milk.

It is best to use milk with a high protein content, in the region of 3%. Fat content is not so important. Plus, of course, your milk should be cold; the optimum temperature is 5 degrees celsius.

3. Breville BES990BSSUSC

The Breville BES990BSSUSC with automation at every stage allows you to simply swipe your finger and choose espresso, long black, latte, flat white or cappuccino and enjoy the brewed coffee.

The built-in cone grinder automatically grinds, doses and fills 22 grams of coffee, similar to the commercial machine in your favorite cafe.

This coffee machine uses digital temperature-control technology so that the temperature is kept at the optimal level every time.

The overpressure valve is a commercial feature included in the Breville BES990BSSUSC. This limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, helping to prevent bitter aromas in the coffee shot. It also has true low-pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinding for uniform extraction.

A steam tube powered by a special steam boiler automatically textures the milk to your preferred taste and temperature, providing a silky microfoam that enhances the taste of the coffee.

A special steam boiler with built-in heat exchange contributes to thermal stability, and an espresso boiler with a digital PID controller ensures accurate water temperature.

Thanks to Breville’s BES990BSSUSC, you can create, save and name 8 coffee settings. There is also an adjustable grinding control and programmable milk temperature feature.

4. Jura E8

The secret to delicious coffee is its preparation. JURA has completely improved the espresso brewing process, and coffee drinks made with espresso machine E8 meet the standards of professional coffee bars.

The six-speed AromaG3 coffee grinder guarantees an optimum degree of grinding. It quickly grinds coffee beans immediately before each preparation, while preserving their aromatic properties to the maximum. A brewing unit that is adjustable from 5 to 16 grams always guarantees ideal brewing conditions.

The Jura E8 is one of the best choices for making coffee in the shortest possible time. The company aims to ensure that when using their product, everything is as simple and convenient as possible. That’s why all the buttons for making espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam are located on the front panel.

Thanks to the modern Active Matrix color LCD, the best super automatic espresso machine under 2000 controls are intuitive. 280 grams of coffee beans are placed in a large container, which makes it possible to prepare coffee drinks without interruptions.

The coffee beans remain fresh thanks to a special lid that preserves the aroma of the coffee. The 1.9 liter water hopper, which features convenient front access, also does not require refilling for extended periods of time.

Clear and symmetrical shapes, harmonious lines and thoughtful details give the commercial super automatic espresso machine an elegant look, making the coffee machine a great addition to any kitchen. Its elegant design will be admired for many years.

5. Saeco Incanto Carafe

What is the best automatic cappuccino maker? One of the contenders for this title is the Saeco Incanto Carafe Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Why, you ask? Let’s get it right.

Advanced Saeco technologies give you the opportunity to experience the maximum taste of the prepared coffee. The Saeco Incanto sets new standards in its class. An attractive stainless steel case contains high-quality technology from Italy, designed for excellent coffee.

This super automatic espresso machine has a built-in milk carafe, so you can make Italian coffee with milk at the touch of a button.

Now with the AquaClean filter and regular filter changes, you can enjoy up to 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling.

Robust ceramic grinders create the perfect grind. Unlike other materials, the ceramic prevents overheating of coffee and an unpleasant taste.

Saeco super automatic espresso machine has a sturdy, stainless-steel front panel and bright display that provide the perfect balance between elegance, intuition and Italian craftsmanship.

Integrated technology ensures perfect, creamy milk foam in every cup. Cleaning is easy thanks to an automatic cleaning cycle and components that can be washed in a dishwasher.

The removable brew group ensures that the espresso machine cooks everything on its own, so you can constantly grind fresh beans every time you press a button. You can easily remove the brew group for regular cleaning with one click.

Saeco’s technology of heating boilers is ultrafast, which allows you to immediately brew each cup of coffee drink one after the other.

Sometimes it’s nice to have an option that gives you rich, delicious decaffeinated coffee. Thanks to Saeco Incanto Carafe super automatic espresso machine, you can make decaffeinated coffee anytime.

6. Philips Espresso Machine

Our top-10 list could not do without an espresso machine from Philips, namely the Philips 2200 Series. Why this particular model? Let’s find out.

With this espresso machine and its special brewing system, you can enjoy the great taste and pleasant aroma of every cup of coffee made from fresh beans at the perfect temperature. The milk frother allows you to brew a perfect cappuccino or latte every day.

The classic milk frother dispenses steam, making it easy to createsmooth and silky milk foam for your cappuccino. What else? The two-piece frother is also easy to clean.

You can also adjust the strength and quantity of your drink using the menu, “My choice of coffee.” It is possible to choose from three different settings according to your preferences.

Philips’ robust ceramic mills can be adjusted in 12 steps so you can turn your beans into anything from ultra-fine powder to a coarse grind.

The coffee grinders in the Philips 2200 Series are made from 100% pure ceramic; they are extremely hard and sharp, so you can enjoy fresh, aromatic coffee for at least 20,000 cups.

The AquaClean water filter ensures maximum efficiency of your fully automatic coffee machine. By changing the filter at the request of the machine, you will not need to descale the machine every 5000 cups, instead enjoying clean and purified water. After the AquaClean is installed in the Philips coffee machine, the descaling alert is automatically deactivated.

7. De’Longhi ECAM22110B

Automatic espresso machines gradually lose the status of professional units and appear in ordinary apartments. Many manufacturers offer simple and convenient models, ideal for domestic use. Among these models is the De’Longhi ECAM22110B, which became the hero of this review. We will tell how it meets the requirements of an ordinary consumer who doesn’t have quite the skills of a barista.

Although the Italian machine is not included in the list of small coffee machines, it easily fits in a small kitchen. With a length of 43 cm, it will not reach the edge of the countertop, so you will have room to maneuver with cups.

The casing of the coffee machine is made of hard plastic, which does not bend when pressed. It is painted black and coated with a “piano” mirror varnish. Beautiful, elegant, minimalist, such a device will look good in any interior, from classic to high-tech.

To fill the water tank, you need to pinch a small recess in the right front of the case and pull it towards you. The capacity holds 1.8 liters, which is enough for 22-24 servings of espresso or 8-10 lattes.

The bean hopper is located on top of the back of the device. Opening it, you will see the grinding degree control. The numbers on it correspond to the size of the obtained granules: from the smallest to the largest. Pay attention to the lid of the compartment – the seal on it will help to maintain the taste, aroma and tonic properties of the drink for a long time.

There is debate about the proper setting of coffee grinding even among professional baristas. But they all agree on one thing – the parameters need to be selected individually for each variety or mix.

8. COSTWAY Espresso Machine

If you are looking for a coffee machine whose set of functions any other model could envy, then COSTWAY super automatic espresso machine might be the perfect choice.

In this espresso machine, you have the opportunity to choose the volume of a cup (from 30 to 200ml), which allows you to use any cups that you have in the kitchen. COSTWAY has the ability to prevent coffee from getting on the case. And thanks to the warm area of ​​the cup on the top of the coffee maker, you can easily preserve the indescribable taste of your coffee.

The Quietest super automatic espresso machine can use either coffee beans or coffee powder. The device itself has nine adjustable settings for the grind level, so as to best reveal the taste of the drink.

Also, this espresso machine contains technology that allows you to make thin milk foam, which in turn allows you to create latte art. You can enjoy a cup of fragrant espresso, latte, Americano or cappuccino without leaving your home.

There is also a simple and fairly understandable control panel that allows you to better control your coffee machine. The LCD screen provides you with more functionality and the menu allows you to control a large number of settings, such as temperature, water hardness, counting cups, automatic washing, pre-brewing, etc.


It is impossible to make delicious coffee with tap water, which leaves a residue and has an odor, and negatively affects the inside of the coffee machine if the water is too hard.

Therefore, the KRUPS EA89 has a filter cartridge for water purification: it is inserted directly into the tank and must be periodically replaced depending on the frequency of use of the device and the degree of water hardness (on average, once every two months).

To determine the water hardness, the kit includes test strips. The presence of a filter is a great convenience since you can use tap water. If you have filtered or bottled water, the filter can be omitted.

The KRUPS EA89 has a touch panel, and drinks like an espresso, latte, latte macchiato, and cappuccino can be prepared by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Conveniently, the auto-cooking buttons are marked with icons of an image of the drink. All settings of the previous beverage preparation are saved. In the brewing process, you can add strength by pressing the DARK button, change the volume of the drink, or cancel cooking altogether, if you made a mistake – there is a “level up” button for this.

In general, the menu is designed so that it is easy to understand even for an inexperienced user. The up and down buttons help scroll through the menu items on the display, and the desired item is selected with the OK button. Inside the drinks menu, you can change the volume by simply scrolling through the options.

10. Espressione 8212S

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a fantastic espresso machine. Espressione 8212S has a slim design, so it is suitable for almost any kitchen, and it also looks very elegant.

This model is equipped with a thermoblock boiler system for quick heating of water, maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the entire cooking process. In fact, the very first drop of coffee drips after only 22 seconds, so you don’t have to wait long after you get out of bed.

At the top of the machine is a large LED panel with several touch keys. You can choose from many different drinks, so you always get your favorite type of coffee in no time.

Another great feature the Espressione 8212S has to offer is the integrated stainless steel coffee grinder, which is much quieter than many other models on the market. It works at just 70 decibels, with five precise levels of fineness.

Next to the spout is a foaming tool that allows you to froth some milk to quickly and easily make a macchiato or cappuccino. This gives you even more options when it comes to choosing a drink.

To make using this machine even easier, you can use the auto-cleaning cycle that turns on whenever you start it and before you turn it off. This helps prevent old coffee from changing the taste of your new cups.

Buying Guide

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Do you want to buy an espresso maker, but don’t know how to choose one? Read our automatic espresso machine purchase guide to make the right choice for your home, cafe, or office.

What to look for

There are many good espresso machines, but what is good for one person may not be the best choice for another. Before making any decision, think about what exactly you want to receive. Let’s look at the factors to consider when buying an automatic espresso machine:

Type of Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Single Boiler (Dual-Use)

This type of automatic espresso machine has one boiler, which is controlled by a thermostat, so that you can regulate the temperature of milk or water. With these machines, you cannot both brew and steam at the same time.

  • Dual Boiler

This type of espresso machine is the most expensive, so not everyone can afford such a pleasure. Dual-boiler espresso machines are equipped with both a boiler and a thermal block (or with two independent boilers), which allows you to brew and steam at the same time.

  • Single Boiler (Heat Exchanger)

This type of espresso machine has a primary boiler and a spiral tube that acts as a heat exchanger. The Single Boiler espresso machine, as with the Dual Boiler, allows you to steam and brew at the same time. This type of espresso machine is average in value.

Range of Drinks Available

If you prefer only one espresso, it makes sense to abandon the super automatic espresso machine, and take something simpler and cheaper. Why prepare for what you essentially do not use?

If you have a large family, where everyone has their own needs and preferences, then it is best to count on a multitasking machine that, in addition to excellent espresso, will create Americanos, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Lungos and much more.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To be honest, cleaning an espresso machine is not a simple matter. Be sure to pay attention to models that have at least some functions that help you with cleaning.

Also look for an espresso machine that has easily detachable small parts so that you can easily put them in the dishwasher and thereby save yourself a little time.

The best espresso machine most often does not require long-term care.

Additional Functions and Settings

One of the biggest drawbacks of almost every espresso machine is that you limit yourself very much because of the presets included with your super automatic espresso machine.

Drinks that can be obtained with super automatic espresso machines:

  • Espresso

This is a coffee drink, characterized by a small volume, that is strong and made from fine beans under high water presure. Espressos may also have cream. The ratio of the weight of ground coffee to the weight of the finished drink should be approximately 1:2.

  • Americano

This drink, which is prepared in an espresso machine, was named “Americano” during the Second World War while Italy was occupied by US troops.

American soldiers, who missed their homeland and black coffee, ordered “Espresso,” which was unusually strong for them, in Italian cafes, and diluted it with hot water to make the drink look more like filter coffee. Then the Italian baristas nicknamed the drink “Americano,” which means “American”.

  • Latte

This drink was not invented in Italy. When espresso was tasted around the world, it was bitter, intense, and for many a completely new taste.

Some did not like this bitterness, and they added milk to make the drink more palatable.

Typically, in a latte, more milk (but less cream) is added than in a cappuccino..

  • Cappuccino

This is an espresso-based coffee drink with the addition of heated, foamed milk. A thick layer of creamy foam complements sweet milk and the rich taste of well-brewed espresso.

  • Ristretto

This is a type of espresso only made in a coffee machine, because special technology is needed. A ristretto differs from an espresso in that the coffee machine turns off a little earlier than if it was making espresso.

Such coffee always has a dense foam, the consistency is rather thick, and the coffee is strong and aromatic. For ristretto, only freshly ground beans should be used.

  • Lungo

This type of coffee is prepared in the same way as espresso, but with an increased amount of water, due to the longer duration of the brewing. Lungo tastes more bitter but less strong than espresso. For its preparation, coffee from varieties with a delicate aroma and delicate taste is most suitable.

Basic principles for operating a super-automatic espresso machine

After turning on the coffee machine, the first step is to automatically check the system:

  • Is there coffee and water in the correct containers?
  • Are all parts of the device ready for operation?

In the event of a malfunction, like lack of coffee and water, the coffee machine displays a specific message.

The brewing unit is the main unit of a super-automatic coffee machine. Its principle of operation is to form a coffee tablet through which hot water flows under pressure.

The waste coffee is transferred to a special container designed for waste, and unnecessary water is drained. At the end of this cycle, the coffee machine is ready to make drinks again.

There are espresso makers that differ in the amount of pressure applied to the pressed coffee:

  • A super automatic espresso machine with water line is capable of delivering water under a pressure of 9 bars.
  • Machines that do not have a connection to the water supply are able to supply water under a pressure of 15 bars.


What is a super automatic espresso machine?

The super-automatic espresso machine makes coffee completely on its own: from grinding beans to laying a coffee tablet and whipping milk. To make a drink, just add water and beans and press the button.

What is the difference between automatic and semi automatic espresso machines?

The main difference between automatic espresso makers and semi-automatic ones is that the former have a lot more functions.

Such an apparatus greatly facilitates the process of preparing drinks and allows you to diversify your coffee diet. Many people think that all automatic espresso machines are like those bulky appliances that stand in coffee houses and restaurants.

But technology has come a long way, and now there are a huge number of small super-automatic espresso machines that can easily fit in a simple kitchen.

Semi-automatic espresso machines are simpler.

Such a machine is cheaper, but it is not able to cope with the preparation of a complex drink. Such a simple electric coffee maker requires your participation in the process of making coffee. So, for example, you may need to grind beans, set a timer or do some other small processes.

Are super automatic espresso machines worth it?

If you don’t want to figure out how to make espresso properly, but you want great coffee, then super-automatic espresso machines are worth it. If you want to feel like a barista, you can buy a semi-automatic espresso machine, as they are cheaper and let you be more involved in the brewing process.

How do super automatic espresso machines work?

Super-automatic espresso machines include all the main barista tools from a professional coffee shop. Outwardly, they look like a box with a display screen, and inside the whole process of making coffee takes place.

A super-automatic espresso machine is able to control the dosage of coffee, has an automatic brewing unit that fills the portafilter and tamps the coffee, heats water to the correct temperature, and also has a milk system for the production of other drinks. As a result, the whole process is automated and you only need to select the necessary options.

How many bars of pressure is good for espresso?

The optimal pressure for extracting espresso in a coffee machine is approximately 8–9 bars. But the pressure that the average pump gives out in modern coffee makers is about 15 bars, which is the maximum pressure.

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