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White Coffee

Sometimes it starts to seem to me that every week people come up with more and more new ways to enjoy our beloved, delicious cup of coffee. It is no surprise innovations and ideas that have existed for centuries continue to exist around this drink.

What is white coffee?

White coffee – simply put are beans that are roasted halfway and at a lower temperature, which gives it a whitish color and a succulent nutty flavor. This method was invented more than 100 years ago to soften the harsh taste of low-grade and cheap coffee. White coffee beans are difficult to roast properly, given that roasting results in many flavor changes that most people associate with the traditional flavor of the drink.

How Does White Coffee Taste?

There is a wide range of tastes between brands, which is why there is no sure shot way of telling what flavor beans a respective country uses in its blends. In this regard, it is recommended to order white coffee by country to enjoy the taste from different places around the world and to determine from which country you like more.

Beans from Colombia and Brazil will tend to have milder, nutty flavors, while African beans from Kenya or Ethiopia will be more down to earth, and Indonesian beans from Sumatra will be more aromatic.

Why Is It Better Than The Usual Black Coffee?

White coffee is regularly sold as a healthy elixir because it is roasted at a lower temperature than black. Proponents claim that light roast leads to an increase in the amount of chlorogenic acid, as well as antioxidant molecules, which helps protect us from cardiovascular diseases and reduces inflammation. Yes, that’s right, but you shouldn’t switch from black coffee because of this if you like this drink.

Does It Have More Caffeine?

One common claim about white coffee is that it contains more caffeine than regular drinks. Theoretically, the coffee loses caffeine by volume as it is roasted, so it probably contains more caffeine by volume.

This point is insignificant compared to the differences between different sources – for example, a tall Ethiopian bean will have more caffeine than a low Brazilian bean because it takes longer to grow on a tree and therefore receives more nutrients.

In fact, from the light roast and dark roast, there is only a slight loss – only 5.4%. This is not enough to have a noticeable effect on caffeine levels and of course not enough to justify the choice of coffee-based only on the roast.

How is White Coffee Beneficial to You?

  • You can reduce the chances of cancer and stroke.
  • White coffee can help you with weight loss as it has fat-burning properties.
  • It prevents memory loss and keeps your skin smooth.
  • It helps maintain alertness, focus and prevents dizziness.
  • It helps you feel better during the depression.
  • It is possible to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The Best White Coffee Beans

1. Wired Willey’s White Coffee

I am proud to offer Wired Willey’s White Coffee as a special product that will surely delight you! Wired Willey is a caffeine-rich light roast with a smooth body, nutty flavor and no bitterness. High caffeine and low acid white coffee make it an ideal choice to satisfy your caffeine desires.

This is the best white coffee brand suited for espresso machines, but it can also be brewed at home or added to your favorite drink for optimal caffeine intake and great taste! Be careful when making espresso as it expands when brewed and does not tamper.

2. Caffe Appassionato White Coffee

Caffe Appassionato roasts its white coffee beans Caffe Bianco in Seattle, Washington. This little roaster delivers award-winning beans from the nineties and its white coffee is no stranger to compliments. A mixture having a light roast is made from arabica beans, after which it is pre-crushed and delivered in a 2-pound bag. It can only be shipped within the United States and certain other countries.

Due to the shorter roasting time, white coffee beans are much denser than traditional roasted beans and are likely to break a regular home grinder. They use a special coffee grinder to obtain the desired consistency to maximize the taste and caffeine in the drink.

3. NESCAFÉ “Oh So Creamy” White Coffee

To bring this unique product to every home, NESCAFÉ has ​​expertly turned this white coffee into yet another stylish 3-in-1 aroma that you can easily brew anywhere anytime. Enjoy this drink with its irresistible creamy taste! A well-balanced cup of creamy, authentic and aromatic coffee with a rich layer of foam.

Very sweet and creamy, it looks more like a latte than coffee and doesn’t have a deep flavor. Nescafé White Coffee Original is imported directly from Nestlé Malaysia and is HALAL certified.

4. Espresso Classico White Coffee

This is a special product that gives a soft and nutty taste without bitterness, which is more like tea, but has a kick and is pleasantly sweetened with honey notes. I like to use it for mocha white chocolate, as I find that the flavors go well together.

Classico espresso is exceptionally rich in caffeine and low in acid. It is the perfect choice for an extra boost of energy all day long. This blend is best suited for espresso machines, but it can also be brewed at home or added to your favorite drink for maximum caffeine and great taste!

5. LUWAK White Coffee

Kopi Luwak White 13.5 oz (400 g) per pack. It contains 20 g x 20 sachets. White 3-in-1 Koffie with non-substitute, sugar and Arabica instant coffee, pour the contents into a cup, add boiling water, stir and it’s ready to drink.

Luwak White Koffie is a premium, low-acid coffee that does not cause heartburn, bloating, or nausea. This drink has a unique taste that I have not tried before. It is unusually smooth and does not have any “bite” characteristic of all coffee. It is a product of Indonesia and is Halal certified.

6. OLD TOWN White Coffee

And this drink flew straight to me from the Malaysian town of Ipoh. Meet OLD TOWN White Coffee! This is exactly what we like in the restaurant and now you can have it at home.

The pleasant rich taste and an excellent substitute for hot chocolate on a cold autumn or winter day. The only downside about this blend is the number of calories. Let’s just drink a couple of cups of them, and you have significantly exceeded your calories during the day.

7. White Tornado White Coffee

Want a deliciously strong drink that wakes you up all day? Then pay attention to the White Tornado. This is one of the most successful drinks in the market due to its unique recipe.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of coffee sources and microprocessing in small quantities in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, coffee blends are of excellent quality. All bean roasts, including white coffee, are straight, shade-grown and highly resistant.

White Tornado is suitable for extreme coffee lovers who need energy for the whole day. Roasted to 325 degrees, White Tornado has almost twice as much caffeine as fully roasted coffee. Walnut and sweet with a light and soft finish.

This roast is included in only one special grinding because it is so coarse that it will destroy any home grinder.

How To Make White Coffee?

When using instant coffee

  1. Dissolve one teaspoon of instant product in one serving of very hot water.
  2. Heat a cup of milk in the microwave or on the stove. To make it a little velvety, you can use whisk the milk.
  3. Pour a serving of coffee into milk and serve immediately.

With a coffee machine

  1. Grind some fresh beans and remove one or two servings of espresso from your machine.
  2. Heat some milk with the steam stick of your machine, but be careful not to damage the surface of the milk. This method is known as “stretching,” meaning that you can heat and steam milk without the foam that you need for a cappuccino. Milk will increase in size and should look glossy and silky.
  3. Pour a serving of espresso into a small cup.
  4. Lightly tap the jug of milk on a hard surface and spin it several times to break the air bubbles.
  5. Pour milk into a cup and it is important to do it slowly so that the cream floats to the surface.

What Can I Drink White Coffee With?

Many lovers propose adding almond milk, which is especially well combined with the already nutty taste of the drink. If you are prone to acid reflux, adding dairy can be a good option to mitigate the high acidity resulting from light roasts. As with all coffee, how you consume is largely a personal decision.

The History of White Coffee

Venue – Southeast Asia, the duration of the action – 19 century. The wealth of Malaysia was created in the bowels of tin mines. Mostly immigrants from China worked for them. The work was hard, debilitating and performed in unhealthy environments.

To cheer up the body and mind, the Chinese drank a lot of coffee and roasted fresh beans on their own. Poverty required the use of the cheapest food, in particular, low-grade coffee with a rough and bitter taste.

It is not known who came up with the first to add a little palm margarine obtained as a result of oil processing to roasted beans, but the idea quickly took flight and became widely popular.

The resulting beans gave an infusion with a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, and an oily note even more effectively softened the bitterness. Such a drink was called white coffee. The Chinese have designated a way to roast beans with a special character. In Russian and other languages, this character is translated as “white”.

In the modern recipe, the historical name is played out and condensed milk or cream is added to the drink to give the corresponding color.

Other Meaning Of “White Coffee” Around the World

Although we already know the meaning of white coffee, you may be surprised to learn that it has different meanings in other parts of the world. Therefore, you must learn these meanings to avoid confusion, especially if you travel frequently.

  • In Europe, white coffee means plain black coffee but served with cream and sugar.
  • In the Western world, this is ordinary black coffee, but with milk and it can also be called “light coffee.”
  • In Lebanon, white coffee consists of water of orange blossoms and ordinary water and therefore does not contain any caffeine at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is white coffee real coffee?

Yes – it is simply roasted to a much easier level than the beans used in regular coffee. One of the differences between white coffee and regular drink is that it is commonly used in espresso or other highly extracted coffee drinks (such as mocha), as a way to concentrate flavors. That is why you rarely see it in the draft or drip coffee.

Is white coffee different from Ipoh white coffee?

Yes, the main difference is the best coffee beans roasted in margarine with palm oil; these beans are crushed, brewed and served with condensed milk (very similar to Vietnamese ca phe sua neng). Condensed milk with sugar is usually used in places in a tropical climate because of its shelf life compared to fresh milk and this ingredient is also present in Cortadito, a coffee drink served in Cuba.

What is a flat white coffee?

Flat white is a coffee drink consisting of espresso with micro-foam (steamed milk with small, small bubbles and a glossy or velvety consistency). This is a good option for those who are looking for a strong coffee-flavored milk drink made with a little boiled milk and a thin layer of micro-foam.

What Are The Disadvantages Of White Coffee?

  • Caffeine can increase your blood pressure – therefore, people who have regular high blood pressure should limit their intake or not consume it at all.
  • Do not abuse this drink. For a healthy adult, a safe amount of coffee is 400 mg/day. Drinking more than this can cause complications.
  • Drinking too much coffee can cause a headache. If your body is used to it, you can sometimes endure it, but headaches may occur again if you stop drinking it.
  • Drinking coffee is not recommended to be consumed by those who have acid reflux. Caffeine affects the amount of acid in the stomach and can lead to heartburn.
  • Coffee can cause palpitations and difficulty breathing.
  • Coffee can be dangerous for pregnant women because the caffeine slows the growth of the fetus and can lead to miscarriage.

Is A “White Coffee” Actually White?

In short, no.

Although it will be lighter than brown.


Many regions of the world have their white coffee options. Ipoh coffee from Malaysia is considered a classic, which is prepared from a mixture of beans fried on margarine made from palm oil. Such a drink does not have any special properties and owes its popularity to good marketing.

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